The Man I Love is a 1997 French gay movie with the original French title L'homme que j'aime. Lucas Gallian is a new life guard at a swimming pool. He meets Martin Barbieri a fellow employee at the pool. Martin wants to close the pool and when Lucas refuses to leave the water he throws his clothes towards him into the pool. They get wet and Martin has to help him with his dry clothes. Martin follows Lucas on his was home. He comes out and tells him that he is gay. Lucas resists his advances asking him to go away. Martin follows him home where he meets Lise. Lise is Lucas' girlfriend. Lise and Martin quickly bond especially because they both do sign language. She invites Martin to dinner even though Lucas is against it. One day Lucas goes to hospital after an accident while diving in the swimming pool. His father is the doctor who treats him. Martin comes to see Lucas with flowers just as he is leaving and Lucas' father spots him. When Lucas' father meets with him later he reveals that Martin has full blown AIDS. His dad who thinks they might be having a homosexual affair asks him to keep safe. Lucas follows Martin to the offices of a gay organization. As he leaves Lucas tells him he knows about his illness. Lucas insists on taking care of Martin even though he hesitates. Lucas ends up spending the night with Martin. Martin's mother Rose finds them in the morning. She talks to Lucas about Martin's AIDS and how he should be careful. Martin later takes them out looking for a good cemetery where he will be buried. While dropping off Lucas Lise confronts Martin about their relationship. She insists Lucas is hers. Martin drives off with his mother. Martin faints at the pool and hospitalized. He is also fired from his job at the pool. Lucas decides to move in with him to Lise's disappointment. They sleep together and also visit gay clubs. On one occasion Martin asks to spend the night alone. Lucas leaves but when he comes back next day finds Martin has already moved out. With the help of Lucas' father Lise finds the hospital Martin is being nursed. Lucas goes to visit him. Martin's mother Rose comes over and takes them to a chapel where they do a gay wedding. Martin is very sick by now. He drops himself from the diving board at the swimming pool while with Lucas.