Burnt Money is a 2000 gay tv movie about Nene who is a petty thief and Angel a drifter. They first met in a Buenos Aires bathroom and the homosexual attraction made them stick together as a couple. They both become partners in crime and are known as the twins. Angel gets wounded after a botched raid and the sequence of events forces them to escape to Uruguay. In Uruguay they encounter a series of events including relationships that eventually expose their hideouts. They both eventually die in a police raid on their apartment.


Broadway Damage is a 1997 gay tv movie about three friends Cynthia, Marc and Robert. Cynthia is an aspiring publisher, Marc an actor and Robert a songwriter come actor. Marc and Robert are both homosexuals. They all live in an apartment in New York. Marc starts a gay relationship with David who lives across causing him to be thrown out and move in with them. Robert has hidden homosexual feelings for Marc and is upset. Before long Robert and Marc discover that David does gay prostitution to support himself and they throw him out. Cynthia suffers a nervous breakdown after failing to get through to a famous publisher and returns to live with her parents. Marc and Robert get to terms with their sexual feelings towards each other. This gay movie shows the ups and downs of homosexual relationships especially in big cities like New York. Download gay movies from the right side.


Before I Forget is a 2007 gay tv movie about Pierre a 58 years old man. He is a former gay prostitute and HIV positive. He suffers side effects due to AIDS medication and is also stressed. His wealthy partner dies and Pierre is left out of the inheritance by relatives since no will was written. He is afraid of his downward spiraling life and chain smokes to deal with his depression. He constantly buys the services of homosexual prostitutes to seek solace to no avail. You can download gay movies like this one from the side.


Aimee and Jaguar is a 1999 gay movie about two lesbians Felice and Lilly during the second world war in Berlin. Lilly is a married mother of four whose husband is a soldier. Felice is Jewish and a journalist. Their homosexual affair is dangerous because the Gestapo is on the look for Jews. They however take their chances even being caught in bed by Lilly's husband who later dies in the battlefront. Unfortunately Felice is captured by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp but they still get to communicate with letters.


Adventures Of Felix is a 2000 movie about Felix a gay man in his thirties who is also HIV positive. He lives with his boyfriend Daniel in Northern France. When Felix is laid off from his job he decides to track down his father who left before he was born. Using old letters his father wrote to the mother he figures his father's likely whereabouts in Marseilles. This gay movie is about Felix's roadtrip and the friends he makes along the way. He meets Mathilde an elderly woman who regrets about her life, Isabelle a single mother who cannot find a stable relationship, Daniel a teenager coming to terms with his homosexuality and cousin who Felix engages in safe sex with. The various personalities and events he comes across on his way to Marseilles help him discover family does not have to be relation by blood only.


Adored is a 2003 gay movie about Riki a renown Italian gay porn star. He gets to meet his family after many years at his rich father's funeral. His elder brother Fredrico comes to his Rome apartment to discuss issues to do with their father's estate. Fredrico comes across an adult homosexual magazine with Riki in it thus discovering what he does for a living. He is shocked but later comes to accept Riki's lifestyle. Drama starts when they witness a woman die in a road crash leaving behind an adorable boy. Riki is touched and battles to adopt the boy with the help of Fredrico but his lifestyle is not helping in court.


A River Made To Drown In is a 1997 gay movie about Thaddeus a wealthy gay lawyer. Thaddeus learns that he is dying of AIDS and sells all his property. He visits Allen Hayden a former homosexual prostitute he once kept. Allen is now an upcoming artist and is in a homosexual relationship with wealthy art dealer Eva. Thaddeus wants Allen to help him find Jaime a gay prostitute who he had once kept and tried to rescue from the streets. Thaddeus fears that he infected Jaime with HIV and wants to take care of him financially. This gay movie follows Allen's quest to fulfill Thaddeus final wishes by going back to the streets. He struggles with the temptation to go back to his old ways and at the same time maintain his affair with Eva.


A Family Affair is a 2001 gay movie about Rachel who lives in New York and is a lesbian. When Rachel breaks up with her girlfriend she decides to change location and moves to San Diego where her mom also lives. Her mom including the whole family encourage her to get back into a relationship. Her mom sets her up with Christine and after several not so good dates they begin to get by.


