House of Boys is a 2009 gay movie about Frank. Frank is a gay teenager living with his mother, father and younger sister in Prologue, Luxembourg. Frank is a flamboyant gay boy. He engages in sex even within the school in toilets. He gets bullied around by other boys for being gay. Frank's father has noticed his coming of age is leaning towards homosexuality. He questions Frank about the ear ring and orders him to remove some sex posters on his car.
Frank leaves home without telling his parents with his best friend Rita. They go to Amsterdam where Frank goes drinking and partying all days. One day Rita comes looking for Frank at a club and informs him that she is leaving for another town where she found a job. She leaves Frank's bags there and tells him to find another place to stay or use the car. Frank runs around in the rain with his bags looking for somewhere. He comes across a place with a board outside advertising that they want dancers. The place is called House Of Boys and Frank goes in. He is all wet from the rain when he meets Jake inside. Jake introduces him to the owner of the all boy strip club a drag queen called Madame. Madame is assisted by Emma to run the joint. Other boys in the house are Angelo who is saving for a sex change operation in Singapore, Dean who is a punk, Herman a troubled kid and Frank's roommate Jake.
Frank is attracted to Jake. Jake tells him that he is straight and even has a girlfriend. Jake run away from home during childhood and has a picture of his late mother in the room. Jake's girlfriend comes in through the window at night and Frank has to sleep in Angelo's room during such days. Jake's girlfriend wants him to leave the house but he insists he needs the money for now and is saving so that they can go away together. During one of the shows Frank is dismayed to discover his crush Jake is sleeping with one of the male clients. Frank confronts Jake about it and he insists it is for the money. The client is a wealthy designer from New York and pays big. Jake even tells Frank that it is the client who actually penetrates him. During one of his sleepovers at Angelo's room Frank does it with Dean in the shower. Later Frank is given a chance to dance and he does such a good show. Some of the boys are jealous that he may be the new hottest boy now.
Meanwhile Jake looses his savings only for the girlfriend to tell him later that she took it to procure an abortion after a 7 week pregnancy. The girlfriend dumps him and Frank takes advantage of that to comfort him. Jake and Frank now start developing a relationship. Jake helps Frank out when he faints during a concert and they start getting intimate and falling in love.
Jake is loosing his manly touch in the dances and is no longer as good. Madame notes this and asks him to introduce Frank to a wealthy client for a private session. Jake insists they give the session together with Frank and Madame accepts. Frank and Jake go to a private room to entertain the man. Frank however drops on the floor and gets cut by glass. He is rushed to hospital. At the hospital he is treated for the cuts but the doctor also orders a blood test. The attending doctor is shocked by the outcome of his blood test. The results show he has almost no T-cell count in the blood. He tells his senior that it might be the so called gay cancer discovered in USA. The senior doctor does more tests including a second blood test and finds out that Jake actually has AIDS. He traces the wealthy designer from New York who Jake slept with. They discover he died of AIDS related cryptococcal  meningitis and he is the one who infected Jake.
Madame is worried the AIDS story will spoil his club's reputation and so he asks Jake to leave. Emma offers him to stay at her house. Frank moves in together. Jake's health continues to deteriorate and Kaposi Sarcoma covers his whole body. Madame cannot bring himself any close to Jake and keeps running when he tries to visit. Jake eventually falls too ill and is hospitalized. In his dreams it is revealed that his mother died when he was a young boy. The father used to sexually abuse him in the pretext of removing the sin from Jake.
Jake eventually dies. Frank and Jake's girlfriend travel to Morocco where they scatter his ashes in the sea there.