Maurice is a 1987 British gay film about Maurice Hall who is attending Cambridge. He strikes homosexual relationships with Lord Risley and Clive Durham who are fellow students. Their relationships are subjected to secrecy and breaking up because of 20th Century British view of homosexuality even legally. They are scared when Lord Risley is six months hard labor for soliciting sex from an army officer. Clive thus breaks up with Maurice and marries a girl because of his mother's insistence. Maurice is heartbroken and seeks professional help severally to cure his homosexuality. During his visits to Clive's estate Maurice falls in love with Scudder the under-gamekeeper. Scudder is due to emigrate with his family to Argentina but he does not want to leave Maurice. Scudder leaves his family and plans to emigrate to stay with Maurice.


Making Love is a 1982 gay movie about Zack Elliot who is a doctor and married to Claire a television executive. They have been happily married for 8 years but Zack has a secret. Zack has homosexual attractions towards other men and has been frequenting gay bars and picking up gay men though not for sex. He meets Bart, a gay novelist during a medical examination. Bart is fairly open with his sexuality but Zack still labels himself as curious. Zack has homosexual sex for the first time and his feelings towards Bart increase. His wife's trip on business gives Zack space to explore his homosexuality. Zack tells Claire about him gay feelings and she is very upset. They later agree on a divorce and part ways to live their lives as they wish.