The Children's Hour is a 1961 gay themed film about an alleged lesbian affair between two female teachers. Martha Dobie and Karen Wright own and run a girls only boarding school named Wright and Dobie School for Girls. They have been best friends since college. They are working hard to grow the school and make it more profitable. One day Karen punishes a troublesome girl named Mary. She comes from an influential family which she uses to spread a rumor that Karen and Martha are in an intimate relationship which she saw. Mary gets another girl to collaborate her story and soon even the media gets wind of it. Parents pull their daughters from the school for fear of bad influence. Martha later realizes that she really did love Karen. Karen rebuffs the suggestion. Martha later commits suicide.


Straight Story is a 2006 Greek gay movie about a community where homosexuality is considered the norm while heterosexuality is seen as abnormal. Giannis is a straight handsome young man who falls in love with a lady named Sofia. Giannis' father Stefanos is a gay man living with his male partner Petros. They both assume their son Giannis is gay. Giannis is forced to come out to his parents as straight. His girlfriend Sofia is bisexual and her previous relationships have been mostly homosexual. She was lately in a lesbian affair with Zeta before she met Giannis. Zeta finds it rude and awkward that Sofia is leaving her for a man. Zeta is not willing to let Giannis take Sofia away from her and puts on a fight. Giannis finds himself in a situation where he has to struggle because he is straight unlike if he were gay.


Die Konsequenz is a 1977 German gay movie which tells the story of a love affair between an inmate and a teenage boy. Thomas is a 15 year old son of a prison warden. He develops a relationship with an inmate in the prison named Martin Kurath. Kurath is gay and was an actor before being imprisoned. Their relationship soon turns intimate and when Kurath is released a year later it flourishes even more. Thomas is chased away by the father after declaring that he is a homosexual. He goes to live with Kurath but his father later has him incarcerated in a reformatory. Kurath helps him escape to Germany. Life in Germany does not go well and Kurath is forced to prostitute himself to survive. He returns to the reformatory he escaped from already mentally damaged by the hard experiences he has gone through. Even after his release he remains a troubled gay man.


Eyes Wide Open is a 2009 Israeli gay film about a married man who falls in love with a homeless young man. Aaron is a father of four living in Jerusalem. He is a respected member of the Orthodox Jewish community. One day at the synagogue he meets Ezri a boy who had earlier asked to work in his butcher shop. He offers him a job at the shop which he takes.
Ezri and Aaron grow close. Ezri is gay and begins making sexual advances at Aaron. Aaron hesitates but later gives in. They begin a homosexual affair. Aaron's wife Rivka becomes suspicious. Friends begin warning Aaron that Ezri is a bad influence. Aaron is too in love with Ezri to just move on despite the risk involved being a family man and respected community member.
Pressure mounts on Aaron to abandon Ezri's company. Members of the community begin to boycott his shop. Eventually Ezri is attacked by some locals and has to completely leave. Aaron takes it hard.


Lianna is a 1983 lesbian film about a married woman who leaves her husband to explore a gay lifestyle. Lianna is a wife to a college professor with whom they have two children. She is bored and unhappy in the marriage and takes up a child psychology class to kill her boredom. In college she strikes a relationship with her female lecturer named Ruth. They begin a lesbian affair. Lianna contemplates leaving her husband for Ruth especially after discovering her husband has been cheating on her with a student. Ruth however backs off insisting it will be unprofessional and that she already has another lesbian lover.
Lianna eventually leaves her husband after a fight. She begins to explore her gay side by visiting lesbian clubs and having affairs. In the process she meets Sandy who tries to understand and accept her despite the turbulent history.


Holding Trevor is a 2007 gay movie about the relationships a young man goes through some ending tragically. Trevor is a telemarketer who is in a gay relationship with Darrell a drug addict. Trevor is trying to get out of his relationship with Darrell and also find a well paying job.
Darrell takes a drug overdose and is hospitalized. Trevor meets a gay medical intern named Ephram at the hospital and they fall in love. He leaves Darrell to seek a relationship with Ephram.
Andie who is a female best friend tests positive for HIV while at a party. She is devastated. Darrell also dies in hospital and Ephram seeks to comfort Trevor who is devastated. Ephram later gets a job offer in New York and asks Trevor to come along and live with him. Trevor is torn between leaving his vulnerable friend Andie now devastated by his HIV status or seeking the love he wants to escape misery in Los Angeles.


As Good As It Gets is a 1997 film which tells the story of three people and how their lives are brought together by a chance incident. Melvin Udall is a novelist who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. He lives in an apartment and has a neighbor named Simon who is gay. Melvin is homophobic and rude to Simon and his boyfriend Frank. He also gets into a fight with Frank after throwing Simon's dog Verdell through a trash tunnel. Melvin eats at a restaurant where he prefers to be served by a waitress named Carol. Carol's son Spencer suffers from chronic asthma attacks which have made him home ridden. Carol's mother helps take care of the boy.
Simon is an artist who likes to draw portraits of people. He gets a street hustler to pose for him over several days. The hustler hatches a plan to rob the house with fellow gay prostitutes. Simon walks in on the robbery and is badly injured by them. He is hospitalized and the ensuing bill leaves him broke. Frank prevails upon Melvin to take care of Simon's dog Verdell. Simon can also not pay his house help and Melvin is forced to take up some roles even though he is homophobic.
Carol has to leave work at the restaurant to take care of his ailing son. Melvin opts to pay for Carol's son treatment so that she can continue serving him at the restaurant. Simon cannot afford the apartment and plans a trip to his parents in Baltimore. Melvin agrees to take him and asks Carol to come over. During the trip the three discover many things about their lives. Melvin falls in love with Carol but his OCD and lack of compassion makes their relationship rocky. Back home Melvin is forced to accommodate gay Simon who does not have a place to stay.


This is a 2007 gay movie about two fire fighters who fake a gay relationship to try and circumvent official bureaucracy. Chuck and Larry are both firefighters for the New York Fire Department. Larry lost his wife and is having a hard time changing the beneficiary in case he dies from the late wife to the children. He is advised to seek a partner in order to easily change it. He only trusts Chuck. They both decide to fake a gay partnership and sign the affidavit.
A man from the pensions department visits Larry's house to investigate his new partnership claiming there are many scams associated with gay partnerships. Larry panics and they seek the services of a lawyer who tells them people go to prison for such scams. Alex the female lawyer advises them to get married to further legitimize their domestic partnership. Chuck and Larry travel to Canada and perform a gay wedding.
Clint Fitzer a gay man who works for the City's Fraud Detection and Enforcement Unit comes to investigate and insists their trash and lifestyle is not homosexual. Larry and Chuck struggle to make the house and their lifestyles look gay enough. They start attending gay parties and gay pride parades. Chuck is a womanizer and has a hard time faking his sexual orientation when surrounded by women. This gets them in trouble and they are called upon to defend themselves in a city council public hearing.
The hearing goes well until they are asked to kiss by Clint Fitzer. Their captain who already knows the fraud interrupts them and exposes their fraud. They are all locked up ready to be charged with forgery and conspiracy. They are given a deal to plead guilty for a misdemeanor charge and also pose for gay calendars to raise money for AIDS research.  


Judas Kiss is a 2011 gay movie about a man who gets an opportunity though in fiction to change his life's destiny from what it is now. Zachary Wells is asked by his once boyfriend now best friend Topher to replace him as a judge at the Keystone Film Festival. Topher is a successful film director and is travelling to Spain for his film Blood & Barcelona. Zachary hesitates because he attended Keystone Summit University where the festival is.
Zachary accepts and travels to his former college. He is put up in a students house. Later at night he goes to a gay club where he meets a younger boy. He goes back to his bed with him and they have sex. Next day he goes to judge the film finalists with two other judges. He is shocked to see the boy he slept with the night before presenting a screenplay by the name Judas Kiss. The boy's name is Danny Reyes. Zachary storms out in protest because that was his name before he changed it after college. His relationship with the boy is tense after that.
Danny has been asked by his father not to show the film if he expects to get funding for film school. Danny refuses and seeks out a relationship with Shane the gay son of a wealthy couple who donate to film productions. Chris a fellow gay student in love with Danny falls out with him telling him Shane is just out to use him.
During the screening night it is announced that the film is disqualified for an award because it was written before meaning the script did not belong to Danny. It is however shown and Danny gets recognition. It shows Danny and his relationship with an abusive father. It turns out Danny is Zachary who must try and forge a different path for his life now or end up like the current Zachary.


This is a 1992 gay themed film which tells the story of a relationship between a 12 year old boy and a soldier. It is 1944 and the Netherlands is occupied by Germans. The city of Amsterdam does not have enough food and parents are sending children to the countryside where there is enough to eat. Jeroen is a 12 year old boy whose mother sends his off to the countryside. Once in the countryside he is taken in by a religious christian family led by Hait a fisherman. They are nice to Jeroen even though he is still homesick. Jeroen spends most of his time with Jan who they came with from Amsterdam and is an old friends from there. The Netherlands is later liberated and some Canadian soldiers stay over at the village. One of the soldiers develops an interest in Jeroen. His name is Walt and he begins to spend most of his time with Jeroen. The relationship soon turns into a homosexual one. The two are in love with each other. Time however comes for Walt to move back to Canada. He does not tell Walt, probably for fear of breaking his heart. Jeroen is depressed to learn his homoerotic lover has left next day. It gets worse when a photo of Walt he had hidden in his clothes is ruined in the rain. Jeroen's mother soon writes to say she is coming to take him. Jeroen is not excited even when she shows up. He is still missing his lover. They soon leave on a boat back to Amsterdam with the mother.
As a grown up teaching ballet, Jeroen remembers those days and the soldier. His colleague hands him an envelope containing an enlarged photo from the foster family when he was little. Behind it is a photograph of Walt's dog tag. He can now use the clear identification details in the dog tag photo to find his lost soldier.


