Is It Just me? is a 2010 gay comedy about Blaine a gay boy who can't seem to meet the right guy. He meets Zander on a gay chat room. When exchanging photos over the chat room Blaine accidentally sends his handsome room mate's photo. A confusing drama ensues.


Adam & Steve is a 2005 gay themed comedy movie about two gay boys who fall in love. During attempted sex Adam gives Steve cocaine not knowing it has baby laxative. This causes Steve to lose control of his bowels and defecate on Adam's apartment. Steve flees. 18 years later the two meet and start an affair not knowing they have met before. Steve finds out that they have met before just before he proposes to Adam one year later. He flees again but after much persuasion he gets back together with Adam and they get married.


Faqs is a 2005 gay movie about Destiny, a vigilante drag queen who protects gays from bashing in the streets of West Hollywood. He takes in India, a homeless runaway teenager after saving him from gay bashing. Destiny has also taken in Lester and together with India they live as a family.


20 Centimeters is a 2005 gay movie about a transvestite who is working to become a transsexual through a series of surgeries.


Say Uncle is a 2006 gay movie about Paul a gay artist who has a very close relationship with his godson. When the boy and his family move away Paul is very upset. He tries to compensate the loss with visits to the neighborhood playground. A local mom feels Paul is a sexual threat to the kids and starts a campaign against him with the support of other parents.


Amnesia is a 2005 gay movie about James who wakes up in a parking lot suffering from amnesia. The only thing he remembers is that his name is James Brighton and that he is gay. Police efforts yield no result and James turns to a gay hotline and a criminology student for help. Bizarre pieces of his actual identity unfold resulting in him landing in jail.


I Am Guilty is a 2005 movie about Armin a fresh college graduate who is unable to take the pressure from his parents to find gainful employment. This pushes him over the edge and dark impulses start to take control of him. He fantasizes of violent crime and forced homosexual sex with a vicious leather clad motorcycle gang. He is unable to distinguish his fantasies from reality and this starts to get the best of him.


Clandestinos is a 2007 gay movie about 3 teenage boys who escape from juvenile detention. Their leader Xabi tries to track his gay lover who is a leader of a Basque terrorist cell. He makes explosives and sleeps with other men for money. Things start going wrong when he steals from a cop.


Naked Fame is a 2005 gay documentary that follows Colton Ford's transition from a gay porn star to a singer. At the age of 40 Colton decides to leave and follow his dream of being a singer. He is not sure how his past in the gay porn industry will affect his singing career. The gay documentary looks at the hurdles he encounters.


Harry And Max is a 2004 gay movie about 2 brothers. Harry who is 23 and straight and Max who is 17 and gay. When Harry takes Max out on a long promised camping it rekindles emotional feeling between the two.


Slutty Summer is a 2004 gay movie about Markus who comes home one day to find his longtime boyfriend in bed with another man. Markus is forced to go back and start looking for another boyfriend but ends up getting many conflicting advices from his restaurant coworkers. He ends up falling for Tyler but to his disappointment Tyler does not believe in monogamy or long term relationship. Now Markus has to decide whether to go for it or wait for the right person.


Night Watch is a 2005 gay movie about a gay prostitute Victor who is in his twenties. The movie takes a look into one of Victor's bad day. He is almost hit by a car and encounters threatening strangers. He is even almost killed by a friend after sex.


Beverly Kills is a 2005 gay movie about Beverly Jackson a gay cross dresser. He is rejected from a Pride Playhouse all nude production called Balls Out. Beverly plans to form a revenge mission to make the production a disaster.


Three Dancing Slaves is a 2004 gay movie about 3 motherless brothers struggle to live. Marc a criminal, Christophe who is restarting his life after prison and Olivier a capoeira dancer with gender issues. Olivier is supposedly gay and is attracted to another capoeira dancer. The three brothers must struggle to make a place in life and escape their father's rule.


