Loving Annabelle is a 2006 lesbian movie about a student teacher homosexual relationship. Annabelle Tillman is the daughter of a senator. She now schools at a catholic boarding school after being expelled from two schools. Her poetry teacher Simone Bradley is still in charge of her dormitory. Simone is known for adhering to the rules and regulations of the school no matter what. Annabelle on the other hand is rebellious. It even comes to a point where Simone wants her transferred from her dormitory claiming she is unable to control her. Simone manages to convince Annabelle to comply with the school rules. Annabelle falls in love with her. Simone resists Annabelle's gay advances until they are left in school alone during spring break. Simone takes her to the beach house where Annabelle discovers her painful past. Annabelle continues her lesbian pursuit until during the annual school dance where after singing an emotional love song Simone is unable to resist and they end up making love. The Principal of the school Mother Immaculata walks in on them dressing the next morning. Simone is arrested after revealing that she had a lesbian sexual affair with Annabelle. What happens next?