Newcastle is a 2008 coming of age movie. Jesse is a 17 year old with a passion for surfing. He however only makes it to third spot during a qualification match and it devastates him. His brother David was a champion surfer but never made it as far because of injury. Their younger brother Fergus is gay.
David likes to bully the rest. He also discourages Jesse that he might never be as good as he was.
Jesse with his friends Nathan, Andy and Scotty plan a beach camp and party. Jesse lies to his parents what the trip is about so that he may be allowed to go and also take along Fergus with him. They also bring along Deb and Leah.
When they get to their spot they begin partying immediately and swimming with no clothes. Scotty loves to make fun of Fergus and suggests that he might have an erection since he is somehow gay. Fergus removes his pants to show him that it is just big. While seating by the fire at night Jesse gets into an argument with the other boys especially Andy about how good they can surf. It almost degenerates into a fight and they part to various sides of their camp. Jesse and Deb go into the tent together and start having sex. Jesse wants to have sexual intercourse but Deb asks him to wear a condom. Jesse does not have it but she accepts when he promises to pull out before ejaculation. Nathan and Leah are also having sex in the same tent next to them.
Meanwhile Andy is out with Fergus and they seem to be flirting. Eventually the two perform a sex act together probably mutual masturbation.
Scotty is drunk and he decides to drive the car while pulling the tent which Jesse and Nathan together with their girls are in. After a brief pull as they scream the car gets stuck in the sand. Jesse comes out with no clothes from the tent infuriated by Scotty's action and is restrained from beating him up.
David meanwhile goes to visit a girlfriend who bore him a girl child but she refuses to let him in. He leaves together with his friends for the beach camp to meet Jesse and his friends.
Andy is teaching Fergus how to surf. Fergus is learning fast and they are impressed. David arrives and sibling rivalry between him and Jesse starts to flare up. He and his friends head to the beach with their surf boards to show their skills. Jesse also goes into the water to show his skills. David and Andy however get badly injured while surfing.
Andy awakes after first aid in the vehicle but David succumbs to his injuries. David's dad is devastated by his death and keeps going through his stuff especially the surfing trophies. Jesse is very disturbed by the death and at one point vandalizes David's room. Andy is hospitalized with a collar.
Jesse's stress gets him closer to Fergus who advises him that David used to discourage them from doing stuff out of jealousy that they would go further than he did. With Andy hospitalized Jesse gets a second chance to compete in the upcoming surfing competition. Jesse goes ahead to show his best in the competition. Fergus is still attracted to Andy who might not be gay as he is. He spends time with him in hospital from where they watch the surfing competition live on television.  


And Then Came Summer is a year 2000 gay themed movie. It follows the lives of two gay teenagers and their struggles within their families.
Brian takes his two sons David and Ricky to see aunt Lillian. Aunt Lilian lives by the beach and is very happy to see Brian who he considers her favorite nephew. David goes with his younger brother Ricky to the beach to play. Lilian informs Brian that he has called his childhood friend Tommy to come over and see him. Tommy meets Brian at the beach together with girlfriend Kathy and little brother Seth. Tommy asks Brian why he has not come with his wife Laura and he lies she is busy but it is later revealed they are separated. Tommy's wife Jennifer died in a car accident some time back. He is also jobless now after the company he was working for relocated overseas.
Seth goes off to meet the two brothers. He and David develop a close relationship. Seth tells David that he was sent away by his parents to live with Tommy because his friends were a bad influence. Seth later on takes David to a party where they get drunk. David is too drunk to go into the house and he proposes they instead go to the beach. Along the beach they chat and David reveals he would like to be a veterinary. Seth reveals he is interested in being an astronaut even though he finds it almost impossible to achieve. During the chat David kisses Seth but apologizes. Seth tells him that it is okay and they continue kissing on the beach. Later after the kissing incident they spend most of the time together on the boat fishing and horse riding.
During breakfast David tries to chat with his younger brother Ricky but he won't reply. He asks him if they met any girls and Ricky answers with the question "how would you know about girls?". Ricky then informs him that he saw him and Seth kissing and even threatens to tell their dad.
Seth comes next day to take David for a movie but finds him sobbing in the room. David informs him that Ricky saw them kissing the other night. He runs off telling Seth that he does not want to be a freak. Seth runs after him explaining his own hardships in being gay.
Tommy and his friend Kevin come to visit Brian. Kevin explains that he inherited his boat from the will of his gay uncle who considered him the favorite nephew. Seth frowns at Kevin's conversation which sounds as if he is homophobic.
One day they all gather to have a meal at the table. David is very quiet and Ricky confronts him by asking if he is thinking of anyone special meaning their relationship with Seth. They get into a words fight which their dad ends but trouble does not stop there. Kevin decides to tell a joke but Seth interrupts him rudely after noticing it has a gay character in it. They get into a fight with Tommy for that and Seth begins to reveal why he was sent over to Tommy's. He reveals that his parents took him to a special hospital to cure his homosexuality after they realized he was gay. The hospital performed many medications on him including electrocution therapy. He was later sent to stay with his brother Tommy to make him see the right way. Seth later runs off to the church where Tommy comes over and apologizes for not being on his side during his struggle with homosexuality. Brian finds David sobbing by the beach and asks him to give him time to get in touch with his homosexuality promising he can never abandon him.
Brian later sells his house and business in the city and moves into the beach area where they start a bed and breakfast with Tommy.    