Ethan Mao is a 2004 gay movie about a gay Asian teenage boy named Ethan Mao. He is kicked out of the house when a gay pornographic magazine is found in his room. He is forced to become a street hustler to make money. He meets Remigio a hustler and drug dealer and they become friends living together. They decide to break into Ethan's family home on Thanksgiving holiday to get money and recover Ethan's late mother's necklace. Trouble starts when the family comes back to the house to get some forgotten gift and Ethan and Remigio are forced to take them hostage. A drama ensues till the next day when police surround the house and Ethan and Remigio surrender.


Sex Politics & Cocktails is a 2005 gay movie about Sebastian who is offered a job to direct a series of documentaries. He discovers that all the documentaries are about relationship issues in the gay community. Sebastian calls on Daria to help him interact with her gay pals so that he can understand gay people better for the documentaries. As Sebastian is lead through a series of cocktail parties with gay men he starts to wonder if the reason he has not been finding true love is because he has been looking for the wrong gender.


The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros is a 2005 gay movie which tells the story of Maximo. Maxi is a 12 year old effeminate gay boy living with his father and brothers who are petty thieves in the slums of Manila. His family has accepted his sexuality and they protect him as he also helps with the house chores and covering their crime tracks. One night Maximo is accosted by two men who attempt to molest him. He is saved by Victor a handsome young police officer. Maximo develops a friendship with Victor but the policeman knows how to keep the distance and shrug off Maximo's sexual advances. His crime family is not happy with their relationship and Maximo has to balance the two sides of his life.


Redwoods is a 2009 gay movie about a gay couple Everett and Miles. They are in a non passionate relationship and the only thing which seems to bond them is their disabled son Billy. Billy and Miles go off to visit the grandparents and Everett expects to get some time alone. Chase a writer who is lost stops to ask Everett for directions. They immediately connect and a romantic relationship that will change their lives ensues.


Back Soon is a 2007 gay movie about Logan an aspiring actor who has recently lost his wife and is drawn to Guillermo a reformed drug dealer. Neither the men are gay and so they are surprised at how their relationship deepens. A revelation from Guillermo's past threatens to destroy their relationship just as they are getting deeper into the affair.


Mr. Right is a 2009 gay movie about Louise who is looking for the right man. She comes across a charming man named Paul. The only way she can be sure Paul is right for her is by inviting him to dinner with her 3 gay friends Harry, William and Tom. The gay friends challenge Paul's heterosexuality. After the dinner Paul is confused and starts to question his sexuality and the rest begin to look at their love lives in a new way.


Alex And Leo is a 2010 gay movie about Alex who is heartbroken after his boyfriend cheats on him and Leo who can no longer hide his sexuality from his girlfriend. The two meet and start a love relationship as they rediscover themselves.


Seeing Heaven is a 2010 gay movie about a gay prostitute whose sexual encounters starts to trigger visions of his long lost twin brother. These visions are shared with his clients during their homosexual encounters with him. He gets determined to find his lost brother. He starts engaging in dangerous activities which might get him in trouble.


The Four Faced Liar is a 2010 lesbian movie about a group of New York pals in their twenties. Bridget is a fabulous womanizing lesbian who lives with a man called Trip. One night they meet some New York newbies Greg and Molly at their favorite hang out joint The Four Faced Liar Restaurant. Molly is attracted to Bridget and they are soon in a lesbian love affair. Greg is now confused on whether he should marry his girlfriend Molly.


Bloomington is a 2010 lesbian movie about Jackie Kirk a former child actress who joins college in search of independence. She gets into a lesbian relationship with a college professor who is always on the prowl female students. Bloomington is the story of their relationship and its decline when Jackie leaves college to return to acting.


Sam takes a road trip down to the south of France on a journey of self discovery. On the way he picks up Lea and Mathieu. Lea is a sexually promiscuous pregnant girl who even tries to seduce Sam. Mathieu is gay and he decides to make a move on Sam. On the way Lea picks up a drifter Jeremie. Sam eventually gives in to Mathieu's homosexual advances. This is a 2009 film


Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait Of James Dean is a 2012 gay movie which tells the biography of James Byron Dean an American film actor. The movie also looks into his formative years before he gained recognition. It also looks into his life and sexuality as he was speculated to have engaged in gay sex with other men. He is said to have engaged in homosexual encounters with several prominent personalities of the time.