They Say is a 2015 short film about bullying and homophobia in school. Griffin is a school boy who is not popular among his mates. They say that he is weird and just different. One boy says Griffin might be gay because he likes to talk about how some boys look good. Griffin finds company with Dana a girl who is also ostracized in school. They spend most time together even out of school. Griffin likes feminine activities which Dana readily also enjoys. One day Dana takes a video recording of Griffin singing a love song while in his room. Griffin also shares some of his love secrets with Dana. In school some popular girls ask Dana if she has a boyfriend and her relationship with Griffin. Hoping to be popular she shows them the video and tells them about Griffin's sexuality. The girls go telling everybody. The love song Griffin is singing in the video is probably about a boy in school who he has a crush on. The homophobic boy comes after Griffin with rage beating him up and other boys chasing him around. Griffin is rumored to have committed suicide after the incident.


Between Love & Goodbye is a 2008 gay movie revolving around the same sex relationship between two gay men. Kyle and Marcel are both gay. Kyle plays in a band while Marcel is in acting school. Marcel is from France and in New York for studies. They both met in a New York gay club and fell in love.
To get permanent residence in USA, Marcel fakes a heterosexual relationship with Sarah a lesbian. They go ahead and do a wedding. They present themselves before the immigration department and pass.
Kyle and Marcel are in a love affair living together in an apartment. Kyle's mother committed suicide while they were kids. He was left with Cole his brother who is now a transgender calling himself April. Kyle and April had misunderstandings and the former decided to move out. April calls and they reconcile. April moves in with Kyle which makes Marcel unhappy. Kyle begins to spend more time with April working on their band making Marcel even more unhappy.
Marcel goes on a working trip to Los Angeles. Kyle is already not as attached to him. Marcel notices from the phone calls. He comes back before he is done with work to save their relationship. Kyle reveals that he had sex with another gay man. Marcel also confesses of infidelity and it upsets Kyle even further who wants it out of the relationship. Cole who is now a boy after implanted breasts reject his body does not like Marcel and persuades his brother to break up. Kyle tells Marcel that he does not love him any more. Marcel is obsessed with Kyle and finds it very hard to move on. They end up having a very bitter and violent breakup which at some point gets each one of them arrested. The break up leads to tragedy.  


2:37 is a 2006 Australian film which follows the lives of 6 high school students struggling with various issues.
Marcus is a geek who dreams of becoming a successful lawyer like his father. His sister Melody likes children and animals and would like to be a teacher. Luke is a popular soccer player in school and also good looking. Sean is gay and struggling with rejection both at home and school. Steven is a withdrawn teenager who has a limp because of a longer leg. He also has a problem controlling his urine due to urethra defects.
Luke has a reputation of a womanizer among his friends. He also prefers anal sex with girls. Luke is however a gay teenager in the closet. He is having a homosexual relationship with Sean even though he participates in teasing him. Sean is upset his parents do not accept his sexual orientation and dismiss it as a phase.
Marcus has been touching his sister Melody sexually since she was 13. He later rapes her. She gets pregnant and they are both now distressed by the consequences. Luke is overheard by Steven kissing and fighting with Sean in the toilet. Sean is confronting Luke for ignoring him in school even though they are having a gay affair. Luke leaves upset and even pushes away his girlfriend Sarah. Eventually at 2:37 P.M a girl named Kelly commits suicide in the toilet by cutting her wrist.


Miles Apart is a short gay movie about two gay men dealing with a parent who resents their homosexual relationship. Miles and Jeffrey are travelling to attend Kathryn's wedding. Kathryn is Jeffrey's sister. Jeffrey is gay and has been in a relationship with Miles. Jeffrey's mother does not approve of their homosexual affair.
Miles has reservations about having to stay at Jeffrey's home because of his mother's attitude towards their sexuality. Jeffrey convinces him to come along. They arrive and the mother is already very ignorant of Miles existence. She even asks them not to lock the door while in the room. At the dinner table she asks Miles to pray for the food with an ulterior motive. Miles starts to pray invoking his gay relationship with Jeffrey. The mother stops him and they argue. He goes away upset and Jeffrey goes after him. Miles asks that they leave but Jeffrey pleads with him to stay at least until they attend the wedding. He agrees and on the wedding day the mother treats them no different with the same homophobic discrimination.


J. Edgar is a 2011 film about the personal and professional life of John Edgar Hoover the first director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigations who is rumored to have been a closeted gay man. Edgar was obsessed with order since he was young. He had helped organize the library of congress so that books were easier and quicker to find. He had no particular interest in women and lived with his mother.
While working for the Bureau of Investigations he helped arrest and deport communist radicals in USA. He was appointed director of the BOI at a young age. Edgar had no social life. A graduate from his college named Clyde Tolson shows an interest in the job. Edgar is infatuated with him. He also has no interest in women and is very refined. Edgar appoints him his personal assistant.
Edgar manages to centralize all fingerprints from local authorities through lobbying in congress. He also opens the first laboratory to aid in investigations and evidence. He manages to lobby lawmakers pass a law making kidnapping a federal crime after the Lindbergh kidnapping case. He receives some inspiration from his mother especially about his insecurities around women.
Edgar's relationship with Tolson grows. Edgar makes him his overall assistant director at the FBI. One day Edgar tells Tolson about plans to marry a woman. Tolson is upset. He relationship with Edgar is too close for two men and is seen to be of a homosexual nature. Edgar goes with Tolson almost everywhere even dinner. Their friendship thrives as they grow the FBI into a big and respected organization.
When John Edgar Hoover died on May 2 1972, Clyde Tolson resigned from the FBI soon later and inherited his estate. It is believed that Edgar and Tolson were gay lovers. Their graves are near each other at the congressional cemetery.


The Boys In The Band is a 1970 gay movie revolving around a birthday party in which the lives on several gay men and a straight one unfold. Michael is preparing his apartment to host Harold's birthday party. Several other gay friends are coming for the party. Michael gets a call from a college mate Alan McCarthy who says he will be coming. Michael is worried because Alan is straight and might not relate well to gay men.
Hunk, Larry and Emory arrive. Hunk and Larry are dating. Hunk was closeted and even married to a woman before. Bernard their black gay friend later arrives. He is followed by a paid cowboy named Tex. Alan calls to say he will not be coming. He however shows up as they are dancing flamboyantly. Michael is shocked and angry with Emory who continues to behave and talk very effeminately. Alan sits down drinking some alcohol even though he is shocked by Michael's company.
Alan later decides to leave. Emory however pushes him with his gay talk and they get into a fight. Emory is punched in the face. Harold finds them in the midst of breaking up the fight. Harold is having a crisis over his looks and age. They later cut the cake and open the gifts on the deck. A storm however forces them into the house where Alan is. Alan insists on leaving but Michael restrains him. Alan had seen Hunk with a ring and knows he is married. He is however shocked to learn Hunk is in a gay relationship with Larry after leaving his wife and children.
They play a game to pass the night which involves calling some of the people they really loved. This game opens old wounds for some revealing their sexual relationships past and present. In the game Michael accuses Alan of being a closeted gay man which he vehemently denies. It later becomes too much for most of them and they leave.


Hate Crime is a 2005 gay movie. Trey McCoy and Robert Levinson live together as gay partners in a friendly neighborhood. The two are planning a gay wedding even though they prefer to call it a commitment ceremony.
Chris Boyd moves in next door. He is homophobic and is therefore appalled to see Trey and Robert kissing. One day Chris confronts Robert outside their house telling him how he will go to hell and to read the bible. He also warns Robert to watch his back. Chris is Jerry Boyd's son. Pastor Jerry Boyd founded the West Dell Bible Church in 1982. He expects his son Chris to marry soon but is upset to discover they broke up with the girlfriend.
One day Trey goes to walk the dog at night leaving Robert in the house. He is attacked and left for dead. Robert finds him after the dog returns to the house alone. He is admitted to hospital in critical condition. As Trey lies in a coma police begin investigations. They suspect Chris Boyd who also has an arrest record for vandalizing a gay man's house. He however has a lullaby since his parents confirm he was at their house the whole time.
Trey succumbs to his injuries and dies. His mother Barbara McCoy is torn by grief. Police officers are unable to find enough evidence to prosecute anybody. Robert is frustrated further when police question him as a suspect due to the insurance payoff he is set to receive. Robert breaks into Chris Boyd's house and discovers that he browses gay websites on his computer. Surveillance also reveals he frequents gay sex clubs and shops. His father Pastor Jerry Boyd is given the surveillance photos and confronts Chris about it. He confesses to Chris that he killed Trey to protect his own flesh and blood from homosexuality. Robert is nearby recording the conversation.
Police insist they do not have enough yet to prosecute anybody. Even the recorded confession is denied. Robert and Barbara make a plan to make Pastor Jerry pay for Trey's death. They kidnap him from his office to Robert's house. In the house Barbara shoots Robert with Pastor Jerry's gun then places it with him. Robert is only shot in the abdomen and holds his gun to shoot Jerry. Pastor Jerry tries to pick his gun and shoot Robert but it is empty since Barbara used up the two bullets inside. Robert shoots him dead. Police and paramedics arrive. Robert says Pastor Jerry came to shoot him dead and he shot him dead in self defense. Robert recovers quickly and is discharged.