All Over The Guy is a 2001 gay movie about Eli and Tom. The two gay men have emotional problems. Eli was brought up by psychiatric parents and is neurotic. Tom was raised by emotionally distant alcoholic parents. Tom and Eli are set on a blind date by their straight friends Jackie and Brett who are a couple waiting to wed. The two do not get along well because of their emotional issues even though they had intercourse days after the date. Jackie and Brett try again and they start to form a relationship.


Summer storm is a 2004 gay movie that follows members of boys rowing team as they train for a rowing championship. They are excited by the prospects of camping with a female rowing team from Berlin. However the female team cancels and is replaced by Queerstrokes a gay boys rowing team. Tobi starts to confront his longtime homosexual attraction to his team mate Achim. Achim is however involved in a relationship with his girlfriend Sandra. Tobi is confronted about his homosexuality but he denies it. Ultimately Tobi comes out to his teammates that he is actually gay.


Testosterone is a 2003 gay movie about Dean Seagrave who is a brilliant graphic novelist. Dean has found happiness in his hot Argentinian boyfriend Pablo. However he cannot manage his writer's block slump since the debut of his novel, Teenage Speed Freak. His editor gives him an ultimatum and there his life starts to unravel. His gay boyfriend goes for cigarettes one night and never comes back. Dean gets lonely and depressed and he eventually blows off his deadline to go and look for Pablo in Argentina. He encounters a lot of barriers to in Argentina including language barrier and Pablo's family making it ever harder to get to Pablo.


Wrecked is a 2009 gay tv movie about an aspiring actor Ryan who is gay. Ryan is 18 years old and trying to make something out of his life after a dark past. Ryan has the talent to make it but his decision to take in an unstable ex boyfriend Daniel threatens his clean break from his past. Daniel is into hard drugs and reckless homosexual sex. Ryan is at risk of getting sucked into Daniel's vices. Download gay movies from the side.


Outpost is a 2009 gay tv movie which tells the story of a doomed homosexual love affair between two 17 year old farm workers in the early 1940s. Conservative attitudes, intolerance and domestic violence ultimately break Jake and Farren's gay affair. Farren meets a mysterious death and Jake is left guilt ridden for failing to rescue Farren from his own demons. For twenty years he is a migrant laborer never settling down until a chance encounter with David forces him to deal with his long held guilt. David a young man vying for his affection tells him "Sometimes if we tell our story, even to one person, we are freed". Jake realizes it is he himself he must rescue. To download gay movies check the side.


Ma Saison Super 8 is a 2005 gay tv movie about Marc a gay rights activist. He is frustrated after failing to achieve national acceptance of gay rights. He meets Andre at a park and they begin a homosexual relationship that will last three years. Andre is unsure of his sexuality but insist he will marry in future. His relationship with Marc is interrupted by Mar'c fierce activism. Marc is also at loggerheads with his father who is a Paris police officer because of this activism. The movie is made as a homage to Front Homosexual d Action Revolutionnaire the first gay rights movement in France. Download gay movies from the information on the right side.


Some Boys Do is a 2010 gay tv movie about Chance who is a new resident in Vancouver. He has a homosexual desire for three half Irish brothers Doran, Cabhan and Derry. Then there is Matt, Reggie and Leo. The drama ensues when they meet at Doran's birthday. Who will end up in a gay relationship with who? and who will leave with misery? You can download gay movies from the information provided on the side.


Good Boys is a 2005 gay tv movie about seventeen year old Meni and Tal who are both male homosexual prostitutes in Tel Aviv. They meet when one evening a voyeuristic named John pays them to get intimate. However the homosexual encounter stirs up feelings between them and they agree to meet again the next day. Before the meeting they get to encounter several unexpected events. The information on the side shows you where to download gay movies.


Prayers For Bobby is a 2009 true story gay tv movie. Mary Griffith is a devout christian and so she is alarmed to find out her son Bobby is gay. She takes him to a psychiatrist and asks him to pray harder in order to change. Bobby tries very hard to change but to no avail. Getting deeper into depression Bobby moves in with a cousin at Oregon. He attempts a gay lifestyle there but her mother still insists he is sinning. Bobby's guilt intensifies and he jumps from a freeway into a truck committing suicide. His mother is devastated and starts to reconsider her believes. She becomes a gay rights activist. The side information shows you where to download gay movies online.


