All Over The Guy is a 2001 gay movie about Eli and Tom. The two gay men have emotional problems. Eli was brought up by psychiatric parents and is neurotic. Tom was raised by emotionally distant alcoholic parents. Tom and Eli are set on a blind date by their straight friends Jackie and Brett who are a couple waiting to wed. The two do not get along well because of their emotional issues even though they had intercourse days after the date. Jackie and Brett try again and they start to form a relationship.


Summer storm is a 2004 gay movie that follows members of boys rowing team as they train for a rowing championship. They are excited by the prospects of camping with a female rowing team from Berlin. However the female team cancels and is replaced by Queerstrokes a gay boys rowing team. Tobi starts to confront his longtime homosexual attraction to his team mate Achim. Achim is however involved in a relationship with his girlfriend Sandra. Tobi is confronted about his homosexuality but he denies it. Ultimately Tobi comes out to his teammates that he is actually gay.