Jet Boy is a 2001 gay themed film about the relationship between an undercover police detective and a 12 year old homeless boy. Nathan is a 12 year old gay boy who lives with his drug addict mother. Nathan has to prostitute himself through a pimp called Jordan to get money for their upkeep. He also buys his mother her drugs with money from his gay prostitution. One day Nathan's mother takes an overdose and dies.
Nathan runs off to escape child services. He meets an undercover police officer who wants help in bursting a drug dealer. Nathan refuses to give him the number he wants until he takes him to Vancouver to see his father. The two get acquainted with each other well. Boon Palmer the cop stops over his hometown to see his ailing father. Boon also meets a former girlfriend named Schuyler and they end up staying longer. Nathan develops a friendship with Lloyd the son to Schuyler. Lloyd is gay and makes a move at Nathan who rejects it because of memories of gay men he has slept with. Nathan also has a crush on Boon who he thinks is a drug dealer. Nathan tries to make sexual advances on Boon several times. He gets jealous of Boon's relationship with the lady and runs off. Boon if forced to leave for the drug burst without him.
During the drug burst Boon spots Nathan prostituting himself on a street. He manages to see the vehicle he goes with. Nathan goes to a hotel with an old man who wants to have sex. Nathan is hesitant and locks himself in the bathroom to his client's dismay. Boon spots the car during the burst and goes in to save Nathan. The burst happens as they are outside the hotel leaving when police cars surround them. Nathan is surprised to know Boon is an undercover cop. Boon heads back to Schuyler's house with Nathan probably to settle down and give the boy a better life. Nathan has never known who his biological father is. He once asked the mother who answered that she does not know.