Heartbeats is a 2010 gay themed movie about two people of the opposite sex who fall for the same man. Francis and Marie are long time friends. Francis is gay. They meet a young man named Nicolas at a party. They both harbor intimate feelings for Nicolas albeit secretly. They both begin interacting with Nicolas more often over a course of several weeks. They both fall in love with him and begin competing for his affection. Non of them however makes his feelings known to Nicolas. Marie and Francis begin to fight over Nicolas and their friendship goes adrift. Nicolas gets fed up by their jealousy and leaves their company. Francis later approaches Nicolas and eventually lets him know the homosexual feelings he has towards him. Nicolas is shocked and asks Francis how he could think that he was gay. Francis is heartbroken. Marie also approaches him later to talk about a love letter he had sent him but Nicolas treats her with dismiss. Marie and Francis decide to mend their friendship and not to let Nicolas come in between them. They begin to ignore him even in public.


The Graffiti Artist is a 2004 gay film about a love affair on the streets between two male artists. Nick is a young gay man who spends his time spraying graffiti on abandoned buildings in Portland. He is a loner until he meets another graffiti artist like him called Jesse. The two become good friends which later becomes an intimate homosexual affair. Jesse is not comfortable with the homosexual incident and runs off leaving Nick back in the streets homeless.


C.R.A.Z.Y. is a 2005 gay movie about a young boy later man struggling with his homosexuality. Zac is the fourth born in a family of five sons. Zac is special to his mother especially considering he was born on Christmas day. Zac's father is a macho man who wants to see his boys grow up to be masculine and tough. His relationship with Zac changes when he sees him in his mother's clothing. Zac later begins a relationship with a girl named Michelle and his father is happy that he is not gay. He however spots Zac with another man. He orders Zac to attend therapy to cure him from homosexuality. Zac's relationship with Michelle grows until during a brother's wedding when he is accused of kissing another man. His father asks him to leave. Zac only comes back after his brother dies from a drug overdose. It dawns on his father that life is limited and he makes up with Zac.


Lucky Blue is a 2007 short gay movie about two boys from different backgrounds who meet over summer and fall in love. Olle is a quiet boy who has been camping on the same spot for several years with his dad over summer. Barbro always joins them. One summer Barbro comes over with her nephew Kevin. Kevin is an outgoing city boy with a pet bird named Lucky Blue. Olle is preparing a karaoke stand and they get to catch up with Kevin who helps out. One night while drunk Kevin kisses Olle. Kevin is however in denial of his homosexuality and next day he prefers not to talk about it. He avoids Olle who has already developed gay feelings for him. On the night of the karaoke and dance Kevin gets drunk and goes to seduce Olle again. They kiss. Olle goes and sings a love song at the karaoke probably dedicated to Kevin. Kevin decides to stay with Olle for the summer.


Howl is a 2010 gay film about Allen Ginsberg who was one of the greatest poets of the 20th century. Allen was gay and struggled with homosexuality given the laws and acceptance at the time. He first came out as gay to Jack who he met in college. His love for Jack made him to begin writing poems. The poems were later published into a book called Howl. Some people saw the book as promoting homosexuality and lacking literal value. A case was lodged in the court accusing the publisher of selling obscene material. The judge finds that although the book might be vulgar the words are important for the context of the poem. He finds the defendant not guilty of obscenity. Allen's biggest fear was his dad reading the poems and what he would think about them. Allen later embraced his homosexuality after years of denial and mental illness. He lived the rest of his life with his gay partner Peter.


This is a 2004 short gay themed comedy with sexual innuendos. Billy is a school going boy who has to write an essay for the upcoming career day in school. He is not sure if he wants to be a policeman or cowboy when he grows up. His father who is a lead supervisor in a local candy factory tries to explain his work to Billy. The explanation alludes to the fact that Billy's dad is a fudge packer in the factory. Fudge packer in modern slang means a man who has anal sex with another. It is usually meant to be derogatory to gay men. The film also shows the generosity a neighborhood lady has towards Billy's mother. It alludes that the woman is a lesbian who engages in homosexual acts with neighborhood housewives.


Jet Boy is a 2001 gay themed film about the relationship between an undercover police detective and a 12 year old homeless boy. Nathan is a 12 year old gay boy who lives with his drug addict mother. Nathan has to prostitute himself through a pimp called Jordan to get money for their upkeep. He also buys his mother her drugs with money from his gay prostitution. One day Nathan's mother takes an overdose and dies.
Nathan runs off to escape child services. He meets an undercover police officer who wants help in bursting a drug dealer. Nathan refuses to give him the number he wants until he takes him to Vancouver to see his father. The two get acquainted with each other well. Boon Palmer the cop stops over his hometown to see his ailing father. Boon also meets a former girlfriend named Schuyler and they end up staying longer. Nathan develops a friendship with Lloyd the son to Schuyler. Lloyd is gay and makes a move at Nathan who rejects it because of memories of gay men he has slept with. Nathan also has a crush on Boon who he thinks is a drug dealer. Nathan tries to make sexual advances on Boon several times. He gets jealous of Boon's relationship with the lady and runs off. Boon if forced to leave for the drug burst without him.
During the drug burst Boon spots Nathan prostituting himself on a street. He manages to see the vehicle he goes with. Nathan goes to a hotel with an old man who wants to have sex. Nathan is hesitant and locks himself in the bathroom to his client's dismay. Boon spots the car during the burst and goes in to save Nathan. The burst happens as they are outside the hotel leaving when police cars surround them. Nathan is surprised to know Boon is an undercover cop. Boon heads back to Schuyler's house with Nathan probably to settle down and give the boy a better life. Nathan has never known who his biological father is. He once asked the mother who answered that she does not know.


Dream Boy is a 2008 gay movie about two teenage boys who fall in love amidst the tragic life of one of them. Nathan Davies is a 15 year old boy who has just moved in with his parents in a rural area called St. Francesville. He begins to attend St. Patrick Parish School. The school bus driver is a kid next door a year older than Nathan called Roy. Roy also attends the same school and they become friends with Nathan.
Roy asks Nathan to help him with his English homework. They soon begin hanging out more regularly. Nathan makes a homosexual move on Roy. Roy hesitates but agrees and they soon begin a gay sexual affair. Roy begins inviting Nathan to go out with his friends Burke and Randy. Nathan's dad is not comfortable with his absence in the house due to Roy's company. His mother is more willing to let him make friends. One day he comes back late and his father confronts him. That night his father tries to come into his bed but he runs out of the house to lie in the woods. It is revealed his father has been sexually abusing him and the mother seems to know.
Nathan continues to stay outside to avoid his father. Roy gets him a place in their compound to sleep. Roy invites him to go camping with Burke and Randy in the woods. While in the woods Nathan and Roy make love in their tent. Nathan gives Roy oral sex which the latter also does. Next day they go into an abandoned building in the woods at night. It is rumored to be haunted. Nathan sees ghosts of his father calling and touching him. He feels as if he has been in that house before. His father might have sexually abused him while he was a little boy in the same house. Roy takes him into a room and goes on his knees to give him oral sex. Randy and Burke catch them in the act and are shocked. Roy goes off upset. Burke later comes and hits Nathan unconscious and takes him upstairs. Burke rapes Nathan then hits him on the head after that. Nathan dies. Roy is depressed by the loss of his lover.


Eden is a 2014 short gay movie about a government facility called Eden Institute where gay people are incarcerated and treated to cure them from homosexuality. They are given pills and electroconvulsive therapy. Two young patients in the facility are gay lovers. They promise each other not to get cured so that they can continue to love each other. They also plan to escape. A nurse aides one of them to escape. One manages but the other is shot and injured in the attempt. They later experience a new life outside the facility.


Johns is a 1996 gay movie which tells the plight of John a gay prostitute at Santa Monica Boulevard. It is Christmas eve and John's birthday is next day on Christmas. He is turning 21 and plans to make the day special by sleeping in a posh hotel named Park Plaza. His shoes are however stolen while asleep outdoors. His money was in the shoes. He also sold drugs for a dealer and kept the 300$. The dealer named Jimmy the Warlock is looking for him to recover the cash.
John's friend Donner is also a younger gay prostitute new to the streets. He was chased away from home by his dad after he came out. His dad is a doctor and will not allow him back as long as he is gay. He tries to help John out. He gets a deal from an uncle for them to work as lifeguards in an establishment he manages in Branson, Missouri. He also hustles and pays off John's debt to Jimmy the Warlock. They plan to save up for the bus tickets and travel expenses. John goes out of his way to raise the cash including blackmailing and stealing from his clients.
On the night before they travel John hands over his money to Donner and goes off with a client. John is excited this will be his last prostitution job ever. They get to the house and he dances then gives the man oral sex. The man calls himself John and is a stammerer. He is in denial about his sexual orientation. He confronts John in the bathroom with guilt after the oral sex saying he is not a faggot. He beats John up. Donner goes looking for John when he fails to show up. He finds his bloody lifeless body in the guest house bathroom. He laments revealing that he even stole John's shoes initially to try and save his life. Donner leaves for Missouri alone wearing John's shoes.


