Rivers Wash Over Me is a 2009 gay movie about Sequan Greene a teenage boy who has just moved from New York to Alabama after the death of his mother in a building fire. Sequan is still mourning and talks little. He moves in with his aunt who has two children, one girl and the other a teenage boy Michael who is a basketball star in school. Sequan shares a room with Michael who starts to bully him. He enrolls in Michael's school and they end up in the same class. At school he is frequently bullied and beaten by Michael's friends. Their uncle who is a police officer is investigating a missing gun from the school head's car and a missing boy. Michael and his crew of drug dealer and basketball star Robins are involved even though Michael's mother is very defensive of him. Michael ups his abuse on Sequan and begins raping him while he takes photos with a digital camera. It gets so bad Sequan urinates on himself in class while seated. Robin's girlfriend Lori is nice to Sequan and helps him out. They become close and start spending time together. Lori introduces Sequan to her gay brother Jake and both boys like each other. Sequan tells Jake and Lori about how Michael has been beating and raping him in the room. Jake tells on Michael. Michael confronts Sequan claiming he is not a homosexual and will not lose his scholarship and NBA because of that. Meanwhile police search the school lockers for the missing gun and find the digital camera with obscene photos of Sequan taken forcefully by Michael. Robin, Michael and the rest of the crew are warned about the search by one of their members. They hurry to the house only to find Lori trying to escape with cash. In the ensuing commotion Sequan is shot by Robins. Robins is also shot by an officer for disobeying an order to put his gun down.