Three To Tango is a 1999 gay movie about Oscar and Peter. Oscar is an aspiring architect and Peter who is gay is his business partner. They have just been given a big opportunity to complete the design of a multimillion dollar cultural center by a Chicago tycoon Charles Newman. They have however been pitched to compete with their rivals Decker and Strauss. Newman mistakes Oscar to be the gay one in one of their meetings and so asks him to keep an eye on his girlfriend Amy. Oscar is obviously straight and falls for Amy but he cannot reveal that he is not homosexual for the sake of his commissions. His dilemma worsens when his homosexual status is published in a business newspaper. He has a hard time convincing family and friends he is just pretending to be gay. At the final presentation of the design they are both paid their commissions but Oscar is further awarded Gay Professional Man of The Year Award. At the gay award ceremony Oscar reveals in his speech that he is actually not gay and that he is in love with Amy. Amy is enraged and Newman also. Newman's wife however convinces him to go with their design.