My Name Is Love is a 2008 Swedish short gay movie. Love is out with Fredrika and other friends at a night club partying. Love is not having fun as the rest. He asks Fredrika if  they can leave but she insists on having a few more drinks while dancing. Love leaves the club and walks outside a gay night club. He then begins walking and meets a man who they exchange glances. The man asks Love if he wants anything from him. Love answers he wants nothing but the man insists. He convinces Love to walk back with him to his nearby apartment. At the apartment the man tells Love he is called Marcus and is 28 years old. Love tells him he is 22 years old. Marcus says he is an economist while Love says he studies history of literature at the University. Marcus makes his move on Love even though he hesitates. They later both undress. Marcus turns Love over on the coach and begins penetrating him. Love is in pain and tries to free himself asking Marcus to stop. Marcus pins him down and continues to penetrate him as he groans with pain. After he is done he asks Love to leave. Marcus leaves to take a shower and Love dresses up slowly in pain and opens the door. While leaving a voice message comes through from a lady who lives in the house identifying herself as Caroline. Caroline asks Sebastian to pick her up at the airport in the morning. Seems Marcus is actually called Sebastian and lives with a woman. Sebastian curses while in the shower yelling words like gay whore. Love walks on the street in pain and vomiting. He is also crying. Fredrika calls to tell him that she is at the gay bar but she can only hear him crying over the phone.