Fighting Tommy Riley is a 2004 gay themed movie about the relationship between a boxer and his gay trainer. Marty Goldberg is a former marine corps boxer. He is now a high school teacher. He runs a boxing business with a lady named Diane. Marty suffers from anxiety, insomnia and depression. He is on pills to manage these conditions.
Diane takes Marty to a gym to scout for boxing talent. He identifies Tommy Riley a young boxer who has almost quit on his life. Tommy previously trained with his step father and even participated in the Olympic trials. Tommy was not in good terms with him and was kicked out after losing. He now lives in depression. His relationship with Stephanie is also rocky.
Marty begins to train him. Marty and Tommy grow very close to each other. Marty takes Tommy to his cabin in the woods to train for an upcoming boxing match. The training goes on smoothly and they continue to bond more closely. This changes one day as Marty is giving Tommy a sports massage after training. Marty gets carried away by his homosexual feelings towards Tommy and touches him inappropriately. Tommy is shocked and questions Marty about it. Marty apologizes and Tommy decides to dismiss it as an accident.
Tommy goes ahead to win the boxing match under Marty's training. He gets a 1 million dollar deal with a renown agent. He refuses to take it insisting he cannot leave Marty. The agent reminds Tommy that Marty is not fit partly because of his reputation as a homosexual. Marty intentionally injured his hand after he was threatened with exposure for being gay. He used this as an excuse to quit boxing and escape the homophobic humiliation that might have followed. He has been struggling with his homosexuality and that past ever since. Marty tries to convince Tommy to take up the deal. He gets into a fight with Tommy who later comes back to apologize even offering himself for sex to Marty. Marty is upset by this and chases Tommy away. Marty later commits suicide by taking an overdose of his medication pills. Tommy is upset and depressed by Marty's death. He takes up the deal Marty had pleaded with him to accept.


Something For Everyone is a 1970 film revolving around the schemes of a young bisexual man. Konrad is a handsome young man looking for work in a new place. He plans to make it big and begins to scheme his way up the social ladder.
He tricks his way to become the chauffeur of the Pleschke's who are a rich family. Their daughter Anneliesse has a crush on him. Konrad begins an intimate relationship with her secretly. Using his earnings he gets a footman named Rudolph drunk and then pushes him onto an oncoming train killing him on the spot. It looks like an accident. Rudolph was the footman to the Ornstein's a renown and respected family. He manages to take Rudolph's place as the new footman. Countess Herthe is a widow whose fortunes have dwindled. Her son Helmuth is gay and has a crush on Konrad. The daughter Lotte is weird but very intelligent.
Konrad plays his tricks and is eventually in charge of the whole household. He continues his affair with Anneliesse Pleschke and the homosexual affair with Helmuth. He proposes to Countess Herthe a plan to get Anneliesse and Helmuth married so that they can benefit from the Pleschke's great wealth. They go ahead with the plan even though Helmuth is very uncomfortable because he is gay. The much needed money comes in but the relationship between Helmuth and Anneliesse cannot be. Anneliesse catches Helmuth and Konrad kissing. She breaks down as Konrad is driving her together with the parents. He intentionally crushes the car killing them all. All the fortunes as per the will remain with the Ornstein's.
Countess Herthe is very glad for Konrad's help. She begins to sleep with him and eventually asks him to marry her. Helmuth is upset because of their gay affair. Lotte however knows all of Konrad's schemes and how he executed them. She blackmails him into marrying her against everybody's interests.


We Are Animals is a 2013 short gay film about extreme government measures to control the spread of AIDS within homosexual populations. A CDC study reveals homosexual lifestyle has triggered an epidemic among gay men. The government is using drugs to suppress sex libido among gay men and also castrating them. This is meant to protect the healthy heterosexual population.
A radical gay organization called Pink Panther is sabotaging this extreme government measures. It has managed to free gay men incarcerated in government facilities. The government plans to come up with a policy to eliminate the homosexual problem once and for all. It will be the final solution.


Toast is a 2010 film which is an autobiography of Nigel Slater a once famous British food writer and TV personality who is also gay. The story in the movie is based on his childhood memories.
Nigel is 9 years old. His mother suffers from Asthma and his dad a factory owner has a temper. Nigel hates his mother's cooking. He wishes they could at least buy fresh produce instead of canned. Nigel's mother later dies from the breathing difficulties.
Mrs Potter is hired to assist in the house chores. Nigel does not like her but she is a great cook. In high school Nigel takes up a home economics subject unlike other boys. He begins to cook food and take it home to try and compete with Mrs. Potter who by now is his father's wife. At 16 he begins a part time job cooking at a restaurant where he meets a young man named Stewart. He develops a homosexual crush on Stewart.
Nigel's father dies. He does not want to live with Mrs Potter and so he decides to leave. He goes and seeks a job in a kitchen as a cook. He later grows to be a famous British food writer and TV personality.


Speedway Junky is a 1999 gay movie about the relationship between a teenage heterosexual boy and a young hustler. Johnny is a teenager who is supposed to be in school but has run away from home to pursue his dream of becoming a race car driver in Charlotte. He likes gambling and in Las Vegas he gets all his money stolen by a girl while in a casino. He goes into the streets with no money and somewhere to stay. He is approached by a boy in a group who sees him trying to get help from a lady. They chat a little and the boys go their way. In the morning he is picked up by a man who promises to buy him breakfast. After breakfast the man promises him some work for pay at his house. On their way there the man makes homosexual advances at Johnny and he freaks out and leaves the vehicle. He forgets his bag and meets the same boy they had a chat with. The boy's name is Eric and he also knows the old gay man.
Eric introduces Johnny to his friends all of who do illegal things to survive including prostitution. Eric takes Johnny to Veronica's house for the night. He however has a crush on Johnny and tries to kiss him. Johnny is homophobic and freaks out leaving him in the house. In the streets he goes home with a young lady. The lady's boyfriend however finds them and beats Johnny senseless. Johnny is spotted unconscious by Melanie and Kelly who are Eric's friends. They tell Eric who takes him to his house. He wakes up at Eric's house. They go on to develop a tight relationship. Eric makes it clear that he is gay. Johnny insists he is totally straight but is now okay with Eric's homosexuality.
Johnny begins to prostitute himself to women and girls in order to make some money. One day on the streets he gets thrown a packet of drugs by a junky running away from the police. He keeps them at the house. The junky however comes for them after he is released. Johnny however cannot find them. He holds a gun on Johnny and asks Eric to go find him drugs. Eric goes off to Veronica's house and finds her boyfriend's gun unattended. He steals it and goes back to his house to confront the junky. He mistakenly thinks Johnny has been shot and gets into a gun fight with him. He shoots him dead. He also gets injured and dies soon later in Johnny's arms on the street. Johnny runs away.
At a bus station Johnny tries his luck on a gambling machine and gets lucky. He uses the proceeds to buy a bus ticket to Charlotte North Carolina. He manages to get live his dream of racing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.


The Sum Of Us is a 1994 Australian gay movie about a father and his gay son who are living together. Harry Mitchell is a widower who lives in the same house with his son Jeff Mitchell. Jeff is gay and out to his dad. He is 24 years old and plays American football. His father does most of the house chores including cooking.
One day Jeff goes out on a Friday night to meet a date. He meets Greg in a gay club. After getting to know each other Jeff asks Greg to go home with him. Greg agrees. Greg is surprised Jeff's father is in the house. Greg is not out to his parents. Harry gets to know Greg as they talk. He even shows him some gay magazines he got for Jeff. Greg later leaves in the night.
Harry has been using a dating service to try and meet a partner. He gets hooked up with Joyce Johnson. They meet and Harry takes her out to different places. Joyce loves Harry's company. Harry proposes but she declines insisting it is too early. On new year night she visits Harry's house for the first time. Jeff is out. She comes across some gay magazines and confronts Harry about it. Harry explains she bought them for Jeff his son because he is gay. She is shocked and upset that Harry is encouraging homosexuality. She is even more upset that Harry hid such important information about his son's sexuality from her. She leaves. Harry sees her driving off after his pleas fail. He stands there until the new year fireworks start blazing. He collapses on the tarmac. He is hospitalized and doctors tell Jeff he suffered a stroke.
Greg attends a gay pride parade. His parents see him dancing in the parade on television. His dad is disgusted. In the morning when he returns his dad confronts him. He is kicked out of the house.
Jeff has to take care of his dad full time because the stroke left him paralyzed. On several occasions he meets Greg. With the father's permission he asks Greg to move in with him.


When I'm Sixty-Four is a British gay movie about two old men who fall in love with each other. Jim is a teacher at a school but has hit the age of 65 which means he has to retire. He has spent almost all his life in that school. He started there as a student at 8 years of age. A man around his age picks him up with a taxi. The man's name is Ray. Jim asks to be taken to a clinic instead of the earlier planned airport. Ray drops him off. Ray arrives home and realizes Jim left his jacket in the car. In it is a diary written things he must do before death. Number one is see the world and number two is fall in love. Ray lost his wife to cancer eight years back. His two children a son and daughter are married with children and come to visit him sometimes. He is however lonely.
Ray takes the jacket to the clinic. The receptionist shows him to Jim's room. He finds Jim was having a nose job done on him. They exchange numbers. Jim calls Ray to take him to his father's house. On arrival they find him collapsed on the lawn. They rush him to hospital. Jim's plans for a trip to Botswana are interrupted by his dad's health.
Ray and Jim continue to bond. Jim has a crisis over his looks and age. He wants to experience life before his death. He takes Ray along for shopping. Jim has saved almost 200,000 pounds because he almost had no expenses while in school. Ray is a football hooligan who is lonely and sad especially after his friend was diagnosed with cancer. Jim must be gay as he makes homosexual advances at Ray. Ray resists but later agrees. They begin an intimate relationship. Ray's son notices the two. He tells the sister and they confront Ray asking if he is gay. The son is especially upset that his dad might be queer. Ray denies it and lies. Ray and Jim however continue meeting. Jim decides to take the trip to Botswana and Ray joins him just before he leaves.