House of Boys is a gay movie about Frank. Frank is a gay teenager living with his mother, father and younger sister in Prologue, Luxembourg. Frank is a flamboyant gay boy. He engages in sex even within the school in toilets. He gets bullied around by other boys for being gay. Frank's father has noticed his coming of age is leaning towards homosexuality. He questions Frank about the ear ring and orders him to remove some sex posters on his car.
Frank leaves home without telling his parents with his best friend Rita. They go to Amsterdam where Frank goes drinking and partying all days. One day Rita comes looking for Frank at a club and informs him that she is leaving for another town where she found a job. She leaves Frank's bags there and tells him to find another place to stay or use the car. Frank runs around in the rain with his bags looking for somewhere. He comes across a place with a board outside advertising that they want dancers. The place is called House Of Boys and Frank goes in. He is all wet from the rain when he meets Jake inside. Jake introduces him to the owner of the all boy strip club a drag queen called Madame. Madame is assisted by Emma to run the joint. Other boys in the house are Angelo who is saving for a sex change operation in Singapore, Dean who is a punk, Herman a troubled kid and Frank's roommate Jake.
Frank is attracted to Jake. Jake tells him that he is straight and even has a girlfriend. Jake run away from home during childhood and has a picture of his late mother in the room. Jake's girlfriend comes in through the window at night and Frank has to sleep in Angelo's room during such days. Jake's girlfriend wants him to leave the house but he insists he needs the money for now and is saving so that they can go away together. During one of the shows Frank is dismayed to discover his crush Jake is sleeping with one of the male clients. Frank confronts Jake about it and he insists it is for the money. The client is a wealthy designer from New York and pays big. Jake even tells Frank that it is the client who actually penetrates him. During one of his sleepovers at Angelo's room Frank does it with Dean in the shower. Later Frank is given a chance to dance and he does such a good show. Some of the boys are jealous that he may be the new hottest boy now.
Meanwhile Jake looses his savings only for the girlfriend to tell him later that she took it to procure an abortion after a 7 week pregnancy. The girlfriend dumps him and Frank takes advantage of that to comfort him. Jake and Frank now start developing a relationship. Jake helps Frank out when he faints during a concert and they start getting intimate and falling in love.
Jake is loosing his manly touch in the dances and is no longer as good. Madame notes this and asks him to introduce Frank to a wealthy client for a private session. Jake insists they give the session together with Frank and Madame accepts. Frank and Jake go to a private room to entertain the man. Frank however drops on the floor and gets cut by glass. He is rushed to hospital. At the hospital he is treated for the cuts but the doctor also orders a blood test. The attending doctor is shocked by the outcome of his blood test. The results show he has almost no T-cell count in the blood. He tells his senior that it might be the so called gay cancer discovered in USA. The senior doctor does more tests including a second blood test and finds out that Jake actually has AIDS. He traces the wealthy designer from New York who Jake slept with. They discover he died of AIDS related cryptococcal  meningitis and he is the one who infected Jake.
Madame is worried the AIDS story will spoil his club's reputation and so he asks Jake to leave. Emma offers him to stay at her house. Frank moves in together. Jake's health continues to deteriorate and Kaposi Sarcoma covers his whole body. Madame cannot bring himself any close to Jake and keeps running when he tries to visit. Jake eventually falls too ill and is hospitalized. In his dreams it is revealed that his mother died when he was a young boy. The father used to sexually abuse him in the pretext of removing the sin from Jake.
Jake eventually dies. Frank and Jake's girlfriend travel to Morocco where they scatter his ashes in the sea there.


