This is a 2006 coming of age gay movie about Logan a 13 year old effeminate boy in junior high school. Logan only has one good friend from school who is a nerd obsessed with astronomy. Logan gets bullied around by other kids because of his effeminate look. At one point he gets punched by an older kid for looking at him too much though Logan was admiring him. Logan sees the counselor a lady who is quick to discover that Logan is actually gay. As Logan leaves her office he finds Rodeo the school's wrestling champion seated outside. Rodeo asks if he is in trouble and Logan tells him he was just seeing the counselor. Rodeo explains he is late and that is why he decided to seat outside. There has been cases of mountain lions coming around the school and so Logan asks why Rodeo is not wearing the wrist band. Rodeo explains he is not afraid of the lions because he has seen them. He promises to walk Logan in the woods to see them. The two start to regularly walk the woods in search of mountain lions and their friendship grows. Meanwhile Logan's single mother is having a problem with his absent mindedness around the house even with chores. Rodeo's girlfriend Kelly does not like Logan hanging with her boyfriend because she thinks it is weird. He tries to persuade Rodeo to stop walking with Logan. Logan is sexually attracted to Rodeo. He makes a plan in which he calls Rodeo pretending to be a girl named Leah. Through this he is able to lure Rodeo for sex in a cave even though he backs off after realizing Leah is actually Logan. He realizes Logan is gay and they stop walking together. Logan frustrated puts on ladies makeup with a wig and heads to the house of Rodeo's girlfriend Kelly. Kelly knows it is Logan despite the makeup. Logan asks Kelly if she thinks he has a chance with Rodeo and she explains he is not gay. After a short conversation Logan leaves for home where he calls his best friend Joey. Joey asks him if he is gay after seeing him in makeup and wig. At school Logan's locker has a paper stuck with anti gay slurs and a list of people who think he is gay. Logan's mother and the counselor and the only ones available to offer him support in his different identity. The counselor calls on a meeting to explain tolerance towards other people in the school.


Get Your Stuff is a 2000 film about Eric and Phil an affluent gay couple living in Beverly Hills. Eric is a lawyer whilst Phil is a gay couples counselor. They want to adopt a child especially a toddler. Social worker Gloria who is also their caseworker brings along two brothers one aged 12 and the other 8. Gloria wants someone to foster them for only a night as she finds an appropriate place for them. Eric's mother is present and very excited that she finally has grandchildren. Eric and Phil decide to do Gloria a favor and accept. 12 year old T.J. is foul mouthed and hardened. He keeps hurling anti gay slurs at the couple and will not obey anything they say. T.J. also has a drinking problem. Gloria cannot find an alternative place and the kids stay on. Meanwhile T.J. finally manages to get their drunken mother on phone. She comes over to see them and ends up staying over. Phil is willing to counsel the kids' mother cat but Eric wants her out. One day Cat comes back to the house drunk with a male stranger. The stranger threatens T.J. The kid gets a gun he had stolen somewhere and threatens to shoot the stranger. After the situation is contained T.J. runs away with the car and gun driving off into town where he is reported to police who arrest him. Phil and Eric go and pick him from the police and given a last warning. Eric cannot handle this anymore and he moves out to stay with another gay man citing privacy. Meanwhile Phil had already persuaded Eric to get Cat a job at his office as a receptionist. She however keeps swearing at callers. Phil finds it hard to live without Eric and is mentally stressed at one point taking it out on the couples he is counselling. Cat finds Eric's new address through a package at his office and they drive there with Phil. After some time Eric accepts to move back home. At this point Cat is reformed and Phil is handling the kids with ease. Cat loses his rights to the kids after a court ruling. Phil and Eric decide to permanently adopt the kids to avoid breaking them up.


O Fantasma is a 2000 Portuguese gay themed movie. The English title of the film is The Phantom. Sergio is a trash collector in Portugal's capital Lisbon. Sergio has very few friends and lives alone. A female co worker Fatima is attracted to him but Sergio keeps pushing her away. Sergio is gay and obsessed with casual sex with anonymous men. He works the night shift and likes to move around with a dog named Lorde. One morning while collecting trash he gets fascinated by a motorcycle and eventually its owner. Sergio is obsessed with Joao and begins to stalk him. Eventually Joao becomes the victim Sergio's sick and brutal sexual desires when he gets held as his prisoner in bondage.


This is a 2003 coming of age gay movie about an introverted teen named Duncan Mudge. Duncan has just lost his mother to a heart attack and now left with his father Edgar. Duncan is starting to behave weird. He carries and sleeps with a chicken who he associated with his late mother. He puts on his mother's clothing even to bed and imitates her voice. The local kids find him weird and isolate him. This changes when he starts to buy beer for the group. One of the group members Perry is fond of Duncan and even defends him from guys who make fun of him. Duncan is effeminate and his father does not like it. The father is forced to even burn all the late mother's clothing and force Duncan into hard work to make him a man. Meanwhile Duncan's relationship with Perry grows closer and one day Perry forces him into anal and oral sex in their garage. Duncan likes it and tries to turn this into a full relationship. To Perry this was a mistake one night stand. He realizes Duncan is actually gay and shoves him off violently. Perry tells the other friend and they abuse and bully Duncan for his homosexuality. Duncan bites off the head of his chicken in the process. He is greatly upset and returns home crying where his father hags him asking what happened.