Coming of Age Gay Movies

Coming of age gay movies focus on unique issues which LGBT people undergo as they transition from childhood to adulthood. These issues are unique to LGBT persons because of their sexual orientation and identity. Some of these issues include homophobia, bullying, discrimination, ostracism and suicide. The following is a list of top coming of age gay films.

GET REAL: A 1998 film about a high school teenager named Steven who stumbles upon their school's star athlete and popular student John while cruising for gay sex at a public toilet in the local park. They develop a relationship which John keeps rebuffing fearing it might ruin his social life. Things get even more complicated when Steven's parents get involved and their secret is about to get public.
WERE THE WORLD MINE: This is a 2008 gay film about Timothy who is ostracized and bullied in his all boys school. When reciting some Shakespeare lines he discovers a recipe to a love portion which he uses to turn people gay including the rugby team captain who he has a crush on.
MYSTERIOUS SKIN: A 2004 movie about two teenagers who were abused by their baseball coach as children. Brian develops mental issues while Neil becomes a gay prostitute. Brian finds Neil while adults to try and understand what happened to them. Neil explains the abuse by their coach which is causing him amnesia.
EDGE OF SEVENTEEN: Eric meets Rod at a summer job and both begin an intimate gay relationship. When Rod moves back home Eric is left lonely in his last year of high school whilst also having to deal with other personal issues that come with his age. The film was released in 1998.
DREAM BOY: A 2008 gay themed movie about Nathan a 15 year old boy who has just moved with his parents into a small rural town. Nathan befriends a neighborhood boy named Roy with whom they start a gay relationship. Nathan sometimes gets delusions which it later emerges are because of sexual abuse by his father. The scars of this abuse haunt him to his death.
THE MUDGE BOY: Duncan is ostracized by fellow teens and loses his mother to a heart attack. He starts to behave strangely including putting on his late mother's clothes. His father vehemently rejects his habits. Duncan finds himself in his own world and attracted to a local boy named Perry. When he and Perry engage in sex one day it drives his world into further rejection and problems. This film was released in 2003.
SUMMER STORM: A 2004 coming of age movie about teens in a rowing competition. One team is made up of gay teens while the other just ordinary heterosexual teens or so it may seem. One of the members in the straight team named Tobi is secretly gay and starts an affair with a member of the gay team named Leo. When Leo confronts Tobi about his sexual orientation in front of his team members he is forced to come out to his fellow team mates who instead of rejecting him accept him no matter what.
NORTH SEA TEXAS: A film about Pim an effeminate boy brought up by a careless mother. At age 15 Pim and the neighborhood boy Gino begin a gay relationship. Gino however moves on and even gets a girlfriend after adulthood. Pim is not ready to move and Gino is forced to keep rebuffing his approaches at one time even recommending Pim to his sister. This film was released in 2011.
BEAUTIFUL THING: A film about two boys Ste and Jamie who live next door to each other and go to the same school. Ste lives with abusive and alcoholic father and drug dealer brother. Ste moves in with Jamie after a beating by the brother. They sleep in the same bed and Jamie makes sexual moves on Ste. Eventually they engage in an intimate homosexual affair which is soon discovered and outed by a girl next door. The two are forced to deal with the reality of being outed.
WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN: A story about the coming of age of a 13 year old boy named Logan who is lonely and ostracized in school. Logan is effeminate and might be gay or transgender. Logan develops a crush on Rodeo an older popular school boy. They take long walks in the woods with Rodeo but he wants to grow their relationship to gay intimacy. Logan creates another persona out of him in the name of a girl named Leah to try and win over Rodeo. This is a 2006 film.