This is a year 2000 movie about a boy named Billy Elliot living in England. Billy lives with his father Jackie Elliot, brother Tony Elliot and their grandmother. Billy's mother died some while back and they only go once in a while to the cemetery to remember her. Billy's dad and brother are coal miners at the Durham coalfield. It is 1984 when Margaret Thatcher is the Prime Minister and the National Union of Mine Workers has called for a strike. Billy's brother Tony goes picketing everyday near the coal mines. Jackie was a boxer and so was his dad. He pays for Billy boxing lessons 50 pence a day at the Everington Boys Club. Billy is not interested in boxing and is also very bad at it. One day the ballet class comes to share the boxing room with them. Billy gets interested in the ballet class and eventually joins in the practice. From then on Billy begins hiding to attend the ballet lessons instead of boxing. Billy is the only boy in the ballet lessons. He leaves home with his boxing gloves on his neck but ballet outfit hidden in his pants. Billy becomes so good at ballet that Mr. Braithwaite the pianist says to him "you look like a right wanker to me, son". During one of the mine workers' picketing lines the boxing coach tells Jackie that his son has not attended boxing classes for months. Jackie is furious. He goes looking where Billy spends that time only to find him in a ballet class. He forces him out of the room. At home he gives Billy a lecture about how ballet is for girls and women and that he should do something manly. Billy does not agree and even tries to convince his dad that ballet is normal for boys even making reference to Wayne Sleep. Jackie is angry and he orders Billy not to attend ballet or boxing and just stay home and take care of his grandmother. Billy runs off very upset. He later visits Mrs. Wilkinson the ballet teacher at her home. He finds her daughter Debbie and husband Tom Wilkinson. He gets to learn from Debbie that her parents sleep in separate beds since his father cheated. Billy plays with Debbie and for a moment they almost kiss. On his way back home Billy makes plans with Mrs. Wilkinson to take private ballet lessons secretly. One day Billy visits his classmate Michael Caffrey at his home. Michael likes Billy and is also probably gay. Billy is shocked to find him in a dress belonging to his sister. Billy asks why he is cross dressing and wearing makeup. Michael answers that it is perfectly normal since his dad also does that when alone. Michael applies lipstick on Billy. Meanwhile the coal miners strike is still on and Tony is still causing havoc. He gets into a fight with his dad who tries to restrain him from going at night. Tony gets arrested later. It is Billy's ballet auditions when Tony is presented in court. Billy misses his auditions to attend the court session. Mrs. Wilkinson goes looking for him at their home. They arrive just as she is about to leave. Mrs. Wilkinson explains to Jackie and Tony that Billy has missed a very important ballet audition. Tony is shocked to hear Billy has been attending ballet. He gets into a fight with Mrs. Wilkinson. It comes Christmas and the family is broke from the strike. Jackie smashes the piano to Billy's dismay to use its wood as firewood. Billy meets Michael outside in the cold. Michael offers to warm Billy's hands. Billy asks Michael if he is a poof, a British slang meaning gay. Billy explains that he does not have to be a poof even though he does ballet. They both go into the boy club's boxing area and start dancing ballet with Michael wearing a tutu. The boxing coach has been out drinking and sees them. He calls Jackie to see. Jackie goes in and Billy continues to dance in front and  around him. He runs off to Mrs. Wilkinson's house where he asks her about the auditions and the costs. Jackie decides to go back to work despite the strike to raise money for Billy. Tony sees him while out picketing and runs after the bus. He finds Jackie in the minefield just off the bus and tells him not to do it as they hold each other emotionally crying. Jackie later borrows money from pawnbrokers to fund their trip to the auditions. Billy and his father Jackie make the journey to London. At the auditions Billy is stressed. He does not know that he has impressed the judges with his dancing. In the changing room a somehow effeminate boy who probably is gay and likes Billy tries to comfort him. Billy looses his cool the boy and he hits him calling him a bent bastard. The judges take note of this behavior during their final interview. Jackie and Billy leave for home to wait for the letter stating if he will be admitted to ballet school. The letter arrives later and it is good news. Billy says goodbye to his teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. As he is leaving for the bus Michael calls out and he goes to say bye with a final kiss. Tony and Jackie see him off at the bus to London. Years later when Billy looks older Jackie and Tony attend a show in which Billy is performing. Seated next to them is Michael Caffrey looking very feminine. He tells them he wouldn't have missed the show for the world.