Gay Tv Series are gay themed films aired on television in a series of episodes. When complete they tend to be much longer than conventional movies. Each episode is meant to instill suspense to keep the viewer wanting to watch the next. One of the longest and most popular gay tv series was Queer As Folk. Queer As Folk showed on TV from 2000 to 2005 in 5 seasons. Some other well known gay themed tv series include The DL Chronicles, Noah's Ark and Dante's Cove.


Patrik, Age 1.5 is a 2008 gay movie about a gay couple Sven and Göran. They move into a suburban neighborhood and after settling down they decide to adopt a child. They are rejected by many adoption agencies because of being gay. Eventually a Swedish orphan becomes available and they agree to adopt him. However a typing error changed the child's name from 1.5 to 15 and thus they are shocked to find their new son Patrik is a troubled teenager with a criminal background. Correcting the mistake will take long and they are forced to live with Patrik who is very homophobic and insulting. This causes Sven to leave as he is against Göran's attempts to stay with Patrik. Eventually Patrik adapts to his new home and the three continue to live happily together.


Gun Hill Road is a 2011 gay movie about a father who comes back from prison after 3 years only to find his 16 year old son has changed. The son is exploring a gay lifestyle. This is completely contrary to the father's ideals of how a man should be. He is a product of the Bronx. The wife struggles to protect her son from the father's campaign to forcefully transform him into a real man. The man is eventually frustrated by his inability to control his money, the love of his wife and the life of his son. This results in him breaking the law again.


Beginners is a 2010 gay themed movie which tells of a 75 year old man who is dying of cancer. He however goes ahead to surprise many by coming out of the closet at that age. He changes his wardrobe and gets himself a young gay boyfriend. He goes on to live a very happy gay life till his demise.


Flag football is a gay documentary about 4 football teams. The National Gay Flag Football League was started in 2002. More than twenty cities across the USA are members. The best players from each city compete in the National Gaybowl every year. One team is eventually crowned the Gay Superbowl Champions. This documentary is the story of 4 teams and their journey through the tournament.


Eleven Men Out is a 2005 story about a star football player who goes public about being gay. This results in him being put on the bench for most games. So he quits to join an amateur team made up of mainly gay men. The football player's son also happens not to be fairing too well with his father's publicity.


8: The Mormon Proposition is a 2010 gay documentary about The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints' involvement in the 2008 California Proposition 8. The gay documentary looks into the immense power of the church and how it uses this to advocate for the denial of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights in America. It also notes that most homeless in Utah are LGBT teens abandoned by their Mormon parents because of homosexuality. The documentary also follows the money trail of Mormon contributions that funded a high powered campaign to pass proposition 8.


Circuit is a 2001 gay movie about an ex-cop who moves from a small town to West Hollywood in order to experience the gay lifestyle. Being beautiful and coming from a lonely life he becomes excited. He gets caught up in drugs. He struggles to get off drug addiction but not until a friend dies at a circuit party.


Release is a 2010 gay movie about a young priest who is imprisoned. He suffers from a lapse in faith after his church abandons him. In order to survive the priests gets into a homosexual relationship with a prison guard with whom they plan to escape together.


The String is a 2009 gay movie about an architect in his thirties who returns to his native Tunisia to spend time with his recently widowed mother. His mother wants him to marry and settle down in Tunisia but he is obviously opposed to it because he is gay. He even goes further to fall in love and have sex with one of the workers.


The Adonis Factor is a 2010 gay documentary. It takes a look at how physical image is a very important factor in the gay world. According to the documentary physical appearance might even be the most important factor. It shows how gay men will go to extremes to achieve the perfect look.


The DL Chronicles is a gay TV series which tells the story of black men who live secret gay lives. DL means down low and is a slang which refers to black men in USA who try to depict a straight life by marrying and having children though they still engage in homosexuality secretly. The series premiered in 2007.


