Something For Everyone is a 1970 film revolving around the schemes of a young bisexual man. Konrad is a handsome young man looking for work in a new place. He plans to make it big and begins to scheme his way up the social ladder.
He tricks his way to become the chauffeur of the Pleschke's who are a rich family. Their daughter Anneliesse has a crush on him. Konrad begins an intimate relationship with her secretly. Using his earnings he gets a footman named Rudolph drunk and then pushes him onto an oncoming train killing him on the spot. It looks like an accident. Rudolph was the footman to the Ornstein's a renown and respected family. He manages to take Rudolph's place as the new footman. Countess Herthe is a widow whose fortunes have dwindled. Her son Helmuth is gay and has a crush on Konrad. The daughter Lotte is weird but very intelligent.
Konrad plays his tricks and is eventually in charge of the whole household. He continues his affair with Anneliesse Pleschke and the homosexual affair with Helmuth. He proposes to Countess Herthe a plan to get Anneliesse and Helmuth married so that they can benefit from the Pleschke's great wealth. They go ahead with the plan even though Helmuth is very uncomfortable because he is gay. The much needed money comes in but the relationship between Helmuth and Anneliesse cannot be. Anneliesse catches Helmuth and Konrad kissing. She breaks down as Konrad is driving her together with the parents. He intentionally crushes the car killing them all. All the fortunes as per the will remain with the Ornstein's.
Countess Herthe is very glad for Konrad's help. She begins to sleep with him and eventually asks him to marry her. Helmuth is upset because of their gay affair. Lotte however knows all of Konrad's schemes and how he executed them. She blackmails him into marrying her against everybody's interests.