Jared is a 19 year old boy from Georgia who moves to Los Angeles to seek a new life. He finds a youth hostel to stay in. He shares a room with Javier who is a male prostitute. Javier uses the room at night to entertain his clients. Jared finds a job which entails taking care of Mrs. Haines  who is blind. The son Matthew got his mother a caretaker because he prefers to be away most of the time. Jared is having a hard time at the hostel as he is locked out of the room while Javier services his clients. He meets Robert from the next room who offers him a place for the night. After a brief walk and conversation Robert kisses Jared. Jared runs out realizing Robert is gay. Mrs. Haines' son Matthew is gay. His sexual intimacy with Andrew the boyfriend is dwindling. He keeps telling Andrew to try something new. Matthew tells Jared to take up a room at Mrs. Haines house so he can look after her at night. Jared agrees. The night he moves in Matthew gets him drunk and they have sex in the room. They do not know Mrs. Haines knows what is happening. Jared does not know Matthew has a boyfriend and he is shocked when introduced to Andrew. Matthew takes them out and later to a room to have a threesome. Andrew and Jared are not willing. Jared decides to move out. Mrs. Haines makes it clear to Matthew that he knows his relationship with Jared. He orders her son to leave Jared alone so as not to break his heart. Mrs. Haines gives Jared an envelope full of cash. Jared goes to Robert's place where they move in together and start a relationship.


This is a coming of age gay movie about Logan a 13 year old effeminate boy in junior high school. Logan only has one good friend from school who is a nerd obsessed with astronomy. Logan gets bullied around by other kids because of his effeminate look. At one point he gets punched by an older kid for looking at him too much though Logan was admiring him. Logan sees the counselor a lady who is quick to discover that Logan is actually gay. As Logan leaves her office he finds Rodeo the school's wrestling champion seated outside. Rodeo asks if he is in trouble and Logan tells him he was just seeing the counselor. Rodeo explains he is late and that is why he decided to seat outside. There has been cases of mountain lions coming around the school and so Logan asks why Rodeo is not wearing the wrist band. Rodeo explains he is not afraid of the lions because he has seen them. He promises to walk Logan in the woods to see them. The two start to regularly walk the woods in search of mountain lions and their friendship grows. Meanwhile Logan's single mother is having a problem with his absent mindedness around the house even with chores. Rodeo's girlfriend Kelly does not like Logan hanging with her boyfriend because she thinks it is weird. He tries to persuade Rodeo to stop walking with Logan. Logan is sexually attracted to Rodeo. He makes a plan in which he calls Rodeo pretending to be a girl named Leah. Through this he is able to lure Rodeo for sex in a cave even though he backs off after realizing Leah is actually Logan. He realizes Logan is gay and they stop walking together. Logan frustrated puts on ladies makeup with a wig and heads to the house of Rodeo's girlfriend Kelly. Kelly knows it is Logan despite the makeup. Logan asks Kelly if she thinks he has a chance with Rodeo and she explains he is not gay. After a short conversation Logan leaves for home where he calls his best friend Joey. Joey asks him if he is gay after seeing him in makeup and wig. At school Logan's locker has a paper stuck with anti gay slurs and a list of people who think he is gay. Logan's mother and the counselor and the only ones available to offer him support in his different identity. The counselor calls on a meeting to explain tolerance towards other people in the school.


