My Own Private Idaho is a 1991 gay movie slightly based on Shakespeare's Henry IV part 1, 2 and Henry V. The film is about two friends Mike and Scott. Mike is a gay hustler who is quiet and suffers from narcolepsy. He was abandoned as a child and is trying to find his long lost mother. Scott is the son to Portland's mayor. Mike is picked up by a woman at his hustling spot and once in her house he meets best friend Scott and another hustler Gary. Mike suffers another narcolepsy attack while preparing for sex with the woman. He wakes up next day with Scott in Portland. They leave for Idaho to visit Mike's older brother Richard on a quest to find Mike's mother. Richard tells Mike his mother works as a hotel maid but when they visit the hotel they find she left for Italy to find her own family. Mike and Scott travel to Italy and find the farmhouse his mother worked but a young lady named Carmela who lives there informs them she returned to USA months ago. Scott and Carmela fall in love. Scott is bisexual even though he still insists he is straight and will leave hustling once he turns 21 and inherits the father's fortune. The lovers return to USA leaving Mike to return alone sad. Scott's father soon dies and he inherits the fortune. Scott rejects and avoids company with all his fellow hustlers now. He now runs a posh restaurant. Meanwhile, Mike is back on the road and suffers another attack. Two men pull up and steal his backpack and shoes. Later, someone else unidentified puts Mike in a car and drives off with him. The origin of this gay movie comes from a 1963 Novel, City of Night.