Love is Strange is a 2014 gay themed movie about an elderly same sex couple Ben and George. Ben is already retired whilst George is a music teacher in a catholic school. They live together in a Manhattan apartment.
After 39 years of being together they decide to get married publicly. They invite friends and family to witness their gay marriage and organize a party back at their apartment. News of their marriage get to George's school administration. The catholic archbishop in charge sees photos of their marriage on Facebook. George is summoned and told that he went against the Christian witness statement which he signed by taking a public position contrary to the catholic church. George is immediately dismissed.
George and Ben cannot afford to live in their apartment after the former's dismissal from work. Ben's pension is too small to cater for both.
They decide to sell the apartment and move to another place. They call their family and friends for a meeting at their apartment to explain their situation. They have to move in with some of them for the time being as they sell the apartment and find another place. At one time they are asked why they spent so much money on a honey moon given their financial situation. Ben gets taken in by his nephew Elliot who lives with his wife Kate and teenage son Joey. George goes to stay with Ted and Roberto who are a gay couple and both work as policemen.
George is having a hard time selling the apartment because of taxes and commissions they never anticipated. Finding an affordable apartment is no easier for them and they are forced to extend their stay at their respective hosts. Ted and Roberto frequently host parties at their house and George has to deal with the crowd and noise awake. Ben shares a bunk bed with Joey. Joey is uncomfortable with Ben because he is denying him privacy in his room. He has to ask his uncle Ben to move out so that he can study with his friend Vlad. One day Joey finds Vlad posing for a painting by Ben and he gets furious complaining that is so gay. The painting was Kate's idea to keep Ben busy so that he does not try to chat with her as she works. One day George is so frustrated when he finds a party at the house hosting him that he walks in the rain to Elliot's place. He emotionally hugs Ben crying because of the frustration. Joey is forced to sleep on the coach that day because George has taken the upper side of the bunk bed. Joey is not happy with that. George later writes a letter to the catholic school citing his dismissal as unfair.
Joey and his friend Vlad have been spending too much time together. Ben guesses they might be in love. Elliot suspects they are doing drugs and that Vlad is the bad influence. One day Vlad steals some French books in the library for both. They get in trouble and Elliot cancels Joey's upcoming school trip. Ben finds himself in the mess because he found the books and read them but did not know they were stolen to let them know on time. Attention is shifted to Ben when he falls down stairs while leaving the roof top with his paintings. His arm is injured and he has to put on a sling. The doctor tells him he fainted thus falling meaning it might be a heart problem.
Ted and Roberto have a party and George is sitting on the coach waiting for it to end. A young man comes over and sits on the coach. He begins to chat with George and discovers that coach is where he sleeps. He asks George if he is homeless. George explains his predicament and luckily the man is moving out of cheap apartment to go work in a museum in New Mexico. They make a deal and George begins the process of acquiring it. They go to an orchestra with Ben then later celebrate the apartment with some drinks.
Ben however passes away and George is left in the apartment. Joey brings over Ben's painting of Vlad which had survived his fall. George hangs it in the house.