Get Your Stuff is a film about Eric and Phil an affluent gay couple living in Beverly Hills. Eric is a lawyer whilst Phil is a gay couples counselor. They want to adopt a child especially a toddler. Social worker Gloria who is also their caseworker brings along two brothers one aged 12 and the other 8. Gloria wants someone to foster them for only a night as she finds an appropriate place for them. Eric's mother is present and very excited that she finally has grandchildren. Eric and Phil decide to do Gloria a favor and accept. 12 year old T.J. is foul mouthed and hardened. He keeps hurling anti gay slurs at the couple and will not obey anything they say. T.J. also has a drinking problem. Gloria cannot find an alternative place and the kids stay on. Meanwhile T.J. finally manages to get their drunken mother on phone. She comes over to see them and ends up staying over. Phil is willing to counsel the kids' mother cat but Eric wants her out. One day Cat comes back to the house drunk with a male stranger. The stranger threatens T.J. The kid gets a gun he had stolen somewhere and threatens to shoot the stranger. After the situation is contained T.J. runs away with the car and gun driving off into town where he is reported to police who arrest him. Phil and Eric go and pick him from the police and given a last warning. Eric cannot handle this anymore and he moves out to stay with another gay man citing privacy. Meanwhile Phil had already persuaded Eric to get Cat a job at his office as a receptionist. She however keeps swearing at callers. Phil finds it hard to live without Eric and is mentally stressed at one point taking it out on the couples he is counselling. Cat finds Eric's new address through a package at his office and they drive there with Phil. After some time Eric accepts to move back home. At this point Cat is reformed and Phil is handling the kids with ease. Cat loses his rights to the kids after a court ruling. Phil and Eric decide to permanently adopt the kids to avoid breaking them up.


Nicolas and Dani is a coming of age gay movie about two teenage friends. Nico and Dani are both 17 years old. Dani's parents are leaving for a tour. Dani has invited Nicolas over at their beach house to spend the summer while their parents are away. Nicolas is very interested in girls and even tries to flirt with one in the train. Nicolas arrives and the two immediately head to fishing. On their way they meet Elena who is Dani's friend. She convinces them to come over to the bar where her younger cousin Berta is. Nico is more than willing and they abandon fishing. At the bar Dani orders Baileys while Nico gets beer. Later that night as Nico and Dani talk about the girls they get erections and end up engaging in mutual masturbation or krampack in Spanish.  Nico tells Dani not to order for Baileys next time. Elena and Berta come next day to pick the duo so that they can swim at the beach. Nico is very interested and Dani follows along even though that was not part of the plan. Nico and Elena strike a relationship but Dani seems not interested in Berta. Later that night they go for a beach party. Later that night Nico and Dani engage in mutual masturbation. Dani does Nico fellatio. Nico makes plans with the girls to come over for a night. He tells Dani to get condoms and while at the store trying to see which to get Dani is met by Julian. Julian is a gay writer who is a friend to Dani's dad. Later that night the girls come over dressed well. Nico invites them in also dressed well. Dani is anxious and takes Valium. Nico mixes drugs and puts them in the drinks to get them high. They get high and Nico begins making out with Elena. Berta does not feel well and goes to sleep. Dani follows him and begins to undress her. He tries to have sex with her but cannot because he has no feelings towards her. He goes to the sitting room where he finds Nico and Elena making out. He begins to touch Nico and proposes they have a krampack then later a threesome. Berta comes into the sitting room feeling unwell and Elena decides to take her home. Nico is very disappointed by the lost opportunity to lose his virginity and blames Dani for it. Nico explains that he is fed up with masturbating and wants real sex. Dani gets Nico to have anal sex with him. After penetrating Dani, Nico refuses to be penetrated citing exhaustion and headache. Dani's attraction to Nico grows even more. Nico finds it odd and tries to avoid Dani. Elena calls and Dani lies to Nico that it was Marianne the lady who comes to cook for them. Elena comes next day to confront Nico about not being around not knowing Dani lied. Elena and Nico make plans to have sex at a cabin by the beach. Dani has made plans to fix a telescope to watch the sky with Nico not knowing he has to go see Elena. Dani is upset of not being made aware and leaves with his bike angry. He meets Elena heading to the cabin and tries to convince her Nico is gay in order to dissuade her from having sex with him. It does not work and he moves on where he meets Berta. Berta wants Dani to take her to their house and get intimate but Dani is rude and uninterested. Dani later meets Julian who invites him over but he goes. Meanwhile Nico and Elena meet and have sexual intercourse. Dani goes to Julian's place where he meets his tutor Sonia with two other strangers. Dani gets high and drinks even though Sonia warns Julian that he is a minor. Nico leaves the cabin and finds Dani's bike outside Julian's house. He peeps and sees Dani sick from the drinking. Nico goes on home and waits for Dani the next day. Dani tries to seduce Julian. When Julian finally comes around he leaves abruptly without saying. Nico who has been looking for Dani all day is more than glad to see him. The two friends make up again and engage in their usual outdoor activities as they have always. Nico later leaves for home in Barcelona and asks Berta who already has a crush on him to give Elena a message.