No Night Is Too Long is a 2002 gay movie. Tim Cornish is a final year student at University of Warwickshire. Tim is especially promiscuous with girls just like any other heterosexual male. One day he however spots a man looking at him. He gets obsessed with the man and one day follows him on the elevator. The man kisses him and goes away. Tim continues to pursue him and meets him in his university office. He is a paleontology lecturer in the same University. His name is Ivo Steadman.
During Christmas Tim feels lonely. His father had died over the year and mother suffered a stroke which left her not mentally sound. However on new year eve Ivo shows up and they end up engaging in sex the whole night. Tim is bisexual.
When school resumes Tim begins spending more time at Ivo's place. They become gay lovers. When the semester nears the end Tim asks Ivo if he can also go to Alaska with him. Ivo goes on summer to Alaska to lecture on cruise ships exploring the region. Ivo refuses but later accepts. Tim visits the library to read books on Alaska. He meets a first year student who they chat and end up sleeping together. He tells Ivo about it and they fight. Tim immediately looses his love for Ivo but they go on their Alaska trip as scheduled.
In Alaska Ivo is forced to go on a 10 day cruise the next day. He leaves Tim alone. Tim falls for a lady named Isabel. Isabel works at an elementary school. Tim falls in love and writes her a love letter. All this time Ivo has been writing without Tim replying. Isabel falls for Tim and they end up having a romantic relationship which includes sex. She however asks him to keep it a secret. Isabel however leaves for Vancouver before Ivo is back to Tim's disappointment.
Ivo comes back and complains why Tim never replied his letters. Tim's mind is on Isabel. They leave together for the next cruise. In the ship Tim rejects Ivo's sexual advances even locking the door with a chair. Tim later explains to Ivo that he is no longer in love. He tells him about Isabel and how he plans to leave for Vancouver. They get into a fight and Ivo almost chokes him to death.
During the last day of the cruise they visit a rocky island. Tim and Ivo argue about their relationship in a secluded place. They get into a fight and Tim pushes Ivo onto a rock which knocks him unconscious. He seems dead and so Tim runs off scared and covers up so that no one in the ship knows he is missing.
Back at their hotel he uses Ivo's money to get a flight to Vancouver. In Vancouver he notices he left Isabel's card in the Jacket Ivo died wearing. He tries all he can to track Isabel down but in vain. He ends up engaging in random sex with gay men in the city. He keeps seeing ghosts of Ivo appearing everywhere due to the guilt that he killed him.
Ivo shows up at Isabel's house. He is invited in by Isabel's husband. He explains how Tim left him for dead on the island and was only saved after one of his colleagues became suspicious and went back to the island. He says Tim was leaving him dead to be with his sister Isabel. Tim never knew Isabel was Ivo's sister. Ivo and Isabel get into a fight over it.
Ivo continues to write scary letters to Tim who thinks it must be a ghost because he is dead. One day Ivo comes to Tim's town for the opera. He meets him on the streets running and shaken. In the house he tells him that Isabel is the sister. As he leaves Tim insists he wears his jacket and keep it. He wears it. He gets stabbed to death on the road while leaving. Police investigating find he was stabbed by Thierry who is Tim's gay lover. Tim had earlier told him of a safe in the house where he keeps his money back when he was a gay prostitute in Vancouver. Thierry thought Ivo was Tim because of the jacket and wanted to take his keys and steal the money.


The Crying Game is a 1992 movie. Jody is a black British soldier who is lured by Irish Republican Army members through a woman named Jude. Jude and her fellow rebels hold Jody captive to negotiate with the government. While in captivity one of the members named Fergus creates a bond with Jody. Jody shows him a picture of his lover and where he can find her if he dies. Jody eventually dies when the military attacks the hideout.
Fergus is able to hide and escape the attack. He goes to the city and seeks out Jody's lover at the salon as told. He finds her. Her name is Dil. Fergus begins to bond and fall in love with her. One day as they are preparing to have sex Fergus is shocked to discover Dil is a man. Dil thought Fergus knew because the bar she frequents to sing is transgender and gay friendly. Fergus runs off but later comes looking for Dil now knowing he is a transgender. This whole time Dil does not know Fergus was involved in Jody's kidnapping.
Jude tracks down Fergus and wants him to do a dirty job for them. She also wants Fergus to leave Dil. Fergus is afraid Dil might be killed and asks her to disguise herself as a boy. On the day Fergus is supposed to execute their did Dil ties him up in the bed. The plot fails and Jude's partner is killed. Jude comes to Dil's house and is shot dead by Dil who still thought they were lovers with Fergus. Dil did however learn her involvement with Jody's sad fate just before she came in. Police later come and find Fergus in the house. He is arrested and sent to jail. Dil the transgender is not implicated. Dil is still in love with Fergus and goes to visit him in jail.


Rites of Passage is a 1999 film whose theme revolves around the relationship between a father and his gay son. Jay Farraday also known as D.J. comes to check into a hotel on work duty. He is however shocked to see his father who should be in Tacoma. His father is with another woman behaving affectionate towards her. Del Farraday is also as surprised to see his son there. He knows his son has discovered the secret love affair. They decide later in the weekend to stay over at their cabin in the woods to straighten up that issue.
When they arrive at the cabin they find Cambell Farraday there. Cambell is Del's gay son and brother to D.J. Cambell has not been in good terms with the dad. One day Del found Cambell being affectionate with another man called Billy there at the cabin. Del beat Billy up. He has never accepted Cambell for being gay. D.J. thinks Cambell is with Billy but later learns he died. Billy died on AIDS but Cambell assures his brother that he got tested and is negative.
At night they seat at the table and Del explains his other partner to his two sons. Cambell is upset and they get into a fight. Cambell's homosexuality has never been well taken by Del. It is interrupted by two strangers who are looking to make a call. They come in and make the call and after a number of weird moments go away. D.J. however spots Cambell trying to leave in the night. On confronting him he discovers the two strangers in the car. Cambell is forced to explain.
After the beat up in the cabin by Del, Billy went missing. Cambell spent months looking for Billy. He got in touch with a man in prison who they communicated about Billy. The man named Frank discovered Cambell's family had a cabin near an area he has buried money from scams. He befriended Cambell knowing he was gay until the former thought they were in love. Frank escaped prison with another inmate named Red. Cambell out of the love had agreed to host them at the cabin until they can get the money. This was interrupted when Del and D.J. showed up.
The escapees take the family hostage for some while. It is not long before Frank and Red disagree. Red reveals to Cambell that he wrote the letters and not Frank. Also tells him Frank never loved him. Red is shot dead by Frank in the disagreement while Del is shot above the arm. Cambell leaves Frank to drown in the nearby lake while police and paramedics come.
Cambell is arrested and sent to jail for aiding the escapees. D.J. comes with Del to see him even though he never wanted his father to be there. He is to be released in 6 months.


My Name Is Love is a 2008 Swedish short gay movie. Love is out with Fredrika and other friends at a night club partying. Love is not having fun as the rest. He asks Fredrika if  they can leave but she insists on having a few more drinks while dancing. Love leaves the club and walks outside a gay night club. He then begins walking and meets a man who they exchange glances. The man asks Love if he wants anything from him. Love answers he wants nothing but the man insists. He convinces Love to walk back with him to his nearby apartment. At the apartment the man tells Love he is called Marcus and is 28 years old. Love tells him he is 22 years old. Marcus says he is an economist while Love says he studies history of literature at the University. Marcus makes his move on Love even though he hesitates. They later both undress. Marcus turns Love over on the coach and begins penetrating him. Love is in pain and tries to free himself asking Marcus to stop. Marcus pins him down and continues to penetrate him as he groans with pain. After he is done he asks Love to leave. Marcus leaves to take a shower and Love dresses up slowly in pain and opens the door. While leaving a voice message comes through from a lady who lives in the house identifying herself as Caroline. Caroline asks Sebastian to pick her up at the airport in the morning. Seems Marcus is actually called Sebastian and lives with a woman. Sebastian curses while in the shower yelling words like gay whore. Love walks on the street in pain and vomiting. He is also crying. Fredrika calls to tell him that she is at the gay bar but she can only hear him crying over the phone.


Ruben's Place is a 2012 gay movie. Ruben lives with his father in a small town which most people abandoned due to el nino floods. His father is a drunkard whose health is deteriorating. Ruben's mother died recently from drowning. Ruben is out of college on summer holiday. He is not sure if he will go back due to financial constraints.
His father calls Victor his brother to hook up Ruben with a job at his warehouse. Ruben begins working for his uncle and is soon promoted due to his good job. He also gives Ruben a car to do deliveries. One day Ruben comes across a childhood friend Jimmy outside the warehouse. He gives Jimmy his number and cannot wait for him to call. Jimmy eventually calls and Ruben runs off to catch up. He finds out Jimmy sleeps outside. His parents died in a car accident and has been brought up in foster homes.
Ruben gets Jimmy to work for him at the warehouse without Victor's knowledge. He pays Jimmy from his own money. While on his trips to where Jimmy stays he notices he has very good drawings. They also kiss with Jimmy and it is revealed they are gay.
Ruben asks his uncle for space to put up the drawings. His uncle accepts and Jimmy's drawings are hang. Ruben advertises their gallery. One day one of the city hall board of directors calls asking to buy all of Jimmy's drawings including the warehouse. His uncle Victor negotiates and eventually sells it to the city who plan to turn it into an art center. Jimmy and Ruben dance together and everybody including the father and uncle are surprised to learn they are in love and gay.


Savage Nights is a 1992 gay themed film with the French title Les Nuits Fauves. Jean is a camera man. He is gay and promiscuous. He goes to cruise for gay sex under bridges in Paris. Jean is also HIV positive which has already turned to AIDS as he is showing up with Kaposi Sarcoma. Jean has a relationship with a straight young man Samy who is a rugby player. Samy lives with his girlfriend Marianne. During one of their auditions Jean meets 17 year old girl named Laura. He falls in love with her. He lets her know that he also likes boys meaning he is bisexual. Laura has no problem and they quickly fall in love. Jean has sex with Laura without telling her about his HIV status. When he tells her later she is upset but too in love to leave him despite her mother's intervention. She even refuses to use a condom in their consequent sexual encounters. Jean continues to cruise for sex in gay hideouts usually under bridges. He is reckless probably because he knows he is dying. Laura eventually suffers a nervous breakdown after Jean continues to cheat on her. She is hospitalized in a mental institution now that she is also HIV positive. Jean continues with his gay lifestyle even travelling to Brazil now that he knows he is dying.


