Rock Haven is a 2007 gay movie about Brady an 18 year old devout christian boy who gets attracted to another man in the neighborhood. Brady has moved with his mother to Rock Haven where she intends to open a religious school. Brady's homosexual desires conflict with their mission there and his believes. Brady is unable to resist his gay affair with Clifford.


Not Gay is a 2008 compilation of 4 short gay movies The Best Men, Float, Katydid and Cowboy Forever. The four gay movies tell the troubles and joys of friendships between gay men and straight men.


Mysterious Skin is a 2004 gay movie which tells the story of Neil and Brian who are sexually abused by their baseball coach when around the age of eight years. Neil goes on to become sexually compulsive and then a gay prostitute in later years. Brian goes on to develop mental health issues.


Shank is a 2009 gay movie about a teenage gang member named Cal. Cal tries very hard to hide his homosexuality from fellow gang members. Trouble starts when he rescues a student from an attack by his gang. He is forced to live with the student to hide from the gang which is seeking revenge for his betrayal. Cal and the student develop a romantic homosexual affair which the gang exploits to lure Cal.


Beautiful Thing is a 1996 gay movie about two teenage boys Jamie and Ste. Jamie has always admired Ste but still in the closet. Ste is given residence by Jamie's mother when he gets beaten up badly by his drug dealing brother. They share the bed with Jamie and on the second day Jamie makes his attraction known by kissing Ste. The two gay boys undergo much trouble when their affair is outed.


Shelter is a 2007 gay movie about Zack who is forced to give up his dreams of art school to take care of his sister and her son. Zach falls in love with his best friend's gay brother Shaun. His affair and discussions with Shaun get him thinking a lot of things including his sexuality and whether to go ahead with art school.


Noah's Ark is a gay tv series which premiered in 2005. Season 2 series feature when Noah is forced to move in with Malik after an earthquake.


Another Gay Sequel is a 2008 gay movie about a contest called Gays Gone Wild on who can have sex with the most guys during the spring break. The winner will be crowned as Miss Gay Gone Wild. Different groups of gay friends face off as they try to win the contest by all means necessary despite the interesting intrigues they face.


Latter days is a 2003 gay movie about Aaron a missionary who moves into an apartment with fellow missionaries in West Hollywood. Their neighbor is openly gay party boy named Christian. Christian seduces Aaron and when they are caught kissing by a fellow missionary Aaron is reported and sent home in disgrace. Aaron is scorned by his parents and after time in a rehab to cure his homosexuality he goes back to reunite with Christian.


Homewrecker is a 2009 gay movie about Boyd an ex con who will do anything to achieve actor stardom. Boyd wants to star in a new tv series by some gay couple. He goes on a journey of homewrecking 3 gay couples in a scheme to get the top place in the tv series.


Eighteen is a 2005 gay movie about Pip Anders a street boy. He listens to a tape left to him by his late grandfather narrating his experiences as an allied soldier during world war 2 when he was eighteen. Pip has also just turned 18 and it seems his experiences and that of his grandfather at eighteen have a parallel. Pip forms an alliance with a gay hustler and an aspiring social worker. He confides his deepest secret about his brother's death and a heinous act on him by his late father to a local priest.


Ma Mere is a 2004 movie about Pierre a 17 year old boy. After his father's death the mother introduces him to her lesbian partner. Pierre goes ahead to have sex with the lesbian. They later engage in a threesome sexual encounter with the mother included. Pierre starts having sexual intercourse with his mother who later on commits suicide because of the guilt.


Food Of Love is a 2002 gay movie about 18 year old Paul a music student. He is offered to become a page turner for the acclaimed pianist Richard Kennington. Richard falls for Paul and they soon start a homosexual affair. Richard is himself in a gay relationship with his boyfriend come agent.


Everyone is a 2004 gay movie about Ryan and Grant a gay couple. They plan to get married in a small ceremony consisting of only immediate family. Trouble starts when the guests' marital issues start to unfold negatively with Grant and Ryan struggling to deal with them at their house. That encounter has the homosexual couple pondering if marriage is really worth it.


The Ape is a 2005 movie about an aspiring novelist Harry. He moves into his own apartment to get time for himself to write a novel. At the apartment he encounters a talking ape which gives him a lot of trouble but which also inspires his creativity on writing.


9 Dead Gay Guys is a 2002 gay movie about 2 young boys from Belfast Kenny and Byron. They move into London's gay underworld. They make a living by seeking homosexual favors from older men. One old man dies as he is being sodomized by one of them. This leads them to discover a myth about The Bread In The Bed a huge bed full of money. They begin a journey of looking for the money.


