This 2009 gay movie gets its title from the Mission District of San Francisco which is known to harbor many Latino residents. The film is about Che Rivera a respected former gangsta. Che is a reformed inmate and is still trying to keep off alcohol. He has managed to work hard and redeem his life including that of his only son Jes. Che was left to raise Jes himself after the death of his wife. Jes is a High School student but what his father does not know is that he is secretly gay. Homosexuality is a vice that the community in Mission District frowns at but to make matters worse his father is one who believes in being a man to survive as he has had to. Che is crushed to discover that his only son is gay. He cannot stand the shame and throws Che out of the house in a rage. A terrible incident befalls Jes and puts his father through a true test of redemption.