This is a 1993 gay movie about a gay couple who live together in USA but then the parents to one of them start interfering. Wai-Tung Gao is of Taiwanese descent and so his traditional minded parents from living in Taiwan expect him to marry soon and get children since he is already in late 20s. His boyfriend Simon hatches a plan to get the parents out of their affairs. He proposes that Gao marry a lady named Wei-Wei who is their tenant. It will only be a marriage of convenience for a limited duration since she also wants to get a green card through the marriage. Gao's parents decide to jet in for the wedding bringing with them lots of cash for a grand event. The wedding turns out very embarrassing since Gao is gay and does not like the affair with a woman even kissing. Wei-Wei rapes Gao and she gets pregnant. This upsets Simon very much. Circumstances reach boiling point and Gao is forced to confess his homosexuality to his mother. The mother is shocked and asks him not to tell the father who is recovering from a stroke. Unknown to Gao, his father already knows. The father informs Simon of about their secret affair and accepts him as another son. Meanwhile Wei-Wei gives birth and the whole family accepts the awkward scenario warmly.