Clapham Junction is a 2007 British television gay movie. It was produced to mark the 40th anniversary of decriminalization of homosexuality in Wales and England. This movie follows several gay characters over a period of just over a day and the happy and tragic events that they encounter.
Gavin and Will are two gay men who are having a same sex wedding ceremony. Gavin is a doctor by profession. Will is however trying to get intimate with Alfie who is a waiter at the ceremony. He even removes his ring and secretly puts it in Alfie'e pocket wrapped in a paper containing his contact information.
Theo a 14 year old school kid is stalking his neighbor Tim. Rumors has it that Tim has previously been convicted of molesting minors. Theo is gay and he manages to seduce Tim into sex.
Robin goes cruising in public toilets. He spots a gay man but they do not get and opportunity to have sex. Robin is later surprised when the man shows up at a friend's dinner. The man is called Julian and is married.
While at the dinner where Theo's parents are also present an ambulance and police car turn up. They have come for Alfie who was chased down by some homophobic men and gay bashed. Alfie later dies from his injuries.


A Silent Truth is a 2012 short gay movie about Ian Foster. Ian is celebrating his 14th birthday. His mother has organized a party where his friends and her friends are present. Jason and Tonya have come with their gay son Tyler. Ian's mother is shocked they would be okay with their son being a homosexual. Ian's mother hopes his son's relationship with a girl named Jessica will later in life lead to marriage. Ian's two friends are homophobic and like making fun of gay boys. Ian is secretly gay and cries alone in the bathroom about it. He also writes a story about his plight. One day he asks his mother for permission to go meet Jessica and Tyler. His mother asks him to keep a safe distance from Tyler because he is queer. She insists God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. He meets them and after chatting they take Tyler to the pride center. At the pride center Ian implies that God does not like gay people. A woman there is upset and explains it all to him. Jessica leaves Tyler and Ian together as she heads home. Ian asks Tyler about how he deals with being openly gay. Tyler explains the picking on in school, discrimination and acceptance. They part ways and Ian comes across his straight homophobic friends. They tell him that they have spotted him entering the gay pride offices and walking with Tyler. They beat him up and say they will tell everybody that he is gay. Ian's small brother sees and hears everything. Ian asks him to keep quiet about it. Ian is depressed and refuses to talk to his mother about it. He meets Jessica and explains that he is gay. He explains what happened. He says how he prayed to God to turn him straight but it was all in vain. He is afraid of what his mother will think of him as a homosexual. Ian writes a letter meant for his mother. It however drops at the table and she reads it. In the letter Ian explains his homosexuality. Her mother is upset and even asks him to leave the house. Ian overhears her saying it would have been better if he were not born. Ian takes an overdose of pills to commit suicide. He is rushed to hospital and saved. They later bond with his mother who has by now accepted his homosexuality. He attends counselling and continues with life a happier gay boy.


Doing Time On Maple Drive is a 1992 gay movie about Matt Carter. Matt is a young man who has been very successful in his education and has even made it to Yale. His family is very proud of him. He also plans to marry Allison a young lady from a rich family. He met her at Yale.
Lisa and Phil Carter are Matt's parents. They are excited as Matt is coming with Allison home. They are already engaged and preparing for a wedding. The whole family is there to welcome them including Matt's siblings Tim and Karen. Allison learns about the family during her stay. She also sees Matt's history from video tapes and photographs. She has always been suspicious of Matt's sexuality. She gets curious when she watches a video of Kyle one of Matt's past friends. Kyle talks too passionately about Matt. She later comes across a letter from Kyle to Matt and it confirms her suspicions that Matt is gay. She wakes up early to tell Matt that she cannot continue with the engagement because he is gay. Matt pleads with her but she leaves.
Matt lies to his family about why Allison left early. He even goes ahead to attend his bachelor party. He is however distressed. He deliberately drives his car into a tree on his way from the party probably in an attempt to commit suicide. He however survives with light injuries and lies to the family that it was an accident. While in the hospital bed Kyle brings him flowers. Lisa sees him as he leaves. She once caught Kyle and Matt in a compromising state years before. She sees the flowers from Kyle and runs off but keeps quiet.
Lisa finds a letter from Allison in the house to Matt implying she has abandoned the wedding plans. Lisa confronts Matt in front of  the whole family. Matt is upset and admits he is gay insisting the mother has always known. Lisa cannot bear the fact that Matt is gay. His father Phil takes is hard but much better. He asks Matt to promise never to attempt suicide. He also tries to give him some advice on being gay and tells him that Alexander the great was a good General who was also a homosexual.


This is a 1990 gay TV movie which is a biography of actor Rock Hudson. Rock shows up at the offices of an agent named Henry Willson. Henry promises to make him a Hollywood star and changes his names to Rock Hudson. Henry becomes Hudson's agent and quickly introduces him to film directors who get him roles in several productions. He gets a contract with Universal Productions and moves to Hollywood with his gay boyfriend Tim. Henry asks Hudson to be secretive about his homosexuality. In the process Tim is alienated from most of Hudson's activities and he eventually moves out. Hudson marries a lady named Phyllis Gates to further hide his homosexuality. His denial however drives him into depression and alcoholism. Phyllis ends up getting a divorce after discovering Hudson is gay and that he has been sleeping with men even while they were married.
Hudson feels Henry is controlling and limiting his gay lifestyle. He fires him. He starts concentrating on his own ideas. He meets Marc Christian who helps him transfer music in old records into tape without scratches. He is amazed and they end up in an intimate homosexual relationship. Hudson however begins to rapidly loose weight. In hospital he is told a spot he thinks is a mole on the skin is actually a form of cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma. It usually gets people with compromised immune systems. He is given the bad news that he has AIDS. Fearing he will loose popularity he asks his secretary Mark Miller to keep it a secret even from his boyfriend Marc Christian. He travels to Paris to secretly be put on some experimental treatment for AIDS. He returns back to USA because of work. Christian pressures him to say what is going on but he says he has been tested and is alright. He however gets too sick and faints and it is announced that he has AIDS. He later dies on October 2 1985.
Marc Christian sued Rock Hudson and Mark Miller for not telling him that he was at risk of being infected with AIDS. The jury voted in his favor and he was awarded damages.


Blackbird is a 2014 black gay movie about Randy Rousseau a high school boy coming of age with his homosexuality. Randy is a devoted christian and leads the choir in the church. He is however struggling with wet dreams which are of a homosexual nature. He keeps praying to God to make the dreams and thoughts stop. He lives with his mother who has been ill and depressed since her daughter Chrissie Rousseau was abducted in a shopping mall never to be seen again.
Efrem and Crystal are Randy's best friends. He talks to them a little about his problems. They insist he must be gay annoying him even further. Randy believes being gay is a sin. He struggles with the denial.
One day Randy auditions for a play. There he meets Marshall a white gay boy. They are playing a part together. Marshall likes Randy. Randy however keeps insisting that he is heterosexual. One day Marshall takes him to a gay cruising area in the town. While there he spots Efrem having Random sex with another man. He is shocked and asks Marshall to take him home. Once at home he calls Crystal to book a sex date in order to prove he is straight. Crystal comes over that Sunday after church but Randy is not sexually attracted to her. Crystal only forces herself into him.
Efrem contracts a sexually transmitted infection. Randy and his father Lance take him to a hospital outside town. Lance thinks Randy is gay. Randy denies it. Lance however talks to Randy about it and lets him know that it is okay to be gay. Efrem gets treated with antibiotics and tests negative for HIV.
Marshall drives Randy home from their play rehearsals. Randy one day gets overwhelmed with his homosexual feelings. He begins to make out with Marshall outside their house. His mother sees it and crushes the vehicle's window and orders Randy into the house. Once in the house she blames Randy for bringing a sin into the house. She says her daughter is missing because of Randy's homosexuality. She calls a pastor to deliver Randy from homosexuality. They take him to church and pray hard.
The deliverance does not work and Randy is tired of fighting his sexuality. He goes to Marshall's house and they have sex. Returning home they are given the news that police have found their long lost Chrissie. She comes back home. Randy's mother accepts Randy's gay lifestyle after learning about God and love.


The Lost language Of Cranes is a 1991 gay themed movie about a father and his son who are both gay. Philip Benjamin is a young gay man already in a homosexual relationship with another man named Elliot. Philip feels fed up hiding this secret from his parents. He tells Elliot that he wants to come out to his parents. Philip's parents Owen and Rose are also having problems back home. They are supposed to leave their house soon and Owen is yet to find another one. Owen is also in a crisis. He is secretly gay and has been visiting gay cinemas to meet other men. Philip eventually goes home and comes out to Owen and Rose. Owen his father keeps quiet the whole time. Rose is upset. When Philip leaves Owen sobs until he locks himself in the bathroom probably because he realizes that he is like the son. Philip later on meets his dad for dinner. His father wants to know about his sexual life. Philip finds it awkward but explains it anyway. His dad promises to hook him up with a charming American from his office. He has invited the American over for dinner at his home. Meanwhile Owen also visits a gay club where he meets a man almost the same age as him. He goes with him to his house and they engage in sex. He returns back home very late. Philip goes home for the dinner. He tells Rose what the dinner is about and she is upset. Owen arrives with Winston and they take dinner at the table chatting away. Philip later leaves together with Winston but learns he is as straight as a dice. Rose confronts Owen about the dinner. Owen reveals his homosexuality. He explains how he has always sexually preferred men. Rose is upset his husband and son are both gay. She is also upset Owen is implying their whole marriage has been a joke. Owen leaves the house at night and heads to Philip's house. He calls Philip who is at his lover's house. Philip comes over. His dad explains that he is also gay and that he met a man the other day. Philip leaves his dad to sleep in his house.


