The Boys In The Band is a 1970 gay movie revolving around a birthday party in which the lives on several gay men and a straight one unfold. Michael is preparing his apartment to host Harold's birthday party. Several other gay friends are coming for the party. Michael gets a call from a college mate Alan McCarthy who says he will be coming. Michael is worried because Alan is straight and might not relate well to gay men.
Hunk, Larry and Emory arrive. Hunk and Larry are dating. Hunk was closeted and even married to a woman before. Bernard their black gay friend later arrives. He is followed by a paid cowboy named Tex. Alan calls to say he will not be coming. He however shows up as they are dancing flamboyantly. Michael is shocked and angry with Emory who continues to behave and talk very effeminately. Alan sits down drinking some alcohol even though he is shocked by Michael's company.
Alan later decides to leave. Emory however pushes him with his gay talk and they get into a fight. Emory is punched in the face. Harold finds them in the midst of breaking up the fight. Harold is having a crisis over his looks and age. They later cut the cake and open the gifts on the deck. A storm however forces them into the house where Alan is. Alan insists on leaving but Michael restrains him. Alan had seen Hunk with a ring and knows he is married. He is however shocked to learn Hunk is in a gay relationship with Larry after leaving his wife and children.
They play a game to pass the night which involves calling some of the people they really loved. This game opens old wounds for some revealing their sexual relationships past and present. In the game Michael accuses Alan of being a closeted gay man which he vehemently denies. It later becomes too much for most of them and they leave.