Gay TV

Gay TV are television channels whose broadcasting largely targets the LGBT community. There are many gay tv channels on air. To watch gay tv channels go to the right side and download the software. Install the software then go to the GAY&LESBIAN TV category which has 44 gay tv channels to watch. Some of the gay themed content aired on this television channels are comedies, soaps, tv shows, travel programming, thrillers, tv series, romance, movies etc. This is a list of some of those tv channels.
LOGO: Logo is an American gay TV channel launched in 2005 by the former MTV Executive, Matt Farber. Logo's first president Brian Graden was named the 10th most powerful gay person in 2007 by Out Magazine. Most of the programming is geared towards the LGBT community.
OUTtv: OUTtv is a Canadian gay television channel. It was launched in 2001 as PrideVision TV by Headline Media Group. It was Canada's first 24 hour LGBT television channel.
Q TELEVISION NETWORK: QTN was an American gay tv channel owned by Triangle Multimedia.
here!: here! is an gay television channel in America launched in 2002.
HARDtv: HARDtv is a Canadian premium gay tv channel. Its programming is geared towards homosexual men. It was launched in 2005. It is owned by Pink Triangle Press and Peace Point Entertainment.
TimmTV: This is the first German television station to focus on the LGBT community. TimmTV promised to also tackle serious issues facing its audience such as discrimination and persecution during Hitler's rule.
Pink TV is the first French television channel to target a GLBT audience. The channel hopes to enlighten the French on what is homosexuality in order to create understanding and tolerance.