The Sum Of Us is a 1994 Australian gay movie about a father and his gay son who are living together. Harry Mitchell is a widower who lives in the same house with his son Jeff Mitchell. Jeff is gay and out to his dad. He is 24 years old and plays American football. His father does most of the house chores including cooking.
One day Jeff goes out on a Friday night to meet a date. He meets Greg in a gay club. After getting to know each other Jeff asks Greg to go home with him. Greg agrees. Greg is surprised Jeff's father is in the house. Greg is not out to his parents. Harry gets to know Greg as they talk. He even shows him some gay magazines he got for Jeff. Greg later leaves in the night.
Harry has been using a dating service to try and meet a partner. He gets hooked up with Joyce Johnson. They meet and Harry takes her out to different places. Joyce loves Harry's company. Harry proposes but she declines insisting it is too early. On new year night she visits Harry's house for the first time. Jeff is out. She comes across some gay magazines and confronts Harry about it. Harry explains she bought them for Jeff his son because he is gay. She is shocked and upset that Harry is encouraging homosexuality. She is even more upset that Harry hid such important information about his son's sexuality from her. She leaves. Harry sees her driving off after his pleas fail. He stands there until the new year fireworks start blazing. He collapses on the tarmac. He is hospitalized and doctors tell Jeff he suffered a stroke.
Greg attends a gay pride parade. His parents see him dancing in the parade on television. His dad is disgusted. In the morning when he returns his dad confronts him. He is kicked out of the house.
Jeff has to take care of his dad full time because the stroke left him paralyzed. On several occasions he meets Greg. With the father's permission he asks Greg to move in with him.