It's My Party is a 1996 gay movie about the last few days of a gay man dying from AIDS. Brandon Theis and Nick Stark are two gay men in a romantic relationship. They have lived together for 8 years. Nick is an architect while Brandon is a film director. One day Nick goes to Dr. Dave for a checkup because of a persistent flu. He tests positive for HIV. He gives Brandon the news. Brandon gets tested and results come back negative for HIV. They are a discordant gay couple. Brandon and Nick begin to have social misunderstandings in the house. Brandon eventually asks Nick to move out. Nick moves out. He begins to have a problem of dropping things accidentally and forgetfulness. He visits Dr. Dave and a scan reveals he has Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy in short called PML. PML usually affects people with suppressed immune systems such as AIDS patients. PML progresses quickly and Nick has a short time before he looses all his memory. Nick organizes a party to bid farewell to everyone. He plans to commit suicide before he can turn into a vegetable and die a long agonizing death. His mother Amalia shows up. She is upset when Nick explains nothing can be done as it is the same disease their gay friend Jim died from. Brandon is convinced to go see Nick. On his way there he remembers their friend Joe who had AIDS with Kaposi Sarcoma lesions all over his body. They helped him take pills to die but when the pills didn't kill him they had to do it physically. Nick has only around 4 days before he looses his memory and becomes dysfunctional. Brandon shows up and everybody is upset because they had a bitter break up with Nick. Paul who is Nick's father also shows up upsetting Amalia who they broke up years before. Brandon talks to Nick but it is a tense speech. He later that night drives off upset. Next day Nick's eyesight is getting worse. He can barely see anything. Loss of sight is one of the symptoms of PML. Brandon comes over. They go with Nick to a house. It is the last one he ever designed. There they talk about their life and breakup. At night Nick walks Brandon to some horses they owned. Brandon thought he had sold them. Nick later takes his suicide pills in front of Brandon and Tony his caretaker. He chats with Brandon and they kiss. He also talks a little with his mother asking her to quit smoking. He later dozes off and Brandon carries him to bed. He dies there.


The Man I Love is a 1997 French gay movie with the original French title L'homme que j'aime. Lucas Gallian is a new life guard at a swimming pool. He meets Martin Barbieri a fellow employee at the pool. Martin wants to close the pool and when Lucas refuses to leave the water he throws his clothes towards him into the pool. They get wet and Martin has to help him with his dry clothes. Martin follows Lucas on his was home. He comes out and tells him that he is gay. Lucas resists his advances asking him to go away. Martin follows him home where he meets Lise. Lise is Lucas' girlfriend. Lise and Martin quickly bond especially because they both do sign language. She invites Martin to dinner even though Lucas is against it. One day Lucas goes to hospital after an accident while diving in the swimming pool. His father is the doctor who treats him. Martin comes to see Lucas with flowers just as he is leaving and Lucas' father spots him. When Lucas' father meets with him later he reveals that Martin has full blown AIDS. His dad who thinks they might be having a homosexual affair asks him to keep safe. Lucas follows Martin to the offices of a gay organization. As he leaves Lucas tells him he knows about his illness. Lucas insists on taking care of Martin even though he hesitates. Lucas ends up spending the night with Martin. Martin's mother Rose finds them in the morning. She talks to Lucas about Martin's AIDS and how he should be careful. Martin later takes them out looking for a good cemetery where he will be buried. While dropping off Lucas Lise confronts Martin about their relationship. She insists Lucas is hers. Martin drives off with his mother. Martin faints at the pool and hospitalized. He is also fired from his job at the pool. Lucas decides to move in with him to Lise's disappointment. They sleep together and also visit gay clubs. On one occasion Martin asks to spend the night alone. Lucas leaves but when he comes back next day finds Martin has already moved out. With the help of Lucas' father Lise finds the hospital Martin is being nursed. Lucas goes to visit him. Martin's mother Rose comes over and takes them to a chapel where they do a gay wedding. Martin is very sick by now. He drops himself from the diving board at the swimming pool while with Lucas.


O Beautiful is a 2002 short gay movie. Brad is given a ride back home by some schoolmates. They however have sinister motives. They drag him into a corn field and beat him up for being gay. The homophobic bullies also thrust a stick into his anus and rape him with it. Andy Perry another student at their school later turns up in a truck to help him. Andy finds Brad with no clothes waist down. Andy removes his trouser and gives it to Brad to wear. He also wraps him in his jacket. Brad complains why Andy never helped while they were beating on him. Andy insists he was not there. He asks Brad if he is really gay as the bullies say. Brad nods yes and Andy is upset. He tells Brad being gay is against God. Andy manages to convince Brad into his truck. There he offers him some alcohol to warm up. While there Brad is overcome by his sexual desires towards Andy and begins to touch him. He hesitates but Andy pulls him closer. Andy reveals he was there as they beat him but was afraid to intervene. Brad is upset and tries to leave but Andy holds him and they kiss. Andy leaves the car to Brad and decides to walk home instead. Brad reverses the truck and leaves Andy in the corn field.


Teens Like Phil is a 2012 short gay film about Phil Patterson. Phil is gay and so other kids in school are giving him a hard time. His locker is vandalized with derogatory gay slurs such as faggot. His teacher has seen this and goes to see the principal. She tells her about Phil's writings which indicate depression and the constant teasing she has seen him going through. She recommends Phil should see an experienced psychologist. 
One day Phil takes him friend Adam to see the uncle called Mike who lives in a bush outdoors. Mike is the brother to Phil's mother. Adam is also bullied at home by his brother for being gay. Adam tries to kiss Phil after he shows him a picture of two men kissing which he got from his Mike's belongings there. Phil runs off.
Adam is ashamed of himself for being gay. He disassociates with Phil completely. One day at the school's changing room he attacks Phil and beats him up severely. He then urinates on his face. Phil runs off crying. At home he tries to hang himself with a rope. His mother finds him before he dies. His father and mother take him for counselling where he explains to other gay teenagers why he tried to commit suicide.


Mandragora is a 1997 gay movie about a 15 year old Czech boy named Marek Nadela. Marek lives with his father in Prerov a district of the Czech Republic. One day Marek comes home and his father confronts him about not attending school for a whole month. He tells him to attend school next day or else he should not come back home.
Marek runs away to the capital city Prague. There he uses up his money gambling. A pimp approaches him at the train station but he refuses to go with him. He looses all his money in the casino and is robbed off his jacket and shoes. He goes to the pimp for help. The pimp introduces himself as Honza. Honza takes Marek to Franta's house who is a gay man. There they call him a little rabbit even though Marek is too naive to understand why. Honza drugs Marek's drink and he dozes off. Franta penetrates him as he is unconscious. He wakes up in pain to find Franta on top raping him. All the money Franta gives Marek is taken by Honza.
Honza takes him to a club renown for gay prostitutes. Gay boys hustling there beat him up. He is spotted by one of the boys named David. David introduces himself to Marek and they soon become great friends. David teaches Marek the art of gay hustling and stealing. They manage to make a lot of money which David decides they invest in becoming partners at a gay brothel. David becomes a pimp for the brothel because of his partnership. He pimps off Marek to a client who almost kills him to due to sadistic sexual practices.
David and Marek are heterosexual. They prefer to pick up female prostitutes for sex. They are only gay for pay.
After a disagreement with the brothel owner they reach a deal to steal from a rich American. The rich American is called Rudy. Rudy is a pedophile and prefers very young boys. David and Marek go with Rudy to his house then drug his drink. As Rudy looses consciousness they rob him of all his belongings including in the house.
David runs off with Marek. David drives to his hometown with gifts for his family. Once there he gets cold feet and hangs them on their door. That was his father's 45th birthday. They later go to a club in the town at night. David meets his former girlfriend Nancy. She is upset David never writes. Some men in the bar identify David and Marek as gay prostitutes from Prague and beat them up. Nancy is upset to learn David is a homosexual.
David and Marek rob an woman off her bag in the cemetery. They use what they find to take a train back to Prague. Meanwhile Marek's father is asking police to find him. He has been called to the station because Marek is wanted.
They arrive in Prague but are not welcome. Honza who is now out has them beaten up and arrested. They are broke when they get out. A pimp named Libor takes them to a gay film producer. The producer's name is Krysa. He forces them into sexual acts without protection. David is also later pimped out to Ruby without his knowledge. Ruby penetrates his anus with a pool stick then calls police to arrest him for the robbery.
Marek is depressed by David's absence. He seeks comfort from hard drugs. He is informed the prison doctor found David was HIV positive and has AIDS.
Marek's father comes to Prague to find him. Marek is an intravenous drug user by now. He is in a bad state and father cannot find him. He is once arrested. While in custody he gives police a tip about Krysa's gay sex film business. Krysa's house is raided by police and they are all arrested. Marek goes into Krysa's house and steals drugs. He goes to a public toilet and injects himself to the point of death. His father goes back home upset having not found the son.


