This is a 1997 gay movie about a group of gay friends who go to visit and stay with a friend in a secluded upcountry lake house. Gregory is the owner of the old house which is by now an art antique. Gregory is a choreographer who is dating Bobby a blind young gay man. Arthur and Perry who have been dating for years. John and his good looking boyfriend Ramon. Then there is Buzz a flamboyant HIV positive gay man. They all spend Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day at Gregory's secluded house. During their stay their lives unravel in unique ways. Ramon falls for blind Bobby and seduces him into sex to Gregory's disappointment. John brings his twin brother James who is dying from AIDS on the July Fourth holiday. James bonds well with everyone especially Buzz who they share the same HIV predicament. John a pianist of British descent always has a bad mood. Ramon is good looking and young but keeps seducing Bobby into sex.