Dorian is a boy who realizes he is gay in his final year of high school. He is confused and so he resorts to therapy and then confession in the church. When he fails to get answers he gets intimate for the first time with a local kid. His brother who is a football player tries to turn him straight by teaching him how to fight and organizing a female prostitute encounter. Dorian tells his father about his sexuality. The father is not amused and Dorian eventually leaves home for New York. In New York he experiences the darker side of gay life. This movie was released in 2004.


Children of God is a 2009 gay movie which shows the lives of three different individuals. They live in a society where homosexuality is frowned upon and violent homophobic crime rampant. Lena a conservative and deeply religious wife of a secretly gay pastor. Romeo a handsome young black man hiding his sexuality from his loving family. Then Jonny a white artist in search of himself. They individually head for an island to escape their circumstances. Their different lives coincidentally collide while on the island. Download gay movies from the right top side of page.


Schoolboy Crush is a 2007 gay movie about a young handsome teacher who after being dumped seeks solace with a male prostitute. The prostitute happens to transfer to the school where he teaches. The all boy boarding school becomes a hotbed of prostitution, intrigue and blackmail.


From Beginning To End is a 2009 gay movie about 2 brothers who fall in love. After their parents death they get physically intimate with each other. The younger one is chosen to join the Brazilian Olympic team. This will require him to attend a 3 year swimming camp in Russia. Can he stand to be away from the love of his life?


Rupaul's Drag Race is a gay TV show which premiered on February 2 2009. It depicts Rupaul's search for the next American drag superstar. Contestants work with super modems, designers and idols from around the world. Each week a contestant is eliminated in search of the one super drag queen.


Strapped is a 2010 movie about a gay prostitute. After an encounter with one of his clients he gets lost while trying to find his way out of the apartment. His encounters as he finds his way test his personality beneath.


Undertow is a 2009 gay tv movie about a handsome young man named Miguel. He has a beautiful wife who is 7 months pregnant with their first born. Miguel however harbors a scandalous secret. He is having an affair with another man. You can download gay movies from the right side.


I Love You Phillip Morris is a 2009 gay tv movie about a con artist. While in prison he falls in love with a fellow inmate named Phillip Morris. After Morris is released he escapes from prison 4 times in order to be reunited with him. Download gay movies from the side of this page.


Boy Culture is a 2006 gay movie about a male prostitute. The male prostitute does not believe in love or affection. He only does sex for pay. He however gets to learn a lesson in affection from one of his customers.


Queer As Folk is a gay tv series which premiered in the year 2000. It focuses on the life adventures of a handful of gay and lesbian friends in a town. The series looks into all the real life intrigues of gay life from sexual promiscuity, drug addiction and STDs. Queer as Folk could be the best ever gay tv series up until now.


Dante's Cove is a gay TV series which focuses on a group of cute young men in their twenties living in an apartment called Hotel Dante. Most of them are skaters, surfers and college students. The group consists of gay, bisexual, lesbian and straight youngsters. This gay tv series premiered in 2005.


Beautiful Boxer is a 2003 true life gay tv movie about a famous Thailand kick boxer. The kick boxer is transgendered and has felt trapped in a boy's body since childhood. It tells the story of a boy who fights like a man so he can become a woman. He masters kick boxing to earn a living and eventually achieve his goal of total femininity. Download gay movies from the top right side.


The A-List New York is a Gay TV Show which follows the lives of 6 gay and bisexual men in New York in the summer of 2010.


My Son Is Gay is a 2009 romantic gay comedy about a Jewish family which struggles to come in terms with their son's sexuality. His boyfriend also happens to be non Jewish. However when the gay couple adopt a child and make headlines the families come to their defense.


You Should Meet My Son is a 2010 gay comedy about a mother who finds out his only son is gay. She resolves not to let him go through life alone and miserable and so sets out to find him a husband.


Eating out is a 2004 gay comedy movie. After getting dumped by his girlfriend a series of gay intrigues ensue in search of the real him. It shows how far someone will go to get the love of his life including faking sexuality.


Another Gay Movie is a 2006 romantic comedy which follows four gay friends. Upon graduating from High School they vow to lose their anal virginity before an upcoming party. Each of the boys tries hard to keep the pact until the night of the party when they all succeed.