O Fantasma is a Portuguese gay themed movie. The English title of the film is The Phantom. Sergio is a trash collector in Portugal's capital Lisbon. Sergio has very few friends and lives alone. A female co worker Fatima is attracted to him but Sergio keeps pushing her away. Sergio is gay and obsessed with casual sex with anonymous men. He works the night shift and likes to move around with a dog named Lorde. One morning while collecting trash he gets fascinated by a motorcycle and eventually its owner. Sergio is obsessed with Joao and begins to stalk him. Eventually Joao becomes the victim Sergio's sick and brutal sexual desires when he gets held as his prisoner in bondage.


This is a coming of age gay movie about an introverted teen named Duncan Mudge. Duncan has just lost his mother to a heart attack and now left with his father Edgar. Duncan is starting to behave weird. He carries and sleeps with a chicken who he associated with his late mother. He puts on his mother's clothing even to bed and imitates her voice. The local kids find him weird and isolate him. This changes when he starts to buy beer for the group. One of the group members Perry is fond of Duncan and even defends him from guys who make fun of him. Duncan is effeminate and his father does not like it. The father is forced to even burn all the late mother's clothing and force Duncan into hard work to make him a man. Meanwhile Duncan's relationship with Perry grows closer and one day Perry forces him into anal and oral sex in their garage. Duncan likes it and tries to turn this into a full relationship. To Perry this was a mistake one night stand. He realizes Duncan is actually gay and shoves him off violently. Perry tells the other friend and they abuse and bully Duncan for his homosexuality. Duncan bites off the head of his chicken in the process. He is greatly upset and returns home crying where his father hags him asking what happened.


This is a french gay movie for TV. Laurent is a young agriculture student who is secretly gay. His scores are not good in school. He recently lost an openly gay cousin from hepatitis. His parents had disowned the cousin for his homosexuality thus Laurent prefers to keep his sexuality a secret from them. Laurent shares an apartment with a beautiful lady who the parents think is his girlfriend. She knows Laurent is gay and offers to act as his fiance to keep them away from scrutiny. Laurent gets a tutor because of his low scores. Cedric the tutor is handsome and openly gay. They immediately fall in love and start an intimate affair. Cedric's mother is comfortable with her son's sexuality. Cedric wants Laurent to also open up to his parents instead of living a lie. Drama unfolds in this journey of coming of of the closet for Laurent.


The Big Gay Musical is a gay themed musical comedy. Eddie and Paul begin previews of an Off-Broadway musical titled Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made 'Em. Their true lives are similar to those of the characters in the play. Paul is looking for the perfect man whilst Eddie is conflicted between his faith and homosexuality. Paul's boyfriend accuses him of being HIV positive even though that is not true. Out of that Paul decides he is done dating and now want to be promiscuous or be a slut as he puts it. He turns to the internet dating sites but he finds it hard to even have a one night stand. Meanwhile Eddie comes out to his parents and they are appalled by his homosexuality. They decide to attend the musical even though it calls the bible "breeder's informational book of living examples" which is very contrary to their christian believes. Meanwhile Paul starts to notice a fan who is in love with him and at the end of the musical's opening night they begin dating. Watching the show Eddie's parents realize they might have judged their son too harshly and accept him for who he is. Eddie also accepts the fact that he is gay and there is no way to change it. He makes up with his parents during the show's opening night.


Querelle is a 1982 gay movie about a sailor by the name Georges Querelle. Querelle is also a murderer and thief. His ship arrives in Brest. He visits a bar and brothel run by Madame Lysiane. Lysiane's husband runs the illegal affairs in the bar such as prostitution with help from a corrupt police officer named Mario. To have sex with Lysiane, her husband Nono plays a game of dice. If Nono loses you can go ahead and sleep with his wife Lysiane. If you lose you have to submit to receptive anal sex from Nono. Querelle is somehow gay since he deliberately loses and submits himself to the homosexual act. Querelle has sex with Lysiane and also with Mario. Gil who is a murderer and hiding from the police is hired to kill Theo a coworker who has been harassing Querelle. Roger who is in love with Gil seeks Querelle to help Gil escape. Querelle falls in love with Gil and they have a homosexual affair. Querelle however betrays Gil to the police so that all the murders can be blamed on him. Meanwhile Querelle's senior Seblon falls reveals his gay compassion towards him.


