Get Real is a 1998 movie about a gay teenager named Steven Carter. Steven is a High School student and has always known that he is gay from an early age. He is an intelligent student but introverted and nonathletic which makes him an easy pick by bullies in school. Steven is also very handsome. His confidant is a neighboring girl Linda who has self confidence problems because of her weight and past relationships gone bad. Steven cruises for sex at a public toilet in their local park after school. One day he exchanges notes with someone through a hole dividing the toilet stalls. The person on the other side turns out to be John Dixon. John is a very popular boy in school apart from being the star in the school's track events. Steven develops a crush despite the fact that John has a girlfriend. He manages to get John home even though he runs away after a weird conversation and a near kiss with Steven. After a school dance in which the two stare intentionally at each other a homosexual affair develops. John tells Steven that he really loves him but nobody should know that he is gay. Their relationship is however put through tests by pressure from school and at home with parents. It comes to a point where John is even forced to beat Steven up just to prove that he is not gay.