Blackbird is a 2014 black gay movie about Randy Rousseau a high school boy coming of age with his homosexuality. Randy is a devoted christian and leads the choir in the church. He is however struggling with wet dreams which are of a homosexual nature. He keeps praying to God to make the dreams and thoughts stop. He lives with his mother who has been ill and depressed since her daughter Chrissie Rousseau was abducted in a shopping mall never to be seen again.
Efrem and Crystal are Randy's best friends. He talks to them a little about his problems. They insist he must be gay annoying him even further. Randy believes being gay is a sin. He struggles with the denial.
One day Randy auditions for a play. There he meets Marshall a white gay boy. They are playing a part together. Marshall likes Randy. Randy however keeps insisting that he is heterosexual. One day Marshall takes him to a gay cruising area in the town. While there he spots Efrem having Random sex with another man. He is shocked and asks Marshall to take him home. Once at home he calls Crystal to book a sex date in order to prove he is straight. Crystal comes over that Sunday after church but Randy is not sexually attracted to her. Crystal only forces herself into him.
Efrem contracts a sexually transmitted infection. Randy and his father Lance take him to a hospital outside town. Lance thinks Randy is gay. Randy denies it. Lance however talks to Randy about it and lets him know that it is okay to be gay. Efrem gets treated with antibiotics and tests negative for HIV.
Marshall drives Randy home from their play rehearsals. Randy one day gets overwhelmed with his homosexual feelings. He begins to make out with Marshall outside their house. His mother sees it and crushes the vehicle's window and orders Randy into the house. Once in the house she blames Randy for bringing a sin into the house. She says her daughter is missing because of Randy's homosexuality. She calls a pastor to deliver Randy from homosexuality. They take him to church and pray hard.
The deliverance does not work and Randy is tired of fighting his sexuality. He goes to Marshall's house and they have sex. Returning home they are given the news that police have found their long lost Chrissie. She comes back home. Randy's mother accepts Randy's gay lifestyle after learning about God and love.


The Lost language Of Cranes is a 1991 gay themed movie about a father and his son who are both gay. Philip Benjamin is a young gay man already in a homosexual relationship with another man named Elliot. Philip feels fed up hiding this secret from his parents. He tells Elliot that he wants to come out to his parents. Philip's parents Owen and Rose are also having problems back home. They are supposed to leave their house soon and Owen is yet to find another one. Owen is also in a crisis. He is secretly gay and has been visiting gay cinemas to meet other men. Philip eventually goes home and comes out to Owen and Rose. Owen his father keeps quiet the whole time. Rose is upset. When Philip leaves Owen sobs until he locks himself in the bathroom probably because he realizes that he is like the son. Philip later on meets his dad for dinner. His father wants to know about his sexual life. Philip finds it awkward but explains it anyway. His dad promises to hook him up with a charming American from his office. He has invited the American over for dinner at his home. Meanwhile Owen also visits a gay club where he meets a man almost the same age as him. He goes with him to his house and they engage in sex. He returns back home very late. Philip goes home for the dinner. He tells Rose what the dinner is about and she is upset. Owen arrives with Winston and they take dinner at the table chatting away. Philip later leaves together with Winston but learns he is as straight as a dice. Rose confronts Owen about the dinner. Owen reveals his homosexuality. He explains how he has always sexually preferred men. Rose is upset his husband and son are both gay. She is also upset Owen is implying their whole marriage has been a joke. Owen leaves the house at night and heads to Philip's house. He calls Philip who is at his lover's house. Philip comes over. His dad explains that he is also gay and that he met a man the other day. Philip leaves his dad to sleep in his house.