Toast is a 2010 film which is an autobiography of Nigel Slater a once famous British food writer and TV personality who is also gay. The story in the movie is based on his childhood memories.
Nigel is 9 years old. His mother suffers from Asthma and his dad a factory owner has a temper. Nigel hates his mother's cooking. He wishes they could at least buy fresh produce instead of canned. Nigel's mother later dies from the breathing difficulties.
Mrs Potter is hired to assist in the house chores. Nigel does not like her but she is a great cook. In high school Nigel takes up a home economics subject unlike other boys. He begins to cook food and take it home to try and compete with Mrs. Potter who by now is his father's wife. At 16 he begins a part time job cooking at a restaurant where he meets a young man named Stewart. He develops a homosexual crush on Stewart.
Nigel's father dies. He does not want to live with Mrs Potter and so he decides to leave. He goes and seeks a job in a kitchen as a cook. He later grows to be a famous British food writer and TV personality.