The 24th day is a 2004 gay themed movie about two men Tom and Dan. Tom and Dan meet at a bar in the city. Dan is gay and Tom accepts they go over to his apartment. While at the apartment Dan makes a move on Tom who quickly turns away. Tom begins to ask Dan how many men he has been with. Dan cannot seem to accurately remember. Tom insists he can remember all his sex encounters.
Dan later remembers that he has been to the same house after seeing a broken frog toy. Tom begins asking Dan about that night 5 years before when they were at the same apartment having sex. Dan seems not to remember much whilst Tom remembers each detail. He is very angry Dan does not remember most details. He asks Dan if he is safe. Dan insists he is even though he cannot remember if he used the condom that day five years before.
Dan notices Tom is weird and up to no good. He insists on leaving but the door is locked. He asks for the keys but they do not belong to the door. Tom wrestles him to the ground, handcuffs him. He then ties him to a chair and draws blood from him with a needle and syringe. Tom takes the blood to a lab for testing. He insists Dan infected him with HIV that day five years before. He says he will release him if the tests come back negative for HIV.
Tom had gone for a HIV test 24 days before and it had come out positive. He had also done another one to confirm. His wife got swollen lymph nodes and night sweats including loss of weight. She went to the hospital for tests and she was told it was AIDS. She jumped a red light and died in an ensuing car accident. Now Tom blames himself for giving her HIV. She was only 27 years old.
As they wait for the results they have several tense moments in the house as they talk about their past. Tom tells Dan that he will cut his throat and let him bleed to death if the tests come back positive. At the same time Dan realizes Tom has been following him for some time when he talks about a Blondie he has been meeting. Tom also says he is straight and the only gay man he has been with is Dan. They get into heated arguments when Dan insists he could have got HIV from a heterosexual encounter with women and not only homosexuals have HIV. Tom tapes his mouth.
The tests come out eventually. Tom releases Dan. Dan is happy because he thinks the tests must have come back negative. As he leaves at the door Tom informs him the results came back positive. Dan is shocked and asks Tom angrily to stop tormenting him. He picks the results from the table to check for himself and is shocked.


Sunday Bloody Sunday is a 1971 British gay themed film. Bob Elkin is a good looking artist in his twenties. He is bisexual. He has a heterosexual affair with Alex Greville a divorced older lady. Bob also has a homosexual affair with Dr. Daniel Hirsh who is well known and respected within his Jewish community. Bob is able to switch between the two with ease. Alex and Daniel use the same message service and through it they get to know that they are both sharing Bob. Both Alex and Daniel know each other through mutual friends. Dr. Daniel has long been pushed by members of his Jewish community to find a wife and marry. None of them know the good doctor is gay. Daniel and Alex are willing to continue their relationship with Bob despite discovering the love triangle. Bob however has bigger plans for his life. His art is taking him to USA. Dr. Daniel gets to know of it when Bob comes up with a fever and discloses he got a small pox vaccine in order to travel. They had earlier on planned a trip to Italy. Dr. Daniel is sad for loosing Bob and so is Alex. One Sunday morning Bob Elkin leaves for New York and both Daniel and Alex meet at a mutual friends house and exchange greetings knowing they are both mourning Bob's absence.


$30 is a gay short film released in 1999. Scott has just turned 16 years old. His father's gift to him is sex with a female prostitute. Scott is very nervous of what to expect. His dad encourages him and drops him off at the location with 30 dollars. Scott approaches the room and enters feeling ever tense. The lady identifies herself as Emily. She undresses and asks Scott to join her since time is limited and running out. Scott is unwilling but he goes ahead to remove his clothes and enter between the sheets with her. Scott does not manage to get an erection and have sexual intercourse with her. He runs off into the toilet and cleans his mouth and puts his clothes back on. They go outside with Emily and chat. During the chat Scott tries to convince Emily that he could not have sex with her because there is a girl in school he likes. Emily knows Scott is gay and asks what is the name of the boy. Scott is surprised Emily knows and replies Fred. He asks Emily to keep it a secret. Emily explains that her real name is Michelle. They continue to talk and when Scott's dad approaches the room to listen they both pretend to be having sex by jumping on the bed while making noises. Scott's dad walks off convinced. Eventually Scott's dad comes to pick him. He asks Michelle how is his boy and she answers that he is not a boy but a man. Scott's dad goes convinced Scott is man enough because he had good sex with Michelle.


Jongens is a 2014 gay TV movie. Jongens is the original Dutch title with the English title being Boys. Jongens means boys in Dutch. The film is about a gay relationship between two teenage boys in a relay team.
Sieger and Stef are best friends. They are both racetrack athletes. They perform well and the coach picks them to join Marc and Tom in the junior team B team.
At home Sieger's dad is proud of his son's achievement as an athlete. Sieger's brother Eddy is a trouble maker since their mother died in a motorcycle accident. His dad does not like him using motor bikes probably because of their mother's accident.
One day all the four teammates decide to go swimming at a river after training. Marc is wild and jumps in first with his clothes. Sieger is attracted to Marc. Stef, Tom and Sieger prepare to leave but Marc is not in a hurry. He tries to persuade Sieger to remain with him in the river. Sieger rides his bike and Tom and Stef later take their own ways home. He decides not to go home and returns to the river where he finds Marc alone. They play together and later kiss intimately. While leaving Sieger tells Marc that he is not gay.
One day Stef and Sieger find Eddy's motocross field in the woods. Eddy asks Sieger not to tell their father. Stef spot some girls they had earlier seen. He talks to them and picks one. Sieger picks the other girl and they go for a walk in the woods. Sieger is not as comfortable with a girl as Stef who is already kissing her.
The coach takes takes the team to a training camp. At night Sieger cannot get sleep. He wakes up and Marc follows him into the night. They both ride on one bicycle through the woods to an isolated spot where they kiss. They later run to the beach where they continue with their intimacy. They go back to their dormitory in the dark. Stef sees them coming in and is suspicious.
When they get back home Stef goes to pick Sieger to attend a fun fair. In his company is two girls. One his girlfriend and the other Jessica who is supposed to be Sieger's girlfriend. At the fan fair Marc shows up to find Jessica and Sieger together. He watches jealously as Jessica kisses Sieger.
Sieger's homosexuality is creating tension in him. At training he is not doing well. Coach warns him about his performance. After training they agree with Marc to go swimming that night.
Eddy gets into a confrontation with his father who has hidden his motorbike. Eddy tells him he wishes he were dead and goes away. Sieger goes looking for him at the motocross track. Eddy shows up driving a car and asks Sieger to come in together with other girls. Sieger agrees but on their way they almost hit someone on a bicycle. It turns out it is Marc on his way to meet Sieger. Sieger leaves the car and asks Marc to get off the road. Marc asks about their meeting plans but Sieger violently pushes him and goes back into the car. They drive off but Sieger gets out a few minutes later and goes back home.
In the morning coach comes to pick Sieger for the relay championships. Sieger's father informs him that Eddy was arrested for joy riding and they might not make it to the event. Sieger leaves in the coach's car with Tom, Stef and Marc inside. The tension between Marc and Sieger who are relay partners is evident and Stef notices it. Sieger apologizes to Marc on arrival.
Eddy and his father manage to come for the event after clearing with the police. Sieger is tense. Marc makes a good run and passes the button to Sieger who runs ahead to win. Despite the win Sieger is absent minded looking at Marc. At home his father organizes a meal of Chinese food to celebrate Sieger's gold medal. Stef is present but notices Sieger's mind is not there. Eddy receives a motorbike present from his father who asks Sieger if he is okay. Sieger answers no then runs off with the motorbike. He picks Marc and they both ride on it together into the night.  