I will survive is a 1999 gay movie about a straight just widowed woman and a gay man. Their friendship becomes sought of intimate but there are limitations because the man is gay. They settle for a love relationship which is impossible.


Forgive And Forget is a 2000 gay movie about two best Friends David and Theo. David is secretly gay while Theo is straight. David loves Theo and when he moves in with Hannah his girlfriend David gets jealous and hatches a plan to separate them. David plans to make his homosexual feelings towards Theo known by arranging an appearance at a TV show Forgive And Forget.


Socket is a 2007 gay movie about a pair of gay lovers who are addicted to electrocution. Bill a surgeon undergoes a major biological change after a lightning strike. A sexy intern takes care of him in the same hospital introducing him to a group of men who also are addicted to electricity.


Straight Jacket is a 2004 gay movie about a homosexual gay actor Guy Stone. Guy is about to be outed by a fellow actor who takes a picture of him leaving a gay bar. If he is outed he will loose his place in an upcoming movie. His agent's solution is to organize a sham wedding with an unsuspecting lady. Soon after the marriage Guy falls in love with another man who is the author of the book which his latest movie is based on.


Sorry Haters is a 2005 movie about a Syrian taxi drive Ashade who is somehow forced into a friendship by a female client Phoebe. Phoebe learns of Ashade's legal issues and imposes herself more on him. This exposes a dangerous side of Phoebe and Ashade is forced to flee. Phoebe retaliates by turning Ashade's life upside down.


Finding me is a 2009 gay movie about Faybien Allan a young gay black man. He looks to be having a good time but underneath issues from his past burn. His father's homophobia and mother's death. He meets a confident gay activist by their affair is about to be broken by Faybien's past which makes him suspicious of commitments.


Absolut Warhola is a 2001 movie that traces the roots of Andrew Warhola an American painter, print maker and filmmaker. Andrew Warhola is believed to have been a homosexual. His various works have been considered gay.


2 Minutes Later is a 2007 gay movie about lesbian Abigail Marks a detective. Abigail is attached a case in which a controversial photographer has gone missing. He teams up with the photographer's gay identical twin to solve the case. As the mystery of the photographer's disappearance unfolds deadly secrets unravel.


Cycles Of Porn is a 2005 gay movie documentary about the gay commercial sex industry. It takes a look at the life of young men who decide to make a living exposing their bodies on webcams for a gay sex chat website.


The Living And The Dead is a 2006 movie about the Brocklebank family. Donald leaves his house for London to find a way to pay for his wife's medical bills. In the house is his mentally disturbed son and his ailing wife. The son mistakenly barricades the house to protect the 2 from a nurse who is supposed to take care of the mother.


Coffee Date is a 2006 gay movie about Todd. Todd arrives at a cafe for a blind date with Kelly who he expects to be a girl. Kelly turns out to be a gay man and Todd discovers that he is the victim of his brother's prank. To get revenge Todd pretends to actually date Kelly and convince his brother so. Trouble starts when the family starts to believe that Todd is actually gay. Todd tries to convince them otherwise to no avail until he even starts to doubt his own sexuality.


Boystown is a 2007 gay movie about Victor a real estate agent in Madrid who kills old ladies then gives up their houses to gay men. Victor moves in Rey and Leo to one of his victim's house. However they also move in Rey's mother who cannot be part of the gay paradise Victor dreams of. Now it is upto a detective and her sexually confused son to uncover Victor's scheme.


Pucinni For Beginners is a 2006 movie about a man who dates a lesbian. Philip breaks up with his girlfriend Grace for another woman Allegra who is a lesbian. On the other hand Allegra starts dating Philip's ex girlfriend Grace.


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Kilometer Zero is a 2000 gay movie about 14 strangers experiences when they accidentally meet at Madrid's central square. Among them a horny gay student, a businessman and actress. An interesting and sex filled drama ensues.


Bear Club is a 2004 gay movie about Pedro a homosexual dentist. Pedro lives a sexually active lifestyle. His sister requests him to take care of her son while she is away for 2 weeks in India. Pedro accepts to be left with his 9 year old nephew Bernardo. Pedro is forced to adjust his sexual lifestyle because of his nephew's presence. The sister is however arrested in India and Pedro braces himself for a long stay with Bernardo. Bernardo's paternal grandmother does not approve of Pedro's gay lifestyle. A custody battle for the boy ensues.