G.B.F. is a gay movie whose initials stand for Gay Best Friend. Brent and Tanner are both closeted gay friends attending North Gateway High School. The school has three teen girls who are the most popular and have formed cliques. Brent hatches a plan for popularity in which he will out himself at prom to become the girls' gay best friend. A gay best friend is a popular asset among girls according to magazines. One of the girls helps a gay club to find a gay student. Using a mobile phone app they track down Tanner who is forced to out himself before the school though reluctantly. Tanner is furious of Brent not outing himself also. Meanwhile the girls take time to make Tanner more of the stereotypical gay man. They believe it will help them in the race to prom queen. This film revolves around the journey to prom night and the hurdles each of them must face.


The Birdcage is a gay comedy. Armand Goldman owns a drag club called The Birdcage where his gay partner Albert is the star. Armand although gay has a son named Val. Val lets Armand know that he is planning to marry Barbara the daughter of a very conservative Senator. The two families have to meet and everyone knows Kevin Keeley the senator will not be amused to find his in laws are a gay couple. They hatch a plan where Albert plays the role of Val's uncle while Armand and Katherine Val's biological parents play the role of father mother. The plan begins to go bad because Albert is too flamboyant to act like a straight man. Katherine gets stuck in traffic and so Albert takes over the role of Val's mother wearing a wig. The Senator and his wife do not notice the gimmick. Katherine however arrives and introduces herself as Val's mother and it confuses the Senator plus wife. Val is forced to explain the true situation and even though the Keeley's are shocked Barbara and Val go ahead to do a wedding which both families attend.


This is a gay movie about a gay couple who live together in USA but then the parents to one of them start interfering. Wai-Tung Gao is of Taiwanese descent and so his traditional minded parents from living in Taiwan expect him to marry soon and get children since he is already in late 20s. His boyfriend Simon hatches a plan to get the parents out of their affairs. He proposes that Gao marry a lady named Wei-Wei who is their tenant. It will only be a marriage of convenience for a limited duration since she also wants to get a green card through the marriage. Gao's parents decide to jet in for the wedding bringing with them lots of cash for a grand event. The wedding turns out very embarrassing since Gao is gay and does not like the affair with a woman even kissing. Wei-Wei rapes Gao and she gets pregnant. This upsets Simon very much. Circumstances reach boiling point and Gao is forced to confess his homosexuality to his mother. The mother is shocked and asks him not to tell the father who is recovering from a stroke. Unknown to Gao, his father already knows. The father informs Simon of about their secret affair and accepts him as another son. Meanwhile Wei-Wei gives birth and the whole family accepts the awkward scenario warmly.


Weekend is a 2011 British gay film. Russell attends a house party with his straight friends but leaves early. He decides to head for a gay club where he meets Glen a studying artist. They both go to Russell's apartment where they have sex. Russel gets bored at the pool where he works as a lifeguard and decides to call Glen. They go back to Russell's flat where they get to know each other better. Glen learns Russell grew up in foster homes. Russell is upset to find out Glen is moving to USA soon for further studies and even has a farewell party planned for next day. Russell agrees to attend. While at the party a girl friend to Glen confides in Russell that Glen has had a previous gay relationship which went wrong. After the party at home Glen discovers Russell has been with his ex boyfriend John. That Sunday morning Glen leaves leaving Russell disappointed. Russell attends his friend Jamie's daughter birthday. He is clearly distort and when he explains to Jamie they decide to visit the train station to see Glen off. It is an emotional moment as Russell says goodbye and Glen hands him a present. Back home Russell opens the present to find it is a voice recorder with oral recollections of the activities over the weekend.


The Curiosity Of Chance is a gay comedy which follows a 16 year old boy's life in a European international school for a year. Chance Marquis is a gay teenager who shows up with a top hat and cane on his first day at Brickland International High School. His demeanor attracts the attention of bullies who single him out to torment. Chance however quickly learns how to survive after making friends with the school's biggest misfits. Chance is still discovering his gay self and so he visits a drag bar. When photos of Chance in a drag show emerge in school he has a hard time dealing with the homophobia that comes with it.