Breaking The Surface is a 1997 TV movie about Greg Louganis based on his best selling 1996 book. 
Greg was adopted at nine months old by Pete Louganis and his wife Frances Louganis. As a child growing up he was usually teased by other kids for being a retard because of his inability to read. They also made fun of his color not understanding he was half Samoan. His father was not happy with his poor performance in academics.
After the family gets a swimming pool Greg develops a passion for diving. Frances encourages it and gets him a coach. The coach notices Greg has talent and proposes to put him on the junior diving team. This excites Pete who begins pushing Greg hard against his wishes. 
At teenage Greg clashes with Pete often because of drinking and coming in late. He goes into depression and once writes a suicide note saying "sorry I wasn't what you wanted". The mother Frances finds it before he takes the pills to commit suicide. Frances tries to talk to him but he kicks her when she tries to wake him from bed. Pete sees it and calls in the police to arrest him. He later apologizes to Frances at the police station and goes back home with them.
Greg later moves out of the house to attend coaching. He moves in at Dr. Lee's. Dr. Lee trains him and he manages to make the USA Olympic team. During the Olympics in Montreal Canada a male judge makes a move on Greg. Greg goes to ask a fellow swimmer Scott if he looks obviously gay. Scott is upset by the question because he thinks Greg thinks he must be also gay. Greg wins a silver medal in the Olympics. He is sad he never won gold but it still gets him fame.
Greg later switches coaches to Ron. He begins training for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. He gets a full scholarship to University. He however does poorly in his placement test and is sent to the reading clinic. It is there where they discover Greg has been dyslexic all along. They promise to help him overcome it. The dyslexia is what made fellow kids call him a retard when he was young. In University he manages to explore his sexuality and meet other gay people. He meets Keith with whom they begin a relationship and move in together. Only a girl in his team named Megan knows about their gay relationship.
Greg together with the team is devastated when the president of the USA announces his country will not be part of the Moscow Olympics due to Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan. Greg is forced to look for other goals to keep him focused. His obsession with diving puts a strain on his relationship with Keith and they break up. Greg tells coach Ron about his sexual orientation. Ron reacts calmly.
After finishing college Greg continues his passion for diving. He meets Tom a gay man with whom they begin a relationship. His father Pete is not welcoming of his sexual orientation when he attends his sister's wedding. Frances tells Greg they are getting a divorce and it breaks his heart. 
In the 1984 Olympics Greg wins two gold medals. He and Tom buy a house in Malibu California. Tom is an opportunist and he gets Greg to give him power of attorney to manage his finances. Tom has a short temper and is sometimes abusive to Greg even physically. Tom also begins pushing Greg's friends away. Greg confronts Tom about leaving in the night to undisclosed places. 
Tom gets shingles and he can barely manage the pain. Greg comforts him that they must be from the stress. They both live in denial until several months before the Seoul Olympics when Tom comes down with pneumocystis pneumonia which is associated with AIDS. Greg goes in for tests and is also diagnosed with HIV having only 256 T-cells. Greg tells Ron about the news and if he should continue diving. Ron tells him to continue since the doctor said he could.
Greg keeps his HIV status including that of Tom a secret from his parents. They see him off for the Seoul Olympics. He leaves his father Pete very ill diagnosed with lung cancer. At the Olympics he starts off well but then hits his head on the board. He goes for examination and get four stitches without anesthetic so that he can go back and try again. He manages to make it to the finals with stitches on his head. He scoops two gold medals from those Olympic games.
Back home he finds his dad hospitalized. Megan confronts him about Tom's management of his finances. He decides to check and finds Tom has misused his finances. He calls the lawyer and revokes Tom's power of attorney. The two breakup. He later discovers Tom was practicing prostitution the nights he used to leave the house.
Pete asks Greg to take him home from hospital despite his medical condition. Greg agrees. At home he apologizes for having been very strict on him. Pete later dies. Frances recalls Greg's coming of age at the funeral and makes apologies for some of Pete's behavior. Greg later goes public about his sexual orientation and HIV status. He later writes a best selling book with the title Breaking The Surface. 


Hollow Reed is a 1996 gay movie about a young boy Oliver Wyatt. Oliver lives with his mother Hannah and her boyfriend Frank Donally. Oliver's father Martin Wyatt is gay and have separated with his mother. Hannah has custody of Oliver. Martin picks Oliver once in a while to spend time as allowed by the court. Martin is a medical doctor and lives with his boyfriend Tom Dixon.
Oliver begins to show up with injuries including black eyes which he blames on some bullies. Martin asks Oliver about the injuries but he insists they are from bullies. Martin is suspicious Oliver is not telling the truth.
One day Oliver is caught by Frank drinking directly from a juice container. Frank hits him in the eye then bends his hand crushing it. Next day the school calls to inform his parents that he came with a broken hand. Martin analyzes the xray with fellow doctors and concludes an adult must have crushed Oliver's hand. Even now Oliver is not telling the truth.
Martin confronts Hannah about it insisting it must be Frank who is abusing Oliver. Hannah dismisses it and asks Martin to leave saying he is jealous of Frank because he is normal.
One day Hannah drives off to work leaving Oliver with Frank. On her way she remembers that she forgot something and drives back. She enters the house and hears Oliver crying. She finds Frank beating Oliver and forcing him to scrub a table he cut with a knife. Hannah orders Frank out and realizes he has been behind all the abuse.
Later that night Frank comes into the house and they reconcile with Hannah. Martin had already filed for custody of Oliver citing the abuse but he has no sufficient proof. In the proceedings Hannah's lawyer uses Martin's homosexuality as a basis of denial of custody. The hearings strain Tom's relationship with Martin.
The case goes to the high court and child welfare officers begin visiting Martin's house to access his suitability to get custody of a child. The hearings are heated as Hannah's lawyer continues to dwell on Martin's homosexuality. Tom is cross examined and he breaks saying the wrong things out of a temper. Now it almost seems Martin's quest for custody is impossible. Martin tries to convince Oliver to tell the truth about what has been going on.
One day Hannah and Frank go to school to pick Oliver. Oliver spots them and runs off into the woods. They begin looking for him. He later climbs through his window into the house. He picks a sharp object and goes after Frank. He cuts his arm and bites his leg. Frank is angry and begins beating Oliver. Martin who is still looking for Oliver comes to Hannah's house and hears the commotion. He runs upstairs and finds Frank hitting Oliver. He saves Oliver and asks him to run out. Frank starts beating Martin and they take the fight outdoors where Hannah who has just arrived and neighbors witness Frank's rage. Tom comes over to help Martin.
The incident gives Martin full custody of Oliver. Hannah is only allowed limited visits. She asks Oliver to come see her sometime but he keeps quiet. Martin and Tom now have custody of a child despite being a gay couple.  


The Cure is a 1995 movie about the AIDS virus. It is not necessarily a gay movie but it does highlight the association of AIDS with homosexuals. Erik a teenage boy lives with his somewhat carefree mother who separated with the father. Next to their house a mother has moved in with her son who suffers from AIDS. The son's name is Dexter and he contracted the HIV virus after a blood transfusion. Erik gets teased at school and called derogatory homosexual names because of living near the boy. Most of the boys believe only gay people get HIV/AIDS and so is the majority of the population.
Erik is a loner who spends most of his time playing video games or with battle toys. He hears Dexter coughing next compound and asks him to keep away. Dexter explains that he cannot spread it through the air. Eventually Erik comes around and climbs the fence to meet Dexter. He is surprised Dexter is so small for an eleven year old boy. They begin playing together and Erik takes him to the store where they buy candy. On the way back some boys from school harass Erik after seeing him with Dexter. They insist Dexter is gay and Erik explains that he got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Erik manages to stand up to the boys.
Erik decides to find a cure to Dexter's illness. He starts by feeding him all sorts of candy. Later he boils leaves and flowers for him to drink. One day at the store they come across a newspaper headline about a doctor Fishburn from New Orleans who has discovered the cure for AIDS. They plead with Dexter's mother to take them but she refuses. By now Erik has been staying late at Dexter's house. He has to cheat his mother he has been with other friends because she does not want him around Dexter fearing contraction. Erik goes back to the bush and boils some more plants to find a cure. Unfortunately the plant turns out to be poisonous and Dexter's mother rushes to Erik's house in the night to ask which plant it was. Erik hands him the details. Erik's mother is upset and complains Erik is going to have them both dead. He calls Dexter's mother and orders her to keep the two apart.
Erik plans an escape to New Orleans with Dexter. The two leave in a makeshift raft on a tributary of the Mississippi river. They later realize their raft is to slow and pay for a boat ride with strangers. The two men pick two women on the way. It later turns out they are not going to New Orleans. Erik steals their money and runs off with Dexter to a bus station. The two strangers spot them there and chase after them. After being cornered Dexter pulls a knife and threatens to infect one of them with AIDS. He runs off together with his friend fearing infection. Dexter and Erik return to the station and take a bus.
When they alight the bus they find Dexter's mother waiting. By now Dexter is not feeling well. She takes him to hospital where Erik visits frequently. They spend lots of quality time playing and watching movies until Dexter eventually dies.
Dexter's mother drives back home with Erik while mourning. On arriving Erik's mother violently pulls him from her car and begins beating him. Dexter's mother calls her into the house. She warns her about hitting Erik and informs her about Dexter's death. Erik is left with memories of Dexter including one of his shoes which he washes up the river they used to float.


You Are Not Alone is a 1978 Danish coming of age gay movie. It revolves around the love between two boys Bo and Kim. Bo is 15 years old while Kim is 12. Kim's father is the headmaster at the boarding continuation school which Bo attends. Kim lives with his father and mother Anna in the school compound.
Bo is gay and already had a crush on a boy back at home before joining the continuation school.
The school is all boarding. All the boys are in their adolescence years and the school is having a hard time dealing with some of their coming of age behaviors. For example one day the headmaster is taking some officials from the municipality on a tour of the school when they all bump into a room full of newspaper and magazine cuttings of women not dressed. He orders the boys to take them down.
The municipality grants the school money to build a gymnasium but some teachers think there might be better use for the money. One proposes building a dormitory to house girls. The headmaster is against a mixed boarding school looking at other examples in Denmark. He thinks a gymnasium is good for the boys' development.
Kim prefers to play and hang out with the bigger boys in the continuation school. His parents do not like it because they think most of them are naughty. Kim however insists kids from his school are boring to hang with. Kim spends most of his time with Bo. Bo likes to tease Kim with sexual questions or acts to see if he can figure out. It turns out Kim is too young to figure out most of his advances.
One day Bo bumps on two boys in the bathroom cuddling. He asks them to later switch off the lights and goes to sleep. One of the boys later asks him if what they were doing is stupid and Bo answers it was totally okay. Bo explains that it does not matter whether one is with a boy or girl so long as they love each other. He also reveals that he was with a boy who he loved.
One day the boarding supervisor comes upon sexual material plastered all over the bathroom. He tells the headmaster who wakes all the boys up at night. Ole takes responsibility and the headmaster decides to expel him despite resistance from some teachers. Students do a walk out from their classes to protest that decision and it is later rescinded.
Kim goes to a party in the woods with the bigger boys. They have wine and are in the company of some girls. Kim gets to drink too much wine which gets him drunk. He goes back home with the group but inside the house he falls from the stairs waking his father who discovers he is drunk.
Bo has been teaching Kim many things to do with sex including masturbating. Kim in turn has taught some of his friends including Tony. Tony's mom Mrs. Jensen is not amused when he comes one day at home to find his son masturbating with the floor and telling her sex is good. She makes a complain to the headmaster.
During end of year graduation ceremony the boys present a film in front of their parents and teachers. Non of the teachers nor the parents know what it is about. All they know is that it is based on the commandment "Love Thy Neighbor". The short film begins with Kim and Bo staring romantically then Kim running into Bo's arms. The two cuddle and kiss romantically like two gay lovers.


