Gay Themed Episodes: Cold Case


Daniel Holtz is a gay college student who was murdered in 1964 outside a Philadelphia gay bar. His mother Helen Holtz who is now old and ailing from a heart condition wants closure before she dies. She comes to the same police station many years later so that officers can reopen the cold case. Helen explains she and the husband never pushed for police to resolve the crime probably because they were in denial he might have been gay. Officers manage to trace an Italian mob member who served at the bar. They get leads from him. They later find Daniel's girlfriend Deborah who is now a medical doctor. She explains how he once met Daniel kissing with Hunk and they had to end their relationship now knowing he was gay. Officers find Hunk who is actually named Henry Phillips. Henry explains their relationship with Daniel and how they were picked on that day he died. They were on the street when some guys poured Chinese food on them. Daniel approached a nearby police officer and reported them even though Henry protested the decision. At home they argued and Daniel went to the gay club that night. A drag queen who frequented the club helps officers identify some of the individuals who used to carry out homophobic gay bashing. When officers question the police officer Daniel talked to that night with Henry they discover he saw everything. He tells them there was a police raid on the bar since homosexuality was still illegal then. Daniel escaped through the back entrance where he found the same group of homophobic men who had splashed Chinese food on them. They chased Daniel and beat him up. One of them used Daniel's baseball bat to beat him until he died. He identifies the killer who is still alive. The killer is arrested together with another accomplice.


Artie Russo comes to the police station to have the murder of his partner in 1983 resolved. Artie and Jeff Kern were gay partners. Jeff was only 25 when he discovered that he had AIDS. His father had earlier disinherited him and cut ties because of his homosexuality. Jeff worked in a gay bathhouse. He warned people about AIDS while at work. This did not go down well with the owner. Jeff later set ablaze the bathhouse. Jeff wanted the government to take action in fighting AIDS which by then was killing many gay men. He called a party for closeted rich and respectable gay men. He however threatened to out them to the media so that they can lobby the government. Some threatened Jeff and police question them. It later emerges Jeff's brother Paul was a closeted homosexual. When Paul knew Jeff had discovered he confronted him not to tell the father. Paul feared their homophobic father will also alienate him like he did to Jeff. Jeff promises he cannot but Paul fears he will use it to get his boyfriend Artie into the drug trials. Paul hits Jeff in a rage then strangles him to death.


An inmate dying of cancer says he has information about the death of a policeman named Sean Cooper in 1968. He wants to give the information in exchange for release so that he can die at home. Officers reopen the case. The inmate informs them that Sean's patrol car had heroine. Police try to find out if he might have been killed by drug dealers. It leads them to a misunderstanding between Eileen who is Jimmy's wife and Sean. Eileen explains that he once saw Jimmy and Sean kissing in the backyard. Jimmy and Sean were patrol partners and when word reached out that they were gay things got complicated. Sean always insisted to Jimmy that they have a more committed relationship but the latter insisted he had a wife and children. Fellow officers become homophobic towards Sean. His father Brogan Cooper is upset by the news. Brogan is a senior officer in the same department. Brogan and another senior hatch a plan to lure Sean under a bridge to scare him. Jimmy that day refuses to patrol with Sean fearing he will be outed. Sean is dispatched to the bridge alone and on arrival is shot by Tom the homophobic Lieutenant. Brogan and Tom are arrested for prosecution.


Samantha Randall is a girl but prefers to dress in boy clothing. She gets in trouble in many schools due to her boyish behavior. Some students call her a lesbian. One day in 1963 she is found dead in a lake. Years later an old man comes to tell officers that she saw a car pull up by the bridge and drop her. Officers find her father Archie Randall. He says he brought up Samantha alone after the mother died when she was a little girl. She was expelled from many schools because of her boyish lifestyle which got her in trouble with fellow students. When she was expelled from the last school Archie decided to seek medical intervention at a psychiatrist facility. There he was told she suffers from gender identity disorder. He left her there where she forcefully underwent electroconvulsive therapy and training on how to be a real lady. Samantha rebels against this treatment. One of the nurses later thinks the treatment of the girls is wrong. She decides to help Samantha escape before quitting the job. She gives Dom Barron a boy in school who is close to Samantha the keys to open her room. Dom finds Samantha in a sleepy state due to the ECT. She is wearing a dress against her norms. He decides to save her. He kills her then dumps her body at the lake.