This is a 1993 TV movie about the AIDS epidemic and its early effects on the gay community. Doctors are not sure what is causing opportunistic infections such as  pneumocystis pneumonia among several patients in hospitals across USA. They are further surprised that almost all are gay men. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention calls in Dr. Don Francis from the World Health Organization to help in researching about the disease. The media is already calling it the gay cancer. Religious leaders are calling it God's punishment to homosexuals. The disease however begins showing up among heterosexuals including women. The visible symptoms before death are usually Kaposi Sarcoma.
A doctor is able to track down a gay airline steward who happens to be promiscuous and most gay men remember sleeping with because of his gorgeous looks. He has also been to hospital with the symptoms of the disease. Most gay men he has had sex with are already sick or dead. Using information from the French Canadian steward the doctor is able to conclude the disease is sexually transmitted.
Meanwhile Dr. Don Francis is getting frustrated due to lack of funding and equipment from the government. Reagan is the president and his administration seems not to take keen interest in the disease. The gay community which is the most affected is split on what steps to take. In San Francisco majority are against closing the gay bath houses fearing it is a plot by the government to take away their hard fought rights.
The research takes a new turn when Dr. Don is informed an intravenous drug user has contracted the disease. He now knows it has to do with the blood supply. Patients who have undergone blood transfusions especially hemophiliacs start showing signs of the disease also. Blood banks get into a tussle with the CDC over this because they fear subjecting all the blood to screening might be too expensive.
French researchers at last discover the virus. It is a new retrovirus. It is named AIDS meaning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Dr. Don asks to be transferred to San Francisco where the effect of the virus is highest due to the lifestyle of the large gay community there. He still gets frustrated by government red tape. After retiring he works in San Francisco trying to develop and AIDS vaccine.


Body Without Soul is a 1996 gay documentary about underage male prostitutes in Prague. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and notorious for its prostitution. This documentary looks into the life on gay teenage prostitutes in Prague. Most of the boys talk about desperation due to being orphaned and poverty which led them into prostitution. Some of the boys were not homosexuals but the opportunity for money presented itself through homosexuality and they took it. Some were only 12 years old when they were picked by gay men from places such as the main train station and lured into sex with money. The most popular pickup spots by gay men are Podolf swimming pool, video arcades, train stations and discos. Video arcades are popular with gay men looking for very young boys. According to the prostitutes most gay Germans who come  to Prague prefer very young boys and will pay much more to get them. They also prefer unprotected anal sex. The male prostitutes will complain about unprotected sex but it is usually to get a higher bargain rather than the fear of AIDS. The boys have also been lured into acting gay films. They are usually promised a lot of money to act the films but some producers end up exploiting them. Most of the films end up in Germany and so they have to act them without using condoms for protection. Most insist on wearing condoms but the producers never accept because their content will not be bought in Germany. Some have been infected with AIDS from this business. One talks about how he tested positive as he lies on his bed. The boys say they are selling their bodies and souls to survive day by day.


Breakfast With Scot is a 2007 gay movie about a gay couple who adopt a flamboyant boy. Eric MacNally is a former professional ice hockey player. After an injury he retired from the sport and is now a sports anchor on television. His boyfriend Sam is a lawyer. Sam comes to Eric's office to inform him that Julie died. Julie is Sam's brother former lover. Julie has left behind a son. In her will she says that the son should be left in the care of Billy, Sam's brother. Billy is however in Brazil. Child Services decide to leave the son in the custody of Sam and Eric. Eric is against the idea but Sam convinces him it will be only for a few weeks until Billy comes to take him
Sam comes with the kid to their house. His name is Scot Latour. Scot is very feminine and flamboyant. He is even wearing some of his late mother's jewelry. He also likes to sing Christmas chorals alone. The next day he gets into a fight with a neighborhood kid after trying to kiss him. At his new school he is very emotional and just as flamboyant. Most of the kids in school think he is gay and call him names such as freak. He gets two best friends Carla a girl and Joey Morita an effeminate boy.
Eric is concerned with Scot wearing full makeup even in school. He locks it away. He also teaches him how to fight and puts him in the ice hockey team. This whole time Billy keeps insisting he will be coming soon. Eric and Sam grow attached to Scot despite their worries that he is gay.
Just before Christmas Billy shows up to take Scot. Sam knows he also came because there is insurance money he will get for adopting Scot. Billy is however careless and might not be sensitive to the needs of a child such as Scot. Scot is even afraid Billy might think he is a sissy. Eric and Sam plan a big fat Christmas party to send Scot off even though they are sad to loose him. On that day Scot tells Billy that he does not want to leave with him. Billy had come with a woman named Mia claiming she will be Scot's new mom. Sam is upset by Billy's action. Billy is convinced by Mia to let Scot stay with the gay couple and he obliges. Everyone is delighted.


Late Summer is a 2001 short gay movie. Adam is a photographer with his own gallery. A guest to the gallery asks if he can buy a mounted photo but Adam says it is of his cousin Josh and not on sale. Adam remembers the summer he spent with Josh and when he took that photograph.
Adam had just lost his father and his mother Isabelle sends him to spend summer with cousin Josh. Josh lives with his mother and father. Josh shows Adam around including his secret hiding place. He also teaches Adam how to smoke. Adam is somehow sexually attracted to Josh. One day he comes across him having sex with his girlfriend in the bush. Josh sees him looking on and winks. Adam is not happy to see Josh with his girlfriend Marianne. Adam is probably gay and would rather see Josh with no girl. One night Josh takes Adam swimming in a nearby water body. Adam leaves the water hiding his genitals. He has an erection probably because of seeing Josh bare. One day Josh is skating and shows Adam how to use his camera and take photographs. He also gets a board and begins teaching Adam how to skate with it. They skate together. Josh poses while skating for Adam to take a photo shot of him. He gets hit by a car just after Adam has taken the shot. He dies.


This is a 1988 gay movie based on a novel. An Australian senator goes to Saint Michael's private school for boys to check out a boy he has been told about. The senator is secretly gay and a member of the everlasting secret family which is a secret homosexual group. The school boy is picked by a driver from school and admitted to the club. He becomes the senator's lover. Their relationship continues until the boy finishes school. After school the boy moves into an apartment with the senator. The driver scares the boy lover when he tells him that eventually he will be old and made a driver. The boy lover does not want to believe he will take on another lower role. The lover goes to meet a judge who is also a gay member of the secret family. The judge has the contacts of a doctor who specializes in making people look younger. The lover asks the judge for the doctor's contacts so that he can accept sex with him. The judge obliges but dies later on during a BDSM session with the boy. The boy goes to the doctor and asks him to maintain the young looks he has. The doctor does it but warns it might rebound in future. The senator is forced to marry in order to maintain a good public image. The boy lover is sad he now has to move out and live with the wife. Eric lies to the wife that the boy is his friend. The boy gets depressed in the lone apartment. He drinks too much and brings awkward gay men. The senator decides to employ him to take care of their son although it is a disguise so that the wife will not suspect. The boy however manages to stay employed and looking young all the years until their son is post puberty. The senator's wife is not happy how the boy lover is close to her son. She tries by all means to have the boy sacked and away from his son but fails. She eventually gets to know the husband is gay and that the so called maid was his lover. The son is also having a homosexual affair with the husband's lover. The son is eventually admitted into the secret family also.


This is episode 5 of season 4 in the TV Series CBS Schoolbreak Special which aired on 31 March 1987. This gay episode is about Todd who is a high school student and the captain of the soccer team. Kirk finds Todd with a magazine containing pictures of men with no clothes on. Kirk and Allen laugh about it but Todd is upset of the discovery. Todd becomes insecure and begins behaving awkward even towards his girlfriend Debra. Kirk later discovers that Todd is gay and that is why he has been uncomfortable since Kirk and Allen saw the magazine. He confronts it about it and asks him to stay off. Allen goes to talk to Todd who is now depressed because news of his homosexuality have gone round the school. Todd comes out to Allen accepting that he is gay but does not know how to handle it. Mr. Powell a biology teachers offers to talk to him after seeing the teasing he is going through in school. Debra confronts him on why he dated her whilst he knew he was gay. He answers he wanted to be normal. Todd asks his father if he ever knew a homosexual. His father answers the very first was in high school who had to transfer because of mistreatment by other students. Todd however does not tell his dad why he asked. Todd talks to Mr. Powell about his feelings. Mr. Powell advises him to see a psychologist who can help him deal with his emotions. Todd also confronts his childhood friend Kirk about alienating him because he is now gay. He tells Kirk that being gay is not a disease. Todd later remembers some advice from Allen which says "you can't be happy if you can't be yourself".


Same Difference is a 2002 short gay movie. Noel and Leon are twin brothers both who play rugby in the same team. Abi a cute girl who likes to photograph them as they play has a crush on Noel. Noel does not respond to her approaches. His brother Leon is interested in Abi and asks the brother why he does not go for her. Noel insists he is seeing someone else by the name Dominic. Leon thinks Dominic must be another of Noel's girl friends. He once jokes to Noel if he met the so called Dominic in a chat room. During their 17th birthday a party is thrown and Abi is present. Abi takes Noel for a dance but when she tries to kiss him he runs off. Leon approaches Noel to ask about that incident. Noel turns around and begins kissing another boy who he later tells Leon is Dominic. Abi runs off upset while Leon frowns. Noel and Dominic go outside holding each other. Leon jumps into the sea to commit suicide now knowing his brother is gay. Noel notices just in time to jump in and save him.


This is a 1997 gay movie about a group of gay friends who go to visit and stay with a friend in a secluded upcountry lake house. Gregory is the owner of the old house which is by now an art antique. Gregory is a choreographer who is dating Bobby a blind young gay man. Arthur and Perry who have been dating for years. John and his good looking boyfriend Ramon. Then there is Buzz a flamboyant HIV positive gay man. They all spend Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day at Gregory's secluded house. During their stay their lives unravel in unique ways. Ramon falls for blind Bobby and seduces him into sex to Gregory's disappointment. John brings his twin brother James who is dying from AIDS on the July Fourth holiday. James bonds well with everyone especially Buzz who they share the same HIV predicament. John a pianist of British descent always has a bad mood. Ramon is good looking and young but keeps seducing Bobby into sex.


