Gay Documentaries

Gay Documentaries are films produced to explain and create awareness about a particular issue to do with the gay community. Many documentaries to do with homosexuality have been produced in field such as health, psychology and politics.
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The following are some well known gay documentaries.
HOMOSEXUALITY IN AFRICA DOCUMENTARY: This is a documentary about homosexuality in traditional African society. The documentary shows homosexual rituals boys undertake before they can be admitted into manhood.
8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION: This is an American gay documentary written by Reed Cowan. It was directed by Steven Greenstreet. It focuses on the homophobia which is created by the Mormon Missionary Church causing homelessness and suicide among gay teenagers. It was released in 2010.
WHEN BOYS FLY: When boys fly is a gay documentary released in 2002. It was directed and produced by Stewart Halpern and Lenid Rolov. It explores the underworld of gay circuit parties.
FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO: This is an American gay documentary released in 2007. It is written, directed and produced by Daniel Karslake. It focuses on homosexuality and its conflict with religion.
A JIHAD FOR LOVE: A Jihad for Love is a gay documentary which was directed by Parvez Sharma. It was released in 2007. It was the first documentary in the world to explore the coexistence of Islam and homosexuality. The gay documentary has also been known as In The Name Of Allah.
BEFORE STONEWALL: This is a documentary about the LGBT community before the 1969 Stonewall riots. It tries to show their was still a vibrant clamor for LGBT rights even before 1969.
AFTER STONEWALL: This looks into the events after the Stonewall riots and the progress that the LGBT community in America has gained. It takes into consideration the hindrances and future agenda.