Make The Yuletide Gay is a 2009 movie about a young college gay couple Nathan and Gunn. Gunn is opnely gay at college but if forced to go back to the closet in order to spend Christmas with his parents. Unlike Gunn, Nathan is openly gay to even his parents. Trouble looms when Nathan surprisingly shows up at Gunn's house.


The Houseboy is a 2007 gay movie about Ricky a 21 year old boy who plays toy for an older gay couple. They are a committed couple but added Ricky just to spice up their relationship with each other. As Christmas approaches Ricky overhears them discussing about dumping him after their vacation. Ricky is crushed by this and when he is left home alone during their vacation he engages in all manner of vices and contemplates suicide. However, a chance meeting with Blake a sweet college student has Ricky thinking of life in another way.


3 Day Weekend is a 2008 gay movie about gay couple Simon and Jason. Together with their friend Cooper and his boy du jour they always take an annual 3 day getaway. This time round they agree to spice up things by agreeing to each bring along an attractive man. A former college roomate, a yoga instructor, a co worker and a rent boy come along. The 3 days see multiple sexual couplings and old relationships starting to crumble.


Dog Tags is a 2008 gay movie about Nate who joins the marines to support his fiance. He was raised by a single mother after the father abandoned them. While on leave he meets a young gay man with whom they go ahead to get intimate.


Wrangler is a 2008 gay movie which tells the story of Jack Wrangler. Jack was the son of a Hollywood production executive and was thus a privileged child. He rose to become a 1970s gay porn icon. He starred in many gay adult movies.


When Boys Fly is a 2002 gay documentary which explores activities at gay circuit parties. The gay documentary follows the experiences of drug use and risky behavior by three young men at the parties.


The Fluffer is a 2001 gay movie about Sean a film student who accidentally rents a gay porn movie only to get obsessed with its star Johnny. This leads Sean to seek a job at the porn production company where he later gets to become Johnny's fluffer. As a fluffer he performs oral sex on Johnny to make sure he stays erect. Johnny is however straight and just gay for pay. A series of events take place eventually having Johnny escaping to Mexico with Sean to avoid murder charges.


Proteus is a 2003 gay movie about a real story homosexual love affair in the 18th century South Africa. The two men one a Dutch Sailor and the other a Khoi have been having sex in the Robben Island jail in South Africa. When they are discovered they face a lot of torture to confess and eventually stand trial.


Fashion is a 2007 gay movie about Karsten and his father Wolfgang. Wolfgang wants his son to help him with his job of supplying clothes to fashion outlets. Wolfgang is threatened by competition when Steven a workaholic kid shows up with a range of nice upmarket garments. Steven and Wolfgang go to battle attempting to woo as many shops to their side as they can. Trouble starts when Karsten and Steven fall in love and start a homosexual affair. As if Karsten's gay affair is not enough Wolfgang's financial mismanagement is discovered by the wife and hell breaks.


Almost Normal is a 2005 gay movie about Brad Jenkins a 40 year old gay college professor. Brad is not comfortable about being gay and wants to be normal because of the loneliness he suffers. He gets drunk at a family reunion party and crushes as he heads back home. The crush causes a magical transportation back to his youth. Brad is now a teenager in his old high school and surprisingly everybody is gay.


An Angel Named Billy is a 2007 gay movie about a desperate search for love and acceptance. A loving father Mark notices that his son James is in need for a companion even in his frail state after a stroke. Mark and his best friend embark on a search for a mate. They come across a troubled teen Billy. Billy has been chased from home by his father after he was found kissing another boy. Billy responds to an ad requesting for a cafe caretaker but it was placed by Mark. Billy is introduced to James.


A Four Letter Word is a 2007 gay movie about six gay individuals in New York who are adrift in character. Luke is a don't care who works in a sex store with a co worker Zeke a gay crusader out to change the world. Nearby Peter is moving in with long time boyfriend Derek. Peter's boss at the restaurant Marilyn is planning her wedding but her AA sponsor Trisha declares her attraction putting the wedding in jeopardy. Luke wants to try monogamy and attends sexual compulsiveness classes. Then he discovers Stephen is actually a hustler. They all get to realize that being true to yourself is the best way to deal with complications of a four letter word Love.


Blackmail Boy is a 2003 gay movie about Christos a handsome young student who is having an affair with his female college professor and her husband. Christos' mother is resisting pressure from daughter and son in law to sell a family land. The son in law knows of Christos' affair and attempts to use this and force Christos to also influence the mom.


29th And Gay is a 2005 gay movie about a 29 year old gay man James Sanchez. He feels depressed with life even as his friends try to cheer him on. James dates many men most of whom he has met in gay bars. He gets to meet a man whom he thinks is the real deal but Mike never calls back. After such series of bad events James tries to get an acting job and possibly the man of his life to get his life back.