The Skinny is a black gay movie released in 2012. This film revolves around four black gay men who are former classmates at Brown University and their lesbian friend Langston who is a Yale University PhD student. They have met in New York for the Gay Pride March. Magnus who is their host is an affluent medical student and has a boyfriend named Ryan. Magnus' friends discover Ryan's profiles on the internet about sex parties including other sexual activities. They are shocked and Magnus now learns that Ryan has been living another life. They break up. Meanwhile, one of their friends Sebastian is date raped after getting high on ecstasy at a club. His HIV tests including those of the two men who he later identified as the rapists turn out negative. Kyle who works in film back in Los Angeles returns home sad after he discovers his positive HIV status.


Gods and Monsters is a gay movie about once powerful film director James Whale. He gets his fame especially for directing Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. James is long retired. He paints for leisure. James has numerous gay lovers who frequent the house. His housekeeper Hanna does not approve of all the infidelity even though she does not speak out. James is in poor health though. His casual contacts with random gay boys is cut short when he falls in love with the new gardener who is a former marine and Korean war veteran. This film revolves around James' fascination with the new gardener and eventual suicide.


In The Name Of is a gay movie about a catholic priest. Father Adam works at a home of teenagers with behavioral problems. Adam is secretly gay. He has used the vow of celibacy to escape from his own sexuality. He refuses sexual advances from one of the boys using his vow as an excuse. A new boy has also been spreading rumors about his homosexuality. At one time comes upon two of the boys having sex on a chair. He removes the chair the next day and the active partner could tell father Adam knows. The passive boy later commits suicide and only father Adam and the other boy know why. Father Adam carries a very heavy burden of staying in the closet and celibate. Trouble catches up with him when he is accused of having an affair with a boy.


This gay movie also goes by the Spanish title La ley del deseo. The film follows a complex love triangle between three gay men namely Pablo, Juan and Antonio. Pablo is a film director. His homosexual partner is Juan. Pablo meets Antonio at a party and they both go ahead and have sex. It is Antonio's first time to have sexual intercourse and he gets obsessed with Pablo. Antonio also gets jealous of Juan's relationship with Pablo. He confronts Juan and ends up throwing him off a cliff to his death. Pablo suspects Antonio for the death but he gets engaged in an accident which gets him hospitalized. Pablo's sister Tina reveals that she has found a lover at last. Pablo discovers the lover is actually Antonio. Antonio holds Tina hostage in order to get time with Pablo. Antonio shares some moments with Pablo then commits suicide.


Floating Skyscrapers is a gay film about Kuba who trains as a swimmer and is still discovering his homosexuality. Kuba has a girlfriend named Sylwia. She takes Kuba to an art exhibition after picking him up from training. There he meets Michal and they both strike a conversation. Unknown to Sylwia, Kuba is secretly gay and has been admiring men training including receiving oral sex from a guy in the bathroom. Kuba and Michal continue to meet and grow fond of each other. Michal falls in love with Kuba One day at a dinner in Kuba's home, Michal tells Kuba's mother about his love for Kuba. The relationship distracts Kuba from his training and one day he quits in the middle of a swimming competition. Michal eventually comes out to his family about his homosexuality and love for Kuba.


Longtime Companion is a gay movie which chronicles the emergence of HIV/AIDS and the impact it had on a group of several gay friends. Sean is a scriptwriter, Howard comes from a wealthy family, Paul is a business executive, Fuzzy is a lawyer then Willy and John. They also have a lady friend called Lisa who is Fuzzy's sister. John is hospitalized for pneumonia only to be diagnosed with the new disease which The New York Times calls the 'gay cancer'. Gay cancer was a term used to describe AIDS before research found out what it was because it was first discovered widespread among the gay community in New York. John is the first in the group to die from AIDS complications. Several of the friends continue to fall ill and die from the disease including Howard who discovers early enough to declare his status publicly and raise money for AIDS causes. The title of this gay film comes from the term The New York Times used to describe homosexual partners. The New York Times always described the surviving homosexual partner in the obituaries as his longtime companion.


North Sea Texas is a gay movie about an introverted child named Pim. Pim spends most of his time drawing and sometimes cross dressing with his mother's clothing. Pim falls in love with another boy Gino who is a neighbor. They do share several intimate moments during their teen years but it later turns out Gino has a girlfriend. Gino soon starts spending more time and moving in with the girlfriend leaving Pim lonely again. Gino's sister Sabrina is in love with Pim but it takes her some time to discover that Pim is gay. Sabrina turns hostile on Pim after she discovers even though he moves into their home when his mother runs off with a boyfriend. Gino's mother dies and it reunites Pim and Gino once again even though Gino has moved on.