Eyes Wide Open is a 2009 Israeli gay film about a married man who falls in love with a homeless young man. Aaron is a father of four living in Jerusalem. He is a respected member of the Orthodox Jewish community. One day at the synagogue he meets Ezri a boy who had earlier asked to work in his butcher shop. He offers him a job at the shop which he takes.
Ezri and Aaron grow close. Ezri is gay and begins making sexual advances at Aaron. Aaron hesitates but later gives in. They begin a homosexual affair. Aaron's wife Rivka becomes suspicious. Friends begin warning Aaron that Ezri is a bad influence. Aaron is too in love with Ezri to just move on despite the risk involved being a family man and respected community member.
Pressure mounts on Aaron to abandon Ezri's company. Members of the community begin to boycott his shop. Eventually Ezri is attacked by some locals and has to completely leave. Aaron takes it hard.