Newcastle is a 2008 coming of age movie. Jesse is a 17 year old with a passion for surfing. He however only makes it to third spot during a qualification match and it devastates him. His brother David was a champion surfer but never made it as far because of injury. Their younger brother Fergus is gay.
David likes to bully the rest. He also discourages Jesse that he might never be as good as he was.
Jesse with his friends Nathan, Andy and Scotty plan a beach camp and party. Jesse lies to his parents what the trip is about so that he may be allowed to go and also take along Fergus with him. They also bring along Deb and Leah.
When they get to their spot they begin partying immediately and swimming with no clothes. Scotty loves to make fun of Fergus and suggests that he might have an erection since he is somehow gay. Fergus removes his pants to show him that it is just big. While seating by the fire at night Jesse gets into an argument with the other boys especially Andy about how good they can surf. It almost degenerates into a fight and they part to various sides of their camp. Jesse and Deb go into the tent together and start having sex. Jesse wants to have sexual intercourse but Deb asks him to wear a condom. Jesse does not have it but she accepts when he promises to pull out before ejaculation. Nathan and Leah are also having sex in the same tent next to them.
Meanwhile Andy is out with Fergus and they seem to be flirting. Eventually the two perform a sex act together probably mutual masturbation.
Scotty is drunk and he decides to drive the car while pulling the tent which Jesse and Nathan together with their girls are in. After a brief pull as they scream the car gets stuck in the sand. Jesse comes out with no clothes from the tent infuriated by Scotty's action and is restrained from beating him up.
David meanwhile goes to visit a girlfriend who bore him a girl child but she refuses to let him in. He leaves together with his friends for the beach camp to meet Jesse and his friends.
Andy is teaching Fergus how to surf. Fergus is learning fast and they are impressed. David arrives and sibling rivalry between him and Jesse starts to flare up. He and his friends head to the beach with their surf boards to show their skills. Jesse also goes into the water to show his skills. David and Andy however get badly injured while surfing.
Andy awakes after first aid in the vehicle but David succumbs to his injuries. David's dad is devastated by his death and keeps going through his stuff especially the surfing trophies. Jesse is very disturbed by the death and at one point vandalizes David's room. Andy is hospitalized with a collar.
Jesse's stress gets him closer to Fergus who advises him that David used to discourage them from doing stuff out of jealousy that they would go further than he did. With Andy hospitalized Jesse gets a second chance to compete in the upcoming surfing competition. Jesse goes ahead to show his best in the competition. Fergus is still attracted to Andy who might not be gay as he is. He spends time with him in hospital from where they watch the surfing competition live on television.