This is a 2009 gay short film about Saleem a student at University of Leeds. Saleem goes cruising for gay sex in the city after leaving classes. He uses a map to find his way around as he is new there and of Asian descent probably India. He spots a man looking at him in the dark. He hesitates but follows him anyway. In a secluded street corner the stranger begins his sexual advance but Saleem is still hesitant. He pulls Saleem's pants down and begins kissing him on the stomach. Saleem runs off scared. The stranger realizes Saleem left his bag and chases after him with it. He catches up with him and tries to ask him his name. Saleem shrugs him off. He however manages to write his contacts on a piece of paper and introduce himself as Daz. Saleem takes the paper and runs off home. Saleem however returns to Daz's apartments where he is let into the room. He asks Daz to kiss him but he still hesitates with fear. Daz slowly orientates him to his sexual advances and eventually Saleem gets comfortable. Daz penetrates Saleem as they have sex. Saleem later sleeps off and Daz finds his wallet which has cash and an international student identification card showing his name as Saleem Al-Hamed. Daz is very glad to know his name and begins caressing him as he calls the name. In the morning Saleem is scared he slept off and is in a hurry. He tells Daz that it won't work. Daz insists he wants to see him again. Saleem runs off the building even though he stops to look up at Daz as he leaves. Daz is happy he did look back.


The Mountain King is a 2000 gay short movie. A man is by the beach reading a novel. Out of nowhere another man comes and seats next to him and offers a cigarette. He refuses. The stranger removes his clothes and runs into the sea saying he does not know how to swim. He stops reading the novel when he notices he cannot see him in the water. He goes into the sea to save him but he finds out it was a prank to get him into the water. The stranger takes him to a beach house which he claims belongs to a friend. They begin talking and the stranger says he is a gay prostitute. He says he started hustling at 16 years. He wants to leave the beach house claiming he is staying with a girl friend at the ocean park. The hustler seduces him and they end up having sex. He asks him for 40 bucks afterwards as payment. He is shocked but gives it to him. He goes and buys cocaine which they both later take. The dance high then jump into the swimming pool. He asks the gay hustler for more sex. The hustler asks him to give another 40 bucks but he says he has only five left. The hustler complains he feels sore from the previous penetration. He offers for the hustler to penetrate him. In the morning he wakes up to find the hustler gone. He realizes the hustler broke into the house.


Consenting Adult is a 1985 gay themed TV movie. Jeff Lynd is a young man attending college in Seattle. He is majoring in pre-medicine. His family lives about an hour away. His dad Ken Lynd has just been discharged from hospital after suffering a stroke. Jeff could not make it to the homecoming party due to school commitments but he calls.
Jeff writes a letter to his mother Tess Lynd explaining that he has something to talk about. He goes further to write that he cannot put it off any longer. He asks the mother to call him. Tess calls and they agree to meet next day at lunch. Jeff hesitates but goes ahead to say "mom, I am a homosexual". He goes on to say how he has fought against it for long. He also says that he has never had sex with anyone yet. Tess is shocked but she insists they will get help. She cries on her way back home.
Tess goes to Dr. Mark Waldo to explain Jeff's situation. She blames herself that she might have been overprotective of Jeff thus causing his homosexuality. Dr. Mark explains that there is no conclusive cure for homosexuality he knows for sure and that he cannot make any promises on recovery. He refers Tess to a psychiatrist who is known to treat homosexuality. Meanwhile Tess frequents the library to read all she can about homosexuality.
Tess goes to see the psychiatrist who claims he has turned 25% of his patients from homosexual to heterosexual. He asks Tess about Jeff's history. He then asks Tess not to come anymore as Jeff might feel as if he is being reported on.
Back at home Ken Lynd can tell Tess is not herself. He insists on knowing. Tess explains to him that their son Jeff thinks he might be gay. Ken is shocked and says that if it is true it will remain true. He goes off to lock himself in the room and sobs.
Jeff goes for his appointment with the psychiatrist. Jeff talks about his life of denial and his struggle with homosexuality. The psychiatrist insists he can turn him straight if he is willing to work with him.
Jeff's sister Margie eventually tells her mother Tess that she is pregnant. Tess and Ken are excited but Jeff's homosexuality still occupies a big part of their thoughts negatively.
Tess plans to have dinner with both Ken and Jeff to discuss the gay issue. Jeff comes home but dad cancels his attendance claiming he has a big deal selling cars that might go for hours. Jeff and Tess know he is avoiding. At dinner Jeff tells mom how he has no feelings for girls even when they touch or kiss him. He talsk of this guy in his swimming team who he is totally attracted to and dreams of.
At home Ken and Tess get into an argument when she insists he is avoiding his son. Ken insists he cannot handle seeing him. He says how hard it is for a man to find out his only son is queer. The argument gets heated with dad saying homosexuality is unnatural.
Jeff is one of the best swimmers in the college team. Ken refuses to attend a match and opts to listen to it on radio. Margie and his husband Nate who are in attendance ask Tess why Ken missed it. They can tell something is off. Tess refuses to tell them the truth.
Ken talks to Tess about a gay man who worked for him but later committed suicide. He goes on to talk about AIDS among gay men and the idea of never having children. Jeff comes over for Christmas and his dad only says hey. Tess organizes for a girl next door named Sue to have a date with Jeff during new year eve party. Sue has always had a crush of Jeff. She makes her approach on Jeff and kisses him. Jeff is however unresponsive to her advances. Jeff later tells Tess that the date flopped. He tells Tess that he is not sick with a disease and that the therapy is only meant to brainwash him to be what he is not. Ken finds Jeff as he is arguing with Tess and he also gets into the argument about the morality of homosexuality. Jeff storms off upset after Ken declares he will not waste any more money on him.
Jeff goes to his sister Margie's house. He explains to her and Nate that he is gay. They encourage him saying he can even move in. They also tell him it is nobody's business who he is. Margie later confronts Tess to accept Jeff for who he is.
In college Jeff's roommate finds out about his homosexuality. He is shocked and throws a tantrum asking Jeff to leave. Jeff leaves and goes to stay with Stewart his boyfriend who is also majoring in pre-medicine.
Tess gets Ken a watch for his birthday. Ken shows him a letter he has been writing to give Jeff but yet to finalize.
Ken later passes away. Tess hands over the letter to Jeff. In the letter Ken apologizes and insists he is not ready to leave his son. Tess later comes to terms with Jeff's lifestyle fearing she will loose time with him as Ken did. She calls Jeff for Christmas and asks him to bring Stewart his gay boyfriend along.  


Boys Grammar is a gay short movie about a gay boy named Gareth. Gareth is a swimmer. Other boy swimmers know that he is gay and keep hurling derogatory anti gay remarks at him. One day in the showers one of the boys named Nick finds Gareth's book with images of male models in swimming gear. He tries to take the book from Nick but is overwhelmed. He explains he has the pictures because he likes the human form. The other boys come over and drag Gareth into the shower and strip him. They then use an object to sodomize him.
Back at home Gareth insists to his dad on being transferred from the school. The dad insists that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Gareth's brother comes over for dinner with Nick the same boy that was involved in the shower incident. Gareth gets upset and jumps on Nick hitting him to the surprise of his father and brother.


All Over Brazil is a 2008 short gay movie about Stephen an effeminate boy. Stephen's father is a football fanatic. He expects his son to be the same. Stephen is however more interested in artistic things. While his dad is watching a football game with a friend Stephen sneaks into his sister's room. He puts on her boots and makeup. He turns on the music and begins dancing with a scurf over his shoulders. The dad comes up looking for him when the game is over. Stephen attempts to hide but his dad finds him in makeup and his sister's clothing. He forces him into the bathroom to remove the makeup then forces him out of the house. Outside the house is a group of boys who see Stephen in the boots. They hurl anti gay slurs then beat him up. Stephen later insists on going for a concert with the sister and her girlfriends while dad expects him to watch football. Stephen attends the concert despite his dad opposing it.


