Fighting Tommy Riley is a 2004 gay themed movie about the relationship between a boxer and his gay trainer. Marty Goldberg is a former marine corps boxer. He is now a high school teacher. He runs a boxing business with a lady named Diane. Marty suffers from anxiety, insomnia and depression. He is on pills to manage these conditions.
Diane takes Marty to a gym to scout for boxing talent. He identifies Tommy Riley a young boxer who has almost quit on his life. Tommy previously trained with his step father and even participated in the Olympic trials. Tommy was not in good terms with him and was kicked out after losing. He now lives in depression. His relationship with Stephanie is also rocky.
Marty begins to train him. Marty and Tommy grow very close to each other. Marty takes Tommy to his cabin in the woods to train for an upcoming boxing match. The training goes on smoothly and they continue to bond more closely. This changes one day as Marty is giving Tommy a sports massage after training. Marty gets carried away by his homosexual feelings towards Tommy and touches him inappropriately. Tommy is shocked and questions Marty about it. Marty apologizes and Tommy decides to dismiss it as an accident.
Tommy goes ahead to win the boxing match under Marty's training. He gets a 1 million dollar deal with a renown agent. He refuses to take it insisting he cannot leave Marty. The agent reminds Tommy that Marty is not fit partly because of his reputation as a homosexual. Marty intentionally injured his hand after he was threatened with exposure for being gay. He used this as an excuse to quit boxing and escape the homophobic humiliation that might have followed. He has been struggling with his homosexuality and that past ever since. Marty tries to convince Tommy to take up the deal. He gets into a fight with Tommy who later comes back to apologize even offering himself for sex to Marty. Marty is upset by this and chases Tommy away. Marty later commits suicide by taking an overdose of his medication pills. Tommy is upset and depressed by Marty's death. He takes up the deal Marty had pleaded with him to accept.