Sunday Bloody Sunday is a 1971 British gay themed film. Bob Elkin is a good looking artist in his twenties. He is bisexual. He has a heterosexual affair with Alex Greville a divorced older lady. Bob also has a homosexual affair with Dr. Daniel Hirsh who is well known and respected within his Jewish community. Bob is able to switch between the two with ease. Alex and Daniel use the same message service and through it they get to know that they are both sharing Bob. Both Alex and Daniel know each other through mutual friends. Dr. Daniel has long been pushed by members of his Jewish community to find a wife and marry. None of them know the good doctor is gay. Daniel and Alex are willing to continue their relationship with Bob despite discovering the love triangle. Bob however has bigger plans for his life. His art is taking him to USA. Dr. Daniel gets to know of it when Bob comes up with a fever and discloses he got a small pox vaccine in order to travel. They had earlier on planned a trip to Italy. Dr. Daniel is sad for loosing Bob and so is Alex. One Sunday morning Bob Elkin leaves for New York and both Daniel and Alex meet at a mutual friends house and exchange greetings knowing they are both mourning Bob's absence.