Like It Is is a gay themed British romantic drama released in 1998. The movie is about the gay relationship between Craig and Matt. Craig is a young man who lives in his mother's house in Blackpool together with his brother Tony. Craig earns his money by engaging in bare knuckle fights as people who have bet their money cheer along. Matt works for a music production company and is their best music promoter.
Matt is at a club promoting Paula's song. Paula is also his flatmate. He leaves the club and Craig spots him and follows behind. They sit together and start chatting. Craig decides to take Matt home. At home he wants to engage in receptive anal sex with Matt. Matt hesitates but Craig insists. Craig hands him a condom. Craig can however not bare the pain since it is his first time doing such a thing. He stands up cursing and asks Matt to leave. Matt leaves his contact then goes.
Minto the rich man who sponsors Craig's fights thinks he has not been getting a formidable foe. They plan to make him fight with Terry Quinnell who is still in prison but about to be released. Craig complains he a psycho and refuses. Tony has been trying to get Craig out of the fights but he has refused. Craig has also been to prison before.
Back at his flat Matt talks to his flatmate Paula about Craig. She tells him he will meet someone else. She wants him to concentrate on promoting her song to number one on the charts.
One day as Matt and Paula are walking back to the house they find Craig outside waiting. Matt is shocked and he introduces him to Paula. Matt invites him into the house and he spends the night.
Matt takes Craig to a gay bar. He gives him a pill which gets him wild and dancing. He leaves Craig on the dance hall.  Craig begins to get into fights with people around. Matt spots the commotion and takes Craig out. Outside the club Craig finds a car whose door is left unlocked. He hot wires it and asks Matt to jump in if he wants to be with him. They drive off. In the morning Craig drives by a lakeside. He removes his clothes and they have sex. This time Matt manages to penetrate him.
At work Matt has obligations to meet. Kelvin the owner of the company wants him to promote ZKC a music group of 3 boys into top ten in the charts. In return Matt will go and manage a club Kelvin is opening.
Craig gets work in Stockwell at Matt's friend club. He however gets into a confrontation with some heterosexual revelers complaining about homosexuals and hurling insults at him. He beats one of them. Matt is called from the studio as he is working on ZKC's music video. He leaves to go pick Craig. He confronts him about the violent behavior which cost him a job.
Kelvin is upset of Matt leaving the studio to go pick up Craig. He proposes they find Craig something to do. He proposes Craig join the Northern Research team to promote Paula's and ZKC's music. Kelvin also invites Craig for his party that Saturday. On Saturday Matt leaves Craig to have fun at the party after Kelvin promises to get him a taxi. Craig however gets too drunk and goes to bed with Jamie one of the ZKC members. In the morning he can barely remember what happened. Kelvin gives him the car keys and cash to go to Leeds and begin one immediately. Matt is upset Craig never came back to his house but slept at Kelvin's. Craig is also upset that he slept out but Kelvin promises he will smooth things out with Matt.
Craig tries to call Matt while away working but Paula never delivers his messages. Paula does not like Craig because she thinks his relationship with Matt is affecting productivity.
Craig comes back on the day Matt is organizing Paula and ZKC's concert. He confronts Craig about sleeping with Jamie but they later reconcile. Matt is called out and leaves Craig in the room alone. Kelvin comes in and finds Craig alone. He tells him the work is over. He pays him his dues and asks for the car keys. Craig runs off to find Matt. He finds him kissing with Jamie high on cocaine. He runs off as Matt tries to reach him. He asks Matt to leave with him. Matt refuses fearing for his job. Craig goes back to Blackpool.
At Blackpool Craig goes to Minto and confirms the fight with Terry Quinnell. Kelvin comforts Matt that Craig was too much trouble than he was worth. Craig begins training for his fight.
Matt has delivered his end of the deal with Kelvin. He gets to manage the club. At its opening he confronts Paula for not delivering Craig's messages. He also gets into another confrontation with Kelvin and decides to leave before the opening. He heads to Blackpool to look for Craig. He finds Tony who is Craig's brother at the house. Tony invites him in. Tony is shocked to find out his brother Craig is gay. They search for Craig for 2 days then find him on the day of his fight at the venue. Craig refuses to cancel the fight. They decide to wait outside for the fight to end. Craig is beaten badly by Quinnell. He however bet against himself and is paid. He can barely speak but he tells Matt that they can now begin afresh. Matt and Tony carry him to hospital.


Burning Blue is a 2013 gay movie about the forbidden homosexual relationship between two USA navy pilots.
William Stephensen and Daniel Lynch crush their military plane in the sea at night. William was in charge of the plane and the crush was due to his failing eye sight especially at night. Daniel promises to lie he was the one flying it so that William is not found to be unfit to fly. They both want to get into the USA Airforce Test Pilot School, TPS. This will be their ladder into the space program.
Five years later William and Daniel have managed to stay through and are now flying on an aircraft carrier. At Souda Bay, Crete the navy men are out partying all night and drinking. Stewart Kelleher drinks too much that night. The next morning he looks bad to fly and Skipper proposes he does not. He goes on to fly and crushes the plane in the ocean while taking off from the aircraft carrier. This being a second accident headquarters sends John Cokely as a civilian to do a safety study as the ship heads to New York.
In New York Daniel and William plan to meet later in the city. Daniel is however taken on a tour of the city by Matthew Blackwood. They have been having gay feelings for each other for some time now.
In New York that night Daniel and Matthew attend a gay club. They are spotted by petty officer Gorden dancing bare chest together.
Back in the carrier good news comes that Daniel and William have managed to get into TPS. The news are however short lived as William is told his father is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Daniel is also having problems in his relationship with girlfriend Nancy. Nancy does not know Daniel is actually gay. They later part ways.
Daniel shows up in William's party without Nancy. Matthew comes with his girlfriend Tammie. John Cokely is outside doing surveillance on them. Daniel leaves for his quarters and Cokely follows him. Later Matthew arrives at Daniel's house alone. Cokely takes photos of them. Matthew tells Daniel that he made a commitment to Tammie and that he wants their gay relationship to end. Daniel is upset.
Cokely questions petty officer Gorden about what he saw in the gay club. He informs Cokely that he saw Daniel and Matthew dancing in a gay manner. Meanwhile a private doctor informs William that his night vision is not good still.
Matthew comes at William's house where Daniel is alone taking care of their child. Matthew informs Daniel that a TPS spot opened up and that they could be together now. Daniel tells him he is going on tour and they will not be meeting. Matthew is upset and even tells Daniel he broke up with Tammie because of their gay relationship. They both kiss.
John Cokely informs Skipper that a gay cell is affecting the cohesion of the group. Skipper is upset and dismisses it as a rumor. He even goes ahead to question John's jurisdiction calling him a civilian who is only there for safety study. He is shocked when Cokely pulls out a badge and introduces himself as an NCIS  special agent. Skipper informs Matthew that he will have to write something about his girlfriend or wife to qualify him into TPS.
Matthew dies in a jet crush while flying with Charlie and Williamson in formation. At his funeral Daniel comes out to William and his wife Susan about his gay relationship with Matthew. Daniel is taken by special agent Cokely for further interrogation. There it is revealed their bailout with Williamson is being expunged until further investigation. One of the agents calls him a faggot and he becomes rowdy and handcuffed.
At a hearing about his conduct Daniel finds his father Admiral Lynch and another friendly Admiral. They ask him to sign that his homosexual conduct was a one off event and that Matthew coerced him. This will let them be able to get him back into the Navy. Daniel refuses and says he will resign leaving them shocked. He then goes to William's house to deliver a birthday present for the son. He gets into a confrontation with William who also calls him a faggot. William then tells him sobbing that he left him and he might now be done flying.
The don't ask, don't tell policy was adopted by the USA military in 1993 requiring gay, lesbian and bisexual soldiers to hide their sexual orientation in order to serve without harassment or pursue. The policy was repealed by President Barack Obama in 2011.


Raw Love is a 2008 Argentinian gay short movie. The original Spanish title is Amor Crudo. 
The movie is about the relationship between two boys Ivan and Jeremias on their last days in high school. Ivan is an ordinary looking handsome boy. He plays soccer with his friends. They are recording last messages of themselves on a video camera. Ivan records a message telling girls to call him promising to make them reach sexual climax three times a minute. 
Ivan is good friends with Jeremias who is now staying over at their house. Jeremias is feminine looking and soft spoken. Jeremias is in love with Ivan who seems not to notice it. They share the same bed and sometimes Jeremias masturbates Ivan. Jeremias cannot seem to concentrate even in class. He is thinking about the good times they had with Ivan and now their eventual parting. One day after an overnight party Jeremias asks Ivan if he loves him. Ivan answers yes of course because they are friends. Jeremias expected Ivan to realize he was asking if he loves him even sexually. Ivan's mother says her son is very handsome. She keeps asking Jeremias if Ivan has a girlfriend for which he says they broke up.
On the last day in school Jeremias waits at the door for Ivan to finish his examination. Ivan finishes and meets him outside. Jeremias asks Ivan to stay around longer but he asks why. Ivan does not realize Jeremias is in love with his and so he wants them to stick together. Ivan leaves and Jeremias looks on sadly from the school corridors and he goes away.


Homophobia is a 2012 gay short film. The movie is about Michael Fuhrreder a very young private in the military. Their unit composed of mostly young men like him is on border patrol for several weeks. Michael is gay. He has also been having gay related dreams. Some of the other boys have noted his sexual orientation and have been teasing him.
One day in the shower Jurgen plays a practical joke on Michael. He holds his hands backwards to prevent him moving then asks a colleague to open the cold tap of the shower claiming it will wake him up. Michael pushes Jurgen to the floor and goes to the lockers. Jurgen follows him there and begins to claim he has noticed how Michael looks at them in the shower. He places his chin on Michael's shoulder then begins to caress him saying he must like it. He asks if he penetrates him. All this time Michael is quiet still probably enjoying it. Jurgen then moves back after confirming he loves it. He asks Michael to die then knocks his head on the locker.
The commanding officer asks Michael about the injury above his eye but he refuses to reveal the truth. He claims he slipped from the bathroom. The officer does not agree completely but dismisses him.
It is their last night on border patrol. Michael has been put together with Raphael. Michael takes the first turn awake as Raphael sleeps in the tent. Michael is attracted to Raphael and goes to lie by the tent leaving his rifle in the cold night snow.
Raphael later wakes up and lights a cigarette and begins to talk with Micheal. Raphael says he wants to go back home after this last day on duty and meet his mother. He wants to stay at home and do nothing. Michael says he will not be going to his previous company but will go run their farm. Raphael jokes he might have to get a farm wife with big tits. Raphael talk about his girlfriend Melanie. He reveals he has never been with a girl in bed and does not know how it will be. He jokes that they might be both unknowingly gay. He goes on to add that Michael will be the girl giving him oral sex if they were gay.
Raphael sucks in cigarette smoke and asks Michael to stand. He places his hands enclosed over his mouth and asks Michael to breath in deep as he blows in the smoke. This gets Michael dizzy and they both get their heads close together. Michael tries to kiss Raphael who quickly shoves him shouting he is not gay. Michael picks his gun and begins going away. Raphael tries to reach him but he points the gun at him. Raphael begs Michael to put it down but he cocks it and places the barrel in him mouth. He sobs that he is tired of being teased a faggot and made fun of. He wants to commit suicide. Raphael manages to calm him down and take the rifle. He comforts him as he sobs on the snow.