Noah's Ark is a gay TV series which features the lives of 4 black gay friends dealing with everyday trials in life. It integrates socially relevant issues such as AIDS, homophobia, infidelity and bashing in their community. The series premiered in 2005.


The Lair is a gay themed television series which premiered in 2007 about vampires. A journalist investigates the murders of young men who all have mysterious wounds on their necks. The trail leads to The Lair a private all male club where the intrigues of this tv series begin.


So Gay TV is a gay television talk show in Canada which first aired in 2001. The gay TV show hosted panels and interviews to discuss issues to do with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.


Queer Eye is a gay tv show about a group of five gay men called the fab five. There is a stereotype that gay men are superior in fashion, style and personal grooming. In each episode of the tv show the fab five perform a makeover on a person. They revamp his wardrobe, redecorate his house and offer advice on personal grooming. The show premiered in 2003.


Boy Meets Boy is a gay tv show where a gay man was supposed to select another man to date from a group of 15 potentials. A friend would help him choose. The only twist was that some of the potential suitors were straight. If the final choice among the mates was gay they would win a cash prize and a trip for two to New Zealand. If they chose a straight man they would win nothing and the mate would get $25,000. At the end of each episode of the gay tv show the sexual orientation of each eliminated mate was revealed. The show premiered in 2003.


Bangkok love story is a 2007 gay movie about a lone gunman who is assigned to kidnap a police informant. After kidnapping him he is hesitant to kill him even after the mobsters insist. The lone gunman gets wounded as they shoot their way out of the mobsters den. The 2 fall in love and engage in sexual intimacy as the wound is tended to.


Twist is a 2003 gay movie about a young gay man who leaves his poor home for the streets. In the streets he falls under the influence of other young gay men who indulge him in all sorts of vices. He gets into drugs and prostitution.


Bulgarian Lovers is a 2003 gay movie about a middle aged man who lives a charmed middle class existence. He hunts for handsome foreigners in Madrid bars. He however meets a handsome 23 year old Bulgarian who starts to turn his life upside down. The Bulgarian is an outgoing, reckless gay man whose ideals differ greatly with that of his partner.


The Love Of Siam is a 2007 gay movie about two boys Mew and Tong. The two boys are best friends but Tong's family moves away with him leaving Mew devastated by their separation. The 2 boys meet six years later in their late teens when Mew is the leader of a music band. Old boyhood feeling for each other come back including Mew's love for Tong and they must deal with it.


Milk is a 2008 biographical gay movie about the life of Harvey Milk. Milk was a gay rights activist and politician. Milk was the first openly gay person to be elected into public office in California.


Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 gay movie which tells the story of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist. The two cowboys are hired to heard sheep through a summer in Wyoming. After heavy drinking one night Jack tries to invite Ennis for mutual masturbation. Ennis rejects the advances but later makes love to Jack. The two develop a homosexual relationship. They separate after their work is over but they meet years later and their relationship affects both their lives profoundly.


Ciao is a 2008 gay movie about Mark who suddenly dies leaving behind his best friend Jeff. While going through Mark's emails to inform people of his passing away Jeff finds correspondence with an Italian man Andrea. Andrea had been planning a trip to America to spend time with Mark. After learning of Mark's death he contemplates whether to refund the air ticket but Andrea tells him to come along. The relationship between Andrea and Jeff grows into an intimate homosexual affair.


Brother To Brother is a 2004 gay movie about a gay art student Perry who suffers homophobia from his community. He befriends a homeless elderly man named Bruce. Bruce turns out to have been an important figure of the Harlem Renaissance. Bruce recalls his relationship with other Harlem Renaissance figures and how it was hard to be a young black gay writer in the 1920s. Perry discovers the challenges of homophobia and racism he now faces are similar to those Bruce underwent.


La Cage Aux Folles is a 1978 gay movie about a homosexual couple. Renato Baldi the manager of a nightclub and Albin Mougeotte. Madness ensues when Renato's son announces he is getting married and brings the girl's parents over. They try really hard to conceal their gay lifestyle and ownership of the transvestite nightclub downstairs.


Shirts & Skins is a gay tv series about The Rockdogs a successful all gay basketball team. After their 2006 gay games victory The Rockdogs split. Many team members return to San Francisco where they stay together as they practice for a championship. The gay tv series focuses on six players of the basketball team and their lives on and off the basketball court. The show premiered on September 15 2008.