Whole New Thing is a 2005 coming of age gay movie about a 13 year old boy named Emerson Thorsen. Emerson lives in an isolated house with his parents Rog and Kaya. Kaya home schools Emerson. Rog is obsessed with saving the environment and creating green energy.
Emerson is not showing any interest in mathematics. His mathematical skills are equal to those of a fourth grader or nine year old. When his mother Kaya tells him he might not make it into university with such poor math skills he answers that his books will be getting published and he might be too busy to attend.
Kaya decides to enroll Emerson at the nearby Chezbrook County Middle School even though his dad Rog is against it. She insists it will help him get structured for life. Emerson is bullied in school and comes home with a black eye. Although Rog protests Kaya insists Emerson must learn such things. Don Grant the English teacher is having a hard time teaching the pupils a book. Emerson who has written books of his own proposes Shakespeare insisting the book is boring and not fit for teaching English. Grant obliges and gets a Shakespeare book. Don Grant is gay and frequents a public toilet to cruise for sex from strangers.
Kaya has been cheating in her marriage. She does not know that Emerson knows about it. One day she confronts Emerson for being rude to his dad. Emerson confronts her about the relationship she has with Denny.
Emerson one day brings a boy from class to study with him at their home. The boy's name is Jeff. Emerson gets the boy to use the Sauna together with him. Jeff however tells boys at school what Emerson made him do. It gets Emerson bullied in school and called names such as sauna boy and queer.
Emerson is getting drawn to his teacher Don Grant. He writes a love letter and takes it to his house. He places it in the letter box but finds the door unlocked and goes in. He finds a gay magazine which he goes through then leaves. All this time Grant is cruising for sex only to find his former Claude there. Grant plays a CD in the car which Emerson gave him as a gift. Claude complains that it must be from a lover because it has love music.
Don eventually gets Emerson's letter. It turns out to be a love sonnet. Don calls Emerson to ask him why he did so. Emerson insists he is not gay but just wants to get close to Don.
Meanwhile Rog follows Kaya to the house where she is meeting another man. He watches them from the window as they have sex. He waits outside for them to leave.
Don takes Emerson home. His parents are not in. Emerson is trying hard to seduce Don who forbids it. Emerson grabs his keys and runs off with them into the sauna. He runs after him. In the sauna Emerson tries to kiss and seduce Don into sex. Don runs off.
Rog waits into the night when Kaya and the man have all left the house. He goes in with an axe and vandalizes it. The man finds him burning the house. Rog runs off to his house where police come for him.
Don does not show up for English class. Emerson asks the female teacher where Don is. She says Don has called in sick and she will teach on his behalf. Emerson runs out to Don's house where he finds him just about to leave. He opens the boot and hides there. Don comes and drives off without knowing Emerson is at the back. He drives to the toilet where he leaves the car and goes in. Emerson follows him and finds him with another man in the toilet having sex. He runs outside upset and waits. When Don emerges Emerson confronts him for having sex with a stranger whilst he has refused his approaches. Emerson runs off and Don tries to catch up with him. Emerson comes back to the toilet and gets picked up by a gay stranger who takes him to his house. In the house he pays Emerson some money and asks him to undress. Emerson removes his shirt but asks to use the wash room while bare chest. He locks himself in then tells the man that he is not 16 but 13 and promises to leave his money in the sink. Meanwhile the school has called Kaya and Rog about his escape. They go to Don's house where Rog does a redial on his phone and get Claude his former boyfriend. They ask him about Emerson's and Don's whereabouts. Claude calls Don on his cell phone to inform him that Emerson's parents are searching for their son at his place. Don is stressed and still looking for Emerson. The stranger lets Emerson leave his house. Emerson runs out and sees Don's car and runs in. Don takes him to Claude's house where his parents are waiting.


Romeos is a 2011 gay movie about Lukas a trans woman. Lukas turns up for his civilian service at Ehrenfeld. Lukas is designated the girl's dorm which he gets to know when a lady sees her in the bathroom looking like a man. Lukas considers herself a man and so he complains to Miss Kampmann who promises to move her when there is space in the boy's dormitory. Meanwhile he has to stay in the girl's dorm. She meets Ine who is an old friend from when she still identified as a girl. She tries to get Lukas a girl but she refuses when they go out that night with Sven and Fabio. Sven and Fabio are gay. While at the club Lukas goes to use the toilet and his rubber penis gets grabbed by a guy. Lukas fights the guy and he does not get to see her face. The guy displays the penis to everyone. Ine knows it belongs to Lukas but they leave it. She finds Fabio who knows she is a boy outside having sex in the car. Fabio thinks Lukas is a boy and is attracted. On one occasion Fabio takes Lukas out and tries to make out with her. She refuses fearing Fabio may feel her breasts and penis absence and know the truth. Lukas is however also attracted to Fabio. One day Lukas goes out with friends to swim by the lake. Lukas cannot remove his clothes to swim because her secret might be revealed. Fabio does not understand and throws Lukas into the water. Lukas is very upset and Fabio does not understand why she reacts so. Back at the dormitory he finds his family preparing surprise birthday. Fabio comes behind to pick his keys and jacket. Lukas has a little sister called Minnie Mouse. Minnie reveals to Fabio that Lukas is a girl and that her real name is Miriam. Lukas slaps her in rage and Fabio leaves shocked. Lukas is eventually transferred to the boy's dorm even though they are not as friendly. She meets Sven who also thinks she is a boy crying after breaking up with his boyfriend. They go out together and Sven starts making out with Lukas. They go to Lukas' room where Sven attempts to remove his clothes. Lukas explains she is a trans and Sven insists he will penetrate her in front. Lukas is upset and kicks him out. Fabio comes next day to her room. A group of guys nearby begin making fun of them as being gay. Fabio goes away upset. Lukas goes to his home and finds his mother who invites her in. Fabio however removes her out rudely. Ine and Lukas go out one day at night. They meet Fabio with a girl friend named Jacqueline. They four play pool together then leave in Fabio's car. Ine who is a lesbian manages to seduce Fabio's girlfriend Jacqueline and they go off together after making out in the car. Fabio and Lukas are left in the car alone and they begin making out also and later have sex.


The Devil's Playground is a 1976 movie about Tom Allen a 13 year old boy and his struggles in junior seminary. The movie is not necessarily gay but the story line arouses a gay interest. Allen gets in trouble frequently at the seminary. He wets his bed at night and so he has to wash the wet clothes every morning which makes him late for mass almost daily. Brother Francine finds Allen bathing naked and scoffs at him asking where is his modesty. The boys are supposed to bath with their inner wears on to prevent temptations. The movie gets its name from a quote in the seminary saying "an undisciplined mind is the devil's playground". The boys are just coming into puberty and the administration calls them one by one to talk about their sexual changes. Allen is caught by his friend masturbating outside the office. Allen's friend Turner is a religious fanatic who tells him to come over to some place at night. On arrival later that night he finds Turner whipping his naked colleague. Turns out they are practicing masochism and sadism. Allen is invited but he runs off and his friend Fitz rescues him from them. Brother Victor together with Francine and James decide to go out with the car. Victor and James decide to go watch a game while Francine decides he will be dropped off at a museum. Francine however goes to a public swimming pool where his sexual lust is awakened by the revealing costumes. James and Victor go to a bar after the game and see two ladies eyeing them. Victor decides to say hello while James runs off to the car. Victor gets drunk with the ladies and by the time he goes back to the car he is too drunk. He later causes an accident when he drives into trees but all three get out of it well. Allen's parents come to visit him. The mother will be staying over for two weeks at the guest house. Allen goes there after classes to spend time with them. His friends from home Nigel and Bryan talk to him about all the things he must be missing out on. A girl by the name Lynnette has been disturbing Allen by throwing stones. Allen runs after her and catches up in a nearby forest. They lie down facing the sky. Lynnette kisses Allen. The two begin developing feelings for each other. Later before leaving Lynnette makes Allen promise to write her. He accepts but tells her to write as his cousin so that the seminary does not suspect their relationship. The boys are going for retreat which is a period of deep prayer and meditation. Father Marshall comes to talk to them about it. Allen goes to see him in private to talk about his difficulties. He gives Allen Lourdes water to put on his tongue every night before sleep so as to prevent bed wetting. Fitz who works the kitchen with Allen asks him to put the Lourdes water on his penis instead so as not to masturbate and wet his bed. Brother Francine is still disturbed by the tempting experience at the swimming pool. Father Sebastian has always been free minded and advises Allen to live life and not to strive too much for perfection. When he eventually passes on Allen is very sad and brother Francine becomes more emotionally unstable. Tom goes to confession to talk about how he has been abusing himself by masturbating. Allen's friend Waite always likes to wrestle him. Allen thinks there is more to it and asks him to go ahead and say what he really wants. The two begin mutual masturbation but Waite does not know how to do it right. Allen is upset by his inexperience and explains what happens up to ejaculation. Waite is scared and he runs off with Allen scolding. Meanwhile Turner the fanatic is talking about crossing a nearby water body naked. When he later goes missing Allen reports it and his dead body is found by the water. Brother Francine later breaks down mentally and leaves the seminary. Fitz is one of Allen's best friends. When he gets kicked out of the seminary Allen pleads for the brothers to give him Fitz's address so he can write to him. They refuse citing he will be a bad influence. Allen escapes from seminary and hitchhikes. He is dropped off along the road as the driver is going to another location. He starts stopping cars to hitchhike again. One car stops and it turns out to be brother Victor and James. They tell him to get in as they are also heading his way and know he is running away. They decide to take him to the game to watch semi finals then ring his parents before taking him home. It turns out they are also fed up with the limited life in the seminary.