This is a French gay movie based on the 1943 book Les amitiés particulières by Roger Peyrefitte. Georges de Sarre is admitted at the Saint Claude Institute a strict Roman catholic boarding school for boys. He has been an excellent scholar even in his former school. He meets Lucien de Rouvere a fellow form 2 and they become friends. They also sleep side by side in the dormitory. He learns that Lucien and another boy Andre Ferron are in a homosexual relationship. To further confirm it he finds a love letter from Ferron in Lucien's book. He confesses about the letter to the father and letter leaves it together with other mail where it is discovered by the school administration. Andre is expelled and Lucien is left crying and very sad. Georges tries to comfort Lucien who does not know what really happened for Andre to be expelled. He never gets to know of Georges' involvement.
At Christmas mass Georges spots the boy carrying the lamb. He gets immediately infatuated by him. In the train leaving for holidays he sees the boy and follows him. He helps him get an object off his eye. The boy is introduced to him as Alexandre Motier.
Georges keeps his grades up and is eventually admitted into the academy. He is still in love with Alexandre who is much younger. Lucien knows this. He shows Georges a secluded place at the greenhouse where they used to meet with Andre. Georges begins meeting with Alexandre there often where they talk and exchange love letters.
Georges and Lucien are still sleeping next to each other in the dormitory. One night father Trennes finds them talking. He asks them to come into his room facing the dormitory. Once in the room he offers them cigarettes and drinks and talks to them about their confessions. Father Trennes seems to know both Lucien and Georges are gay. He also seems to have homosexual feelings towards the boys.
Alexandre is caught with a love letter. He is taken to father superior but he denies it was meant for anybody. He insists he got the script from a book. The father does not believe it and puts him on punishment. Georges learns of this and goes to see father superior. He makes up a lie saying the letter was meant for him and that Alexandre wrote it as an appreciation for help to join the academy. Father supreme believes it and lets the issue go. Meanwhile Alexandre cuts his arm and asks Georges to lick his blood and vice versa. This is meant to be a pact to bind them for life.
Father Trennes comes to Georges' bed one night and informs him that he knows about the relationship with Alexandre. Trennes informs Georges that he might be Alexandre's confessor very soon. Father Trennes then goes and wakes up another boy who he calls to his room. Georges runs off to father superior's room and knocks then slips a paper with a message under the door. He runs off and father superior finds nobody outside but reads the paper. Father superior heads to father Trennes room where he finds him in the company of the boy. He orders the boy out and father Trennes is asked not to report back after Easter. In the morning father Trennes calls Georges and informs him about the dismissal. He knows Georges called father superior and just wanted to confirm.
It is now third semester and Georges is still meeting Alexandre at their secret location. Alexandre asks Georges what he should get him on his birthday July 15. Georges insists nothing and Alexandre accepts. Father Lauzon finds them smoking and in a suggestive position inside the secret location. He orders them out and does not want to hear any excuses. Georges is overwhelmed by guilt and goes to see father Lauzon. He confesses about their affair. Father asks him not to come back next semester. Father Lauzon also informs Alexandre about this. Alexandre would rather be also expelled than lose Georges. He informs Georges that they might have to expel Alexandre. Georges pleads for Alexandre to remain in school. Father Lauzon asks him to hand all the letters Alexandre wrote him. Father Lauzon informs Georges that they are going to meet in his office after prize giving which is also the closing day where they are both going to hand over all their letters.
On prize giving day Georges gets the first prize. The cardinal is in attendance including his parents. He goes over to father Lauzon's office after the ceremony and leaves Alexandre's letters on his desk then runs off into their car. Father Lauzon sees him leaving in the car. Alexandre comes in and father Lauzon convinces him that Georges wants their relationship to end and shows him the letters he left behind. Alexandre is very sad.
On the train back home in the company of father Lauzon Alexander is quiet and still very sad. He goes out and removes Georges' letters from his pocket and tears them up. He throws out the pieces. He then goes ahead to commit suicide by jumping off the train at a bridge.
Georges learns of the news with much sadness. Father Lauzon tries to comfort him to no avail. Father Lauzon hands him the letters from Alexandre which he had placed on the desk. Georges hands him the last letter he wrote for Alexandre but never delivered it. He asks him to make sure he reads it.


Watercolors is a 2008 gay themed coming of age movie. It starts off with Danny in an art exhibition where he is selling paintings. His boyfriend is asking him why he is so sad as though it is a funeral despite them agreeing on selling the paintings. The film takes as back to Danny's teenage years to explain his situation.
Danny liked painting since childhood. In school he attended painting class. He lives with his mother Miriam who is a therapist at an alcoholics anonymous group. While in the AA group he meets Stephen who is a single father. His son Carter has problems with discipline in school. He asks Miriam to look after Carter while he is off to a business trip. He cannot leave Carter alone because he is on suspension after misbehavior in school. Carter is in the school's swimming team.
Danny comes back home from school and finds Carter reading one of his gay magazines. He gets it from him. Carter asks Danny to take a walk with him. He already knows Danny is gay. Later Danny goes to get Carter from the swimming pool. Carter forces him in and shows him how to float. They go back home where Danny tries to tutor Carter English. Carter kisses Danny on the cheek before going to sleep. At night Danny cannot sleep and pulls Carter's sheets off and begins to do a sketch of him without clothes as he sleeps. The two grow fond of each other over the days. Carter teaches Danny to smoke weed. The two eventually have sex.
Sunday comes and Carter is now ready to go back home. He tells Danny that they cannot be seen together in school as it will make him get teased even more especially by Henry a swimming teammate. Back at school Carter is struggling to maintain a C average grade to keep him in the swimming team. Danny had promised to write his essay to give him better grades. Carter's father Stephen is not supportive of his son's swimming. He fears Carter's seizures might return and ruin his swimming and so he insists on more concentration in academics. This brings Carter and his dad at loggerheads all the time.
One day while sketching Carter, Danny reveals to him that he might be falling in love. Carter insists that he should stop taking it too seriously. The two begin to spend more time together after school and the rest of the school notices. One day Carter finds his locker vandalized by homophobic graffiti. Carter gets upset and misses the class. Danny notices and knows there is trouble. As he leaves for home Henry and two other boys accost him and beat him up. Carter is very upset to see Danny all swollen on the face when he visits him. Danny rejects his mother's attempts to file a police report. He instead misses class to talk with the mother. He reveals to her that he got beaten because he is gay and that him and Carter were in a relationship which led to sex. The mother reacts calmly to the news.
Carter is upset the coach placed Henry in the 200 meters freestyle and gave him the 100 meters. The 200 meters is his best but the coach insists that Henry has better endurance. Carter confronts Henry to leave Danny alone but all he does is tease him even more. Carter has been taking drugs to get sleep and the coach warns him about it even though he lies.
Stephen, Miriam and Danny attend the swimming competition at Los Angeles Swimming Stadium. Carter is nervous and he does a false start but is allowed back in the race with a warning. He comes second overall in the race which upsets him including the coach. Danny tries to approach him one day at a basketball court and he chases him off violently. Things get worse when the teacher discovers Danny did Carter's essay. This gets Carter a fail and he is consequently thrown out of the swimming team. Carter blames Danny for all these miseries and wants nothing to do with him.
Carter suffers a seizure just after picking his lunch in the school cafeteria. The paramedics take him to Sagmore General Hospital. Danny visits him. He reveals to Danny that his toxicology report showed he was abusing drugs and so he will never be allowed to compete in swimming anywhere. He is also being sent by social services to juvenile rehabilitation. Danny tries to comfort him but he chases him off again. Danny lets him know that he hurt him more than Henry ever did and leaves.
At school an announcement over the public address system breaks the news that Carter was found dead early that morning. Danny cannot believe it and he faints in class. Back at home he cannot get sleep due to nightmares. Miriam reminds him he also had them when his dad died.
Now as an adult this memory of Carter still haunts Danny. His boyfriend insists Danny does not pay any attention to him. They have gone to therapy where Danny was advised to get rid of Carter's paintings so that he can begin healing. During the exhibition to sell them off Danny is still sad.
The quote of this movie is "love is so short, forgetting is so long" by Pablo Neruda.


This is a year 2000 gay movie about Jared Price. Jared is a 19 year old boy from Georgia who moves to Los Angeles to seek a new life. He finds a youth hostel to stay in. He shares a room with Javier who is a male prostitute. Javier uses the room at night to entertain his clients. Jared finds a job which entails taking care of Mrs. Haines  who is blind. The son Matthew got his mother a caretaker because he prefers to be away most of the time. Jared is having a hard time at the hostel as he is locked out of the room while Javier services his clients. He meets Robert from the next room who offers him a place for the night. After a brief walk and conversation Robert kisses Jared. Jared runs out realizing Robert is gay. Mrs. Haines' son Matthew is gay. His sexual intimacy with Andrew the boyfriend is dwindling. He keeps telling Andrew to try something new. Matthew tells Jared to take up a room at Mrs. Haines house so he can look after her at night. Jared agrees. The night he moves in Matthew gets him drunk and they have sex in the room. They do not know Mrs. Haines knows what is happening. Jared does not know Matthew has a boyfriend and he is shocked when introduced to Andrew. Matthew takes them out and later to a room to have a threesome. Andrew and Jared are not willing. Jared decides to move out. Mrs. Haines makes it clear to Matthew that he knows his relationship with Jared. He orders her son to leave Jared alone so as not to break his heart. Mrs. Haines gives Jared an envelope full of cash. Jared goes to Robert's place where they move in together and start a relationship.