Long Term Relationship is a 2006 gay movie about Glenn who has finally found his gay soul mate a cute boy Adam. There is instant attraction between the two but several differences between them which might present a problem. Can Glenn and Adam work out their differences in order to embark on a long term relationship?


Will & Grace is a gay television series which premiered in 1998. It focuses on Will Truman a gay lawyer and his best friend Grace Adler a Jew running her own interior design business.


Rick & Steve is an animated gay television series which premiered on July 10 2007. It follows the lives of three gay couples Rick and Steve, Chuck and Evan and Darna and Kirsten. They live in a gay ghetto of West Lahunga Beach where they interact with family and friends. The full name is Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All The World.


Metrosexuality is a gay themed television series which follows Kwame a seventeen year old who is straight. He trying to get his gay parents Max and Jordan back together. He is also struggling with his own love and supporting other gay friends with their love lives and family problems. This gay tv series premiered in 2001.


Out In The Silence is a 2009 gay movie documentary about Joe Wilson a filmmaker who announces his wedding to another man in the local newspapers. This brings a lot of reaction being a rural conservative community. This announcement catches the eye of Kathy Springer who has a gay son in school. His son is always tormented in school because of his homosexuality but the school chooses to ignore it. Kathy seeks the help of Wilson to take on the school.


Cowboys And Angels is a 2003 gay movie about Shane Butler who is fed up by life at a civil service job. He moves into an apartment with a gay fashion student Vincent. A series of events leads Shane to accept a drug run to Dublin for the money. With the money he makes from the run Vincent transforms him into a pretty girl and one of the hippest guys in the town.


Rivers Wash Over Me is a 2009 gay movie about Sequan Greene a teenage boy who has just moved from New York to Alabama after the death of his mother in a building fire. Sequan is still mourning and talks little. He moves in with his aunt who has two children, one girl and the other a teenage boy Michael who is a basketball star in school. Sequan shares a room with Michael who starts to bully him. He enrolls in Michael's school and they end up in the same class. At school he is frequently bullied and beaten by Michael's friends. Their uncle who is a police officer is investigating a missing gun from the school head's car and a missing boy. Michael and his crew of drug dealer and basketball star Robins are involved even though Michael's mother is very defensive of him. Michael ups his abuse on Sequan and begins raping him while he takes photos with a digital camera. It gets so bad Sequan urinates on himself in class while seated. Robin's girlfriend Lori is nice to Sequan and helps him out. They become close and start spending time together. Lori introduces Sequan to her gay brother Jake and both boys like each other. Sequan tells Jake and Lori about how Michael has been beating and raping him in the room. Jake tells on Michael. Michael confronts Sequan claiming he is not a homosexual and will not lose his scholarship and NBA because of that. Meanwhile police search the school lockers for the missing gun and find the digital camera with obscene photos of Sequan taken forcefully by Michael. Robin, Michael and the rest of the crew are warned about the search by one of their members. They hurry to the house only to find Lori trying to escape with cash. In the ensuing commotion Sequan is shot by Robins. Robins is also shot by an officer for disobeying an order to put his gun down.


Prom Queen is a 2004 gay movie about the true story of Marc Hall. Marc Hall is a gay student at a catholic high school. He decides to take his boyfriend to the prom as his date. A legal battle ensues between him and his catholic school which is anti homosexuality.


Were The World Mine is a 2008 gay movie about Timothy an openly gay student at a private boys school. Timothy has a crush on the rugby team captain although they always persecute him. Timothy gets a place as Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. When reviewing his lines he discovers a recipe for a love potion. He uses the potion to make all the people in the town go homosexual.


Mulligans is a 2009 gay movie telling the story of the Davidson family. Their son Tyler invites a college friend Chase home for summer break. Chase comes out as gay after Tyler's unsuccessful attempts to hook him up with local women. The Davidson family attempts to support Chase with his homosexuality especially Tyler's dad Nathan. Nathan has suppressed sexual feelings towards men but they start to resurface towards Chase. Soon he gets into a homosexual affair with Chase and his wife happens to witness their intimate moment.


Poster Boy is a 2004 gay movie about Henry Kray the son of a powerful and conservative senator. Senator Kray is known for his anti homosexual campaigns but unknown to him his son is gay. The senator kicks off a reelection campaign at Henry's college. As his father is giving a speech Henry pulls Anthony one of his college sex partners to his feet and kisses him in full view of everyone including the media.