Before Night Falls is a 2000 gay film based on the autobiography of Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas. Reinaldo was born and raised in Cuba's Orient province by his single mother and grandparents in 1943. Reinaldo moves to the capital Havana to continue with his studies. While in Havana Reinaldo explores his sexuality and is soon openly gay. He is also given a chance to publish his writings after receiving a honorary mention in a contest. His political writings and homosexuality make him a target of Castro's regime and it is not long before he is accused of molesting minors. He is imprisoned at El Morro. After being released he eventually manages to flee Cuba to New York where he moves in with his friend Lazaro. His joy is however short lived as he is diagnosed with AIDS. After battling with the disease for several years, Reinaldo takes his own life after intentionally overdosing on drugs and alcohol on December 7th 1990.