The Big Gay Sketch Show is a gay tv show. The gay tv shows features a combination of traditional sketches, pop culture parodies and music sketches from an LGBT perspective. It premiered in 2007.


Don't Quit Your Gay Job is a gay tv series about two best friends Rob and Sean. The 2 meet when they are taught how to do a job and then they go ahead to compete on who can do it better. They all want to know what it takes to make it in the world. The gay tv series showcases the two boys' disappointments and successes as they find themselves and get to learn about gay life on the job. The series premiered in 2009.


Beautiful People is a gay tv series. Thirteen year old Simon and his friend Kylie dream of escaping their suburban surrounding to live in London where there are beautiful people. The series premiered in 2008.


The Shaun Proulx Show is a gay reality tv show presented by Shaun Proulx. It interviews people on LGBT issues. The gay tv show host Shaun Proulx is also gay. The show also focuses on issues affecting the gay community.


1 Girl 5 Gays is a gay tv show. 5 homosexuals get to talk about sex and love. The cast includes the host who is a girl and a group of always changing 5 gay men from different backgrounds and different points of view on various topics. The show premiered in 2009.


It's In The Water is a 1997 gay movie which touches on the themes of homosexuality, coming out, AIDS and prejudice in a small town in Texas. Alexandria goes to volunteer at Hope House an AIDS hospice as part of her junior league's annual project. Alexandria runs into her best friend Spencer at the hospice where his homosexual lover is a resident. That night at the town's annual Azalea Ball a drunken Spencer tells a society matron that his homosexuality was caused by drinking the local water. The news spreads and newspapers print the story. This causes a panic and tests are commissioned on the water supply.


Brotherhood is a 2009 gay movie about some Neo-Nazis struggle with homosexuality. A former soldier falls in love with him neo-Nazi mentor after joining their racist group. Their affairs carries a lot of risks since the group is known to be homophobic.


The Iron Ladies is a 2000 gay comedy movie which follows the true events of a Thailand volleyball team composed of mainly gay and transgendered athletes. Mon and Jung are gay transvestites who get overlooked by volleyball coaches because of their appearance. However a new coach decides to hold tryouts and Mon and Jung get selected. The older team players are not happy with Mon and Jung's selection and so they leave the team. Mon and Jung are forced to enlist gay and transsexual friends who played volleyball back in college. The team goes ahead to impress the crowds to the amazement of match officials who wanted to ban it.


In The Blood is a 2006 gay movie about Cassidy a hot college student who is secretly gay. His passion with a Latino hustler triggers visions of her sister soaked in blood. He panics when news breaks that there is a serial killer targeting blondes in campus. He uncovers dark family secrets and realizes that he must embrace his sexuality in order to crack this mystery.


Lola And Billy The Kid is a 1999 gay movie about 17 year old Murat a Turkish boy living in Berlin who discovers his homosexuality. His older brother Osman wants him to lose his virginity to a female prostitute. Since he is gay, Murat runs away and meets Lola a gay relative with his boyfriend Billy the Kid. From the encounter he discovers deep family secrets.


Wilde is a 1997 gay movie about Oscar Wilde the playwright. Oscar is seduced by Robbie Ross who is their guest and eventually comes in terms with his homosexuality. Oscar is introduced to the gay poet Lord Alfred Douglas and they fall in love. Alfred's father is not happy with their relationship and he exposes Oscar for homosexuality. He is tried for gross indecency and sentenced to 2 years hard labour. After being released from prison Oscar goes into exile and eventually meets Alfred again.


Swoon is a 1992 true story gay movie about the 1924 murder case involving Leopold and Loeb. It focuses more on the homosexuality of these killers. It portrays them as victims just as the innocent boy they murdered for fun.


Taboo is a 1999 Japanese gay movie showing life in a samurai training school. A very handsome young man named Kano is in the school and happens to be a very skilled swordsman. His looks however cause homosexual desires from both fellow students and superiors creating tensions.


L.I.E. is a 2001 gay movie about Howie Blitzer who lives with his single father Marty Blitzer in Long Island. The initials