No Night Is Too Long is a 2002 gay movie. Tim Cornish is a final year student at University of Warwickshire. Tim is especially promiscuous with girls just like any other heterosexual male. One day he however spots a man looking at him. He gets obsessed with the man and one day follows him on the elevator. The man kisses him and goes away. Tim continues to pursue him and meets him in his university office. He is a paleontology lecturer in the same University. His name is Ivo Steadman.
During Christmas Tim feels lonely. His father had died over the year and mother suffered a stroke which left her not mentally sound. However on new year eve Ivo shows up and they end up engaging in sex the whole night. Tim is bisexual.
When school resumes Tim begins spending more time at Ivo's place. They become gay lovers. When the semester nears the end Tim asks Ivo if he can also go to Alaska with him. Ivo goes on summer to Alaska to lecture on cruise ships exploring the region. Ivo refuses but later accepts. Tim visits the library to read books on Alaska. He meets a first year student who they chat and end up sleeping together. He tells Ivo about it and they fight. Tim immediately looses his love for Ivo but they go on their Alaska trip as scheduled.
In Alaska Ivo is forced to go on a 10 day cruise the next day. He leaves Tim alone. Tim falls for a lady named Isabel. Isabel works at an elementary school. Tim falls in love and writes her a love letter. All this time Ivo has been writing without Tim replying. Isabel falls for Tim and they end up having a romantic relationship which includes sex. She however asks him to keep it a secret. Isabel however leaves for Vancouver before Ivo is back to Tim's disappointment.
Ivo comes back and complains why Tim never replied his letters. Tim's mind is on Isabel. They leave together for the next cruise. In the ship Tim rejects Ivo's sexual advances even locking the door with a chair. Tim later explains to Ivo that he is no longer in love. He tells him about Isabel and how he plans to leave for Vancouver. They get into a fight and Ivo almost chokes him to death.
During the last day of the cruise they visit a rocky island. Tim and Ivo argue about their relationship in a secluded place. They get into a fight and Tim pushes Ivo onto a rock which knocks him unconscious. He seems dead and so Tim runs off scared and covers up so that no one in the ship knows he is missing.
Back at their hotel he uses Ivo's money to get a flight to Vancouver. In Vancouver he notices he left Isabel's card in the Jacket Ivo died wearing. He tries all he can to track Isabel down but in vain. He ends up engaging in random sex with gay men in the city. He keeps seeing ghosts of Ivo appearing everywhere due to the guilt that he killed him.
Ivo shows up at Isabel's house. He is invited in by Isabel's husband. He explains how Tim left him for dead on the island and was only saved after one of his colleagues became suspicious and went back to the island. He says Tim was leaving him dead to be with his sister Isabel. Tim never knew Isabel was Ivo's sister. Ivo and Isabel get into a fight over it.
Ivo continues to write scary letters to Tim who thinks it must be a ghost because he is dead. One day Ivo comes to Tim's town for the opera. He meets him on the streets running and shaken. In the house he tells him that Isabel is the sister. As he leaves Tim insists he wears his jacket and keep it. He wears it. He gets stabbed to death on the road while leaving. Police investigating find he was stabbed by Thierry who is Tim's gay lover. Tim had earlier told him of a safe in the house where he keeps his money back when he was a gay prostitute in Vancouver. Thierry thought Ivo was Tim because of the jacket and wanted to take his keys and steal the money.