The Silent Thief is a 2012 gay psychological thriller movie about Brennan Marley a young man looking for belonging in a family. He takes on a photography trip to USA. He comes across a poster advertising an available room. He goes over to the advertised house and meets Candi Henderson the landlady. He is invited over for a meal with Candi's husband Howard Henderson and daughter Elise.
The room being rented out to Marley belongs to Mike their son who is off to college. Mike is coming over for Thanksgiving holiday and the family is excited. He eventually comes and the mother gives him a very emotional welcome. Marley and Mike are introduced.
Mike takes Marley to his best friend Alex. While there he tries to make Marley lift a weight but it almost injures him. Mike is upset and says to Alex that something is off about Marley.
One night Marley observes Mike leaving the house at night through the window. He follows him and finds out he is meeting Alex. He takes photos of Mike and Alex kissing. Now he knows Mike is gay.
Candi is emotionally unstable and whenever Mike leaves she is very upset while parking his stuff. Marley helps him out. He tells her that his mother died of cancer when he was young. Candi is very sorry for him.
Later in Mike's room Marley searches and finds a video tape hidden. It shows Mike and Alex conversing in a gay manner. He plans to keep it together with the pictures he took as blackmail against Mike.
Candi forces Howard to go fishing with Marley. While fishing Howard asks him if he has family back in London. Marley answers that his dad died in a plane crash while mother abandoned him.
Elise gets permission to go out with Marley for the night. She has a crush on him. She tells Marley that Howard was an American Football jock until he dislocated his shoulder. Mike was a star racing athlete until he hurt his knee. Elise explains she was a good swimmer but left it for marine science which dad did not approve of. He tells Elise that his family got hit by a drunk driver and drowned in the lake.
Meanwhile Marley begins training in weights and jogging. He wants to be as good as Mike in order to replace him in the family. He uses Alex's weights. Alex is gay and is attracted to Marley. One day he asks him to use his bathroom. He follows Marley into the bathroom naked and they begin kissing even though Marley insists he is not gay. Marley eventually hits him with his forehead unconscious and runs off.
Mike comes back for Christmas holiday. They go over to Alex's house and he is upset to see him hurt all over the face. Alex refuses to say what happened between him and Marley. Marley dares Mike to hand over the knife his dad bought him if he can lift a very heavy weight. Marley manages to lift it and Mike looses his knife.
Back in the house Elise comes into Marley's room at night and they have sex.
One day Marley prepares cookies especially for Mike. From the hidden video tape he learnt that Mike is allergic to peanut. He puts peanut butter in the cookies. Mike takes one and has a life threatening allergic reaction. He is rushed to hospital and Marley is left in the house hoping he dies.
Howard comes back from hospital together with Elise and Candi. Marley learns Mike survived. Howard orders him out even though Candi is against it. He is eventually allowed back but Mike is convinced he tried to kill him. Marley is now upset that things are not going his way.
Marley calls Alex faking to be Mike and asks they meet at the beach. There he hits him unconscious and drags him to the water. He ties him with rope to a marina pillar as the tide rises. Elise had tried to follow him and discovered he is up to no good. She wakes Mike up. Mike meets Marley outside the house and they get into a fight. Marley threatens to tell Mike is gay using the photos. Meanwhile Elise does an internet search of the names behind photos Marley has in his back. She finds all to be missing.
Marley forces Mike to go tell his parents that he is gay in order to know Alex's whereabouts. Mike does it and asks Marley to now tell him where Alex is. Marley is upset because the parents react calmly to Mike's homosexuality. They start fighting. Elise goes out to find Alex and rescues him from the rising tide. They come back home and manage to corner Marley. Howard orders all his belongings burnt. They then take him to the bridge and throw him into the river. He however survives and moves on.


Love or Whatever is a 2012 gay movie about Corey a 29 year old Therapist living with his 27 year old boyfriend Jon who is a gym instructor.
One day after having sex with Jon in the office Corey passes by Kelsey's cafe. Kelsey is his sister and has been nagging him to get married soon. Corey is turning thirty years old in 3 months. Kelsey tells him to propose to Jon or else she will call by midnight to inform him.
While in the house with Jon romancing, Corey receives a call from a distressed client and picks it. The pizza delivery guy rings the door bell as Corey is on the phone. Jon comes across two rings in Corey's coat while looking for his wallet in order to pay for the pizza delivery. Jon is shocked. Corey does not notice Jon saw the rings. He rushes to open the door and is struck by the good looks or the delivery guy. They start talking and Jon rudely interrupts claiming Corey is flirting with the delivery man. They get into a fight and Jon goes out to a bar. While there he meets an older lady who they strike a relationship with and have sex in the car afterwards. Back in the house while Corey is just about to show Jon the rings and propose. Jon however says that he is bisexual and reveals that he just had sex with a woman. Corey is upset especially when he realizes Jon already knew about the rings. Jon claims he is not ready to settle at age 27. They get into a fight and Jon leaves.
Jon does not come back. Corey spots him with an older lady at the store. He talks to Kelsey about it. Kelsey tells Corey that she will move in if Jon does not return. Corey later finds a letter from Jon in the house together with the key written "I Love You. I Am Sorry". The Pizza delivery guy finds him sobbing and hands him the pizza for free. Kelsey moves in.
Corey has a client back at therapy session who is excited of a new relationship. The woman Melissa has just started a relationship with a younger man. Corey is shocked to discover the young man must be his former boyfriend Jon especially when she says he calls himself flexisexual.
Corey goes to the internet to look for love. He explains to his sister Kelsey how he is meeting three gorgeous looking guys in a day. It however turns out the first guy is an old man who posted a picture of when he was 25 years old. The second guy turns out to be two identical twins who had the status reading "twice the man". The third guy Kyle turns out to be good looking but then says he has a son. Corey says he might want to meet the son one day. It turns out that the so called son is his hand held puppet. Kyle is upset when Corey calls him a puppeteer. Kyle starts a fight and almost stabs him before he is taking away by the police.
Corey goes to Kelsey's cafe to talk about his three dates. Kelsey installs the gay social networking application Grindr to his phone. Corey starts checking profiles and comes across the pizza delivery guy on Grindr. This confirms to him that the man is gay and he immediately tries to find him. Kelsey informs him that he knows the guy because he attends her poetry classes. It turns out his name is Pete.
Corey stays over until the poetry class begins and meets Pete. Pete explains that his uncle is the owner of the pizza business known as Uncle Sal. He developed heart problems and Pete has to help.
Melissa comes over for therapy and explains how his boyfriend is good in bed. Corey is upset and hands her over to another therapist claiming he will be away.
Meanwhile Corey collides with Pete leaving the store. Pete takes him to his getaway spot next to a waterfall where they have lunch and later make love back at Corey's house.
Melissa storms Corey's office one night just as he is leaving and explains how the boyfriend might be cheating on him. Jon does not know Corey is Melissa's therapist and so when he turns up with flowers for Corey he is shocked to find her there. He hands over the flowers to Melissa instead and they go off without her realizing.
Corey has a bad mood next day and will not listen to his sister Kelsey who is about to be foreclosed due to cash flow problems at the cafe. He also gives Pete the same mood while heading for a movie and they leave each other on the way. Back at his house Jon comes to bring him flowers and coerces him into sex. The two have sex but forget to lock the door. Pete, Melissa and Kelsey find them in the act. Melissa is very upset to realize her therapist has slept with her boyfriend. Pete goes away also upset.
Kelsey's cafe is foreclosed by the bank over a loan and she moves out. She plans to go back home to live with parents.
Corey reads about Uncle Sal's death and runs off the garden they once met with Pete. He meets him hiking and convinces him not to move away from there.
Corey gets a call about the foreclosure auction and decides to go through her sister's accounting records. He finds out that she only did some record keeping mistakes. The loan officer later informs then Pete paid off the outstanding loan.
Corey has to attend an Ethical Violations hearing summoned by the North American Psychological Association Ethics Committee. This is after Melissa accused him of breach of confidentiality. He however arrives late but luckily Melissa has just withdrawn the allegations in front of the committee.
Kelsey opens her cafe. Corey and Pete go off on a surprise trip together.


The Imitation Game is a film based on the book "ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA" BY Andrew Hodges. This movie is a true story which tells the life of Alan Turing.
Alan is a bright introverted boy at Sherborne School in 1928. He is constantly picked on by other boys because he is different. He only has one friend called Christopher who helps him out and keeps him company. One day Christopher brings him a book on encryption and Alan therein develops an interest in the field. They two boys constantly pass messages to each other in class using coded language which to everyone else is just gibberish. Christopher however later dies of bovine tuberculosis which he had for some while.
In 1939 during the second world war Alan Turing seeks a job with the government in cryptography. During the interview it is revealed that he is now a mathematics protege at Kings College Cambridge. They get into a misunderstanding with the navy officer conducting the interview especially when he reveals he does not speak or understand German language. He is almost let go until he mentions the word Enigma to the commander. The Enigma is a machine which encrypts German communications and is very difficult to break its code. He gets hired into the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park. He is introduced to the team he will work with to try and break the German Enigma.
Alan is not very popular among his teammates. He prefers to stay alone and work on a machine which he insists should be able to break the enigma. His teammates are not sure about that idea and dismiss it. This puts him at a disadvantage when he tries to get funding for the machine parts. His team leader does not support it and it is rejected. The commander asks him to take it with Winston Churchill his senior if he can. Alan writes to the prime minister and he is appointed the leader of his team whereby he sacks two teammates immediately. This creates bad blood between him and remaining teammates and also the commander.
Being short of staff Alan is forced to hire more cryptologists. He devises a puzzle which he puts in the newspaper for anyone to call if they can finish it in less than ten minutes. The successful people come for a test and two get chosen. One lady named Miss Joan Clarke and a young man. Miss Clarke is very good in solving mathematical problems.
The parts needed to build the machine are at last delivered. Alan starts to work on it. The machine is taking too long to try and decipher the code which makes it impossible by midnight when the Germans change the code again. Everybody is upset with him including the commander who wants the machine taken away and the program ended. His teammates intervene and they are given a month to make it work.
Meanwhile Miss Clarke is under pressure from her parents to go back home since she is now 25 years old and not married. Alan begs her to stay and proposes to her in order to keep her there working on the enigma. They get engaged but Alan reveals he has no intimate feelings towards her. It is here the teammate confirms his thinking that Alan Turing is gay. During a night out with Miss Clarke and other teammates they meet a lady who works at the radio signals interceptions. She reveals that one of the German messages always begins with the letters CILLY. She thinks it might be a man whose girlfriend is named Cilly. To Alan this is great news because it has just given him an idea on how to break the enigma. He runs off and breaks the code using the information he just received. This becomes vital in Britain's war up to the end.
In 1951 Alan Turing who is now a professor at Leeds University has a break in at his house. A detective from Manchester finds it weird how Alan shrugs off the incident. He tries to dig deeper by accessing his classified military records but he finds they have been taken away and only an empty envelope is left. It is later discovered that the men who broke into his house are actually homosexuals Alan has had relations with. Alan is arrested for indecency by performing homosexual acts. He is charged and given the option of either 2 years in jail or hormonal therapy to cure his homosexuality. He takes the latter even though the drugs make him sick. He later commits suicide one year into the drugs on June 7 1954.
In 2013 Queen Elizabeth II granted Alan Turing a posthumous royal pardon.


Tom at the Farm is a 2013 gay thriller film. This gay movie is about Tom who is in grief after the death of his boyfriend. He travels to the country side for his funeral. Drama starts when he realizes the family never knew about his lover's sexual orientation. The family goes to length to protect the name of the family including the emotions of the grieving mother.


The Normal Heart is a 2014 gay movie about the 1980s AIDS epidemic among the gay community in New York. Ned Weeks attends Craig's birthday party at an Island along the beach. Craig is has not been feeling well and he faints on the beach as he walks. Later during cake cutting he can barely blow the candles because of a cough. Ned is a gay writer and reserved in his sexual life which keeps him away from other gay people on the island who are having a lot of casual sex.
Ned reads about a rare cancer diagnosed among 41 homosexuals in the newspaper as he heads out of the island in a boat. He pays a visit to Doctor Emma Brookner to ask about the gay disease. Dr. Emma orders him to remove his clothes so she can check if he is also infected. She cannot find any signs with Ned. Emma wants Ned to mobilize fellow gay men to raise awareness about the disease. Ned does not agree with her but as they converse Craig is brought in sick and dies. Emma recognizes one of the gay men that brought in Craig as the boyfriend of another man who died weeks before from the disease.
Ned calls fellow gay men to his house for a meeting. During the meeting Dr. Emma asks them to abstain from sex because the disease is speculated to be sexually transmitted. They refuse to side with that opinion. Ned visits Felix Turner of the New York Times to try and persuade him to raise awareness through their newspaper. Felix is gay but reluctant the New York Times will be willing. Ned ends up trying to raise money through another newspaper called the New York Native. He also tries to get his brother offer free legal assistance including financial since he is the senior partner is a big law firm. The brother is adamant. The deaths from the disease continue rising. At the hospital where Dr. Emma works they have opened a wing described as a contagion area for the Gay Related Immunodeficiency Disease(GRID). The staff in the hospital refuse to attend to the sick homosexuals for fear of contamination.
Felix visits Ned and reminds him they met before at a gay sex club. They grow closer and eventually make love. Ned tries to approach the Mayor about the disease but security blocks him. Ned and fellow gay men for an organization called Gay Men Health Crisis to deal with the epidemic. Ned's aggressive and abrasive way of doing things in the organization is not appreciated by the rest and they do not vote him president. Bruce gets the presidency. At a gay party by GMHC they announce that they have managed to collect 53000$.
Ned eventually asks Felix Turner to move in with him. Felix goes on live TV accusing the government of neglecting gay people and having a conspiracy to get them dead. The GMHC member as furious claiming he is talking on behalf of the group. Ned and Bruce get into a fight when the  former exposes him to a visiting TV crew at their new offices.
Felix eventually reveals to Ned that he was once married and had a son. He also shows Ned a Kaposi Sarcoma tumor on his foot which will not go away. Ned tells Doctor Emma about he and she asks to see Felix. Dr. Emma also reveals that she got crippled by polio as a child and that is why she is on wheel chair.
Felix gets worse to the point of messing his bed. His body is covered with Kaposi Sarcoma lesions when he visits the hospital. He is told to stay over for observation.
Doctor Emma is still struggling to get funding towards the gay cancer but government officials do not take her seriously and refuse. Ned creates some attention and gets an invitation to see a White House presidential adviser. They however disagree because the adviser thinks the disease is only among homosexuals. Ned gets furious.
Ned is eventually kicked out as a member of GMHC citing his exploitation of fear and death of gay men.
Felix gets worse and decides to visit the offices of Ned's brother the lawyer to leave a will. He faints on his way out and Ned's brother takes him to hospital where he later passes away after their bedside wedding with Ned presided over by Doctor Emma Brookner. Bruce also later dies from the disease which is later discovered to be AIDS.


This is a 2013 comedy gay movie about two men in a secret relationship. Real estate agent Drew Drake and business partner Whitey Ford both live in Hidden Hills California. Almost everyone in Hidden Hills is gay but nobody is in a relationship with his own race. Drew and Ford are both Caucasian and they do not want to be seen as breaking away from tradition.


Pit Stop is a 2013 gay movie about two gay men in a small town in Texas. Gabe and Ernesto start to build their relationship through interactions at the local gas station. Gabe is recovering from a bad relationship with a married man. He finds solace in the relationship with his ex wife and daughter. Ernesto leaves home life to spend time with an ailing ex boyfriend in hospital. The two men suffer from emotional isolation which leads them to yearn for romance.


This is a 2013 gay movie about Ron Woodroof who is diagnosed with AIDS and given only 30 days to live. A doctor prescribes a drug which is approved only for trials but his health deteriorates further. Another doctor whose license is revoked recommends another drug which is not approved but available across the border. After a period on the drugs his health improves. He figures out that he can make money selling the drugs and sets up the Dallas Buyers Club to sell them together with a trans woman Rayon. Ron is very homophobic but the club teaches him compassion towards gay people.


Love is Strange is a 2014 gay themed movie about an elderly same sex couple Ben and George. Ben is already retired whilst George is a music teacher in a catholic school. They live together in a Manhattan apartment.
After 39 years of being together they decide to get married publicly. They invite friends and family to witness their gay marriage and organize a party back at their apartment. News of their marriage get to George's school administration. The catholic archbishop in charge sees photos of their marriage on Facebook. George is summoned and told that he went against the Christian witness statement which he signed by taking a public position contrary to the catholic church. George is immediately dismissed.
George and Ben cannot afford to live in their apartment after the former's dismissal from work. Ben's pension is too small to cater for both.
They decide to sell the apartment and move to another place. They call their family and friends for a meeting at their apartment to explain their situation. They have to move in with some of them for the time being as they sell the apartment and find another place. At one time they are asked why they spent so much money on a honey moon given their financial situation. Ben gets taken in by his nephew Elliot who lives with his wife Kate and teenage son Joey. George goes to stay with Ted and Roberto who are a gay couple and both work as policemen.
George is having a hard time selling the apartment because of taxes and commissions they never anticipated. Finding an affordable apartment is no easier for them and they are forced to extend their stay at their respective hosts. Ted and Roberto frequently host parties at their house and George has to deal with the crowd and noise awake. Ben shares a bunk bed with Joey. Joey is uncomfortable with Ben because he is denying him privacy in his room. He has to ask his uncle Ben to move out so that he can study with his friend Vlad. One day Joey finds Vlad posing for a painting by Ben and he gets furious complaining that is so gay. The painting was Kate's idea to keep Ben busy so that he does not try to chat with her as she works. One day George is so frustrated when he finds a party at the house hosting him that he walks in the rain to Elliot's place. He emotionally hugs Ben crying because of the frustration. Joey is forced to sleep on the coach that day because George has taken the upper side of the bunk bed. Joey is not happy with that. George later writes a letter to the catholic school citing his dismissal as unfair.
Joey and his friend Vlad have been spending too much time together. Ben guesses they might be in love. Elliot suspects they are doing drugs and that Vlad is the bad influence. One day Vlad steals some French books in the library for both. They get in trouble and Elliot cancels Joey's upcoming school trip. Ben finds himself in the mess because he found the books and read them but did not know they were stolen to let them know on time. Attention is shifted to Ben when he falls down stairs while leaving the roof top with his paintings. His arm is injured and he has to put on a sling. The doctor tells him he fainted thus falling meaning it might be a heart problem.
Ted and Roberto have a party and George is sitting on the coach waiting for it to end. A young man comes over and sits on the coach. He begins to chat with George and discovers that coach is where he sleeps. He asks George if he is homeless. George explains his predicament and luckily the man is moving out of cheap apartment to go work in a museum in New Mexico. They make a deal and George begins the process of acquiring it. They go to an orchestra with Ben then later celebrate the apartment with some drinks.
Ben however passes away and George is left in the apartment. Joey brings over Ben's painting of Vlad which had survived his fall. George hangs it in the house.