This is a 2004 gay movie about Bobby whose life has been tragic since childhood. Bobby lost his parents to illness and an older brother in an accident. In high school he meets Jonathan who is conservative and secretly gay. Bobby begins to frequent Jonathan's home and during sleepovers he is introduced to mutual masturbation. Jonathan's mother Alice once catches them masturbating in the car. Bobby learns to bake from Alice and eventually it lands him in New York where he finds Jonathan living with a lady named Clare. He moves in with them in their apartment. Jonathan plans to have a baby with Clare although he is openly gay. That plan is disrupted when Bobby and Clare start a relationship and she gets pregnant from Bobby. Jonathan eventually leaves them without saying. The three later reunite at Jonathan's father funeral. After the funeral they take the father's car back with them and decide to buy a house in New York. Bobby and Jonathan open a cafe there. Jonathan discovers a Kaposi's Sarcoma lesion in his groin and although Bobby convinces him it is a bruise many others continue to appear. Bobby commits to take care of Jonathan when it becomes clear he is suffering from AIDS. As Jonathan's will, Bobby promises to scatter his ashes in a field behind their home, the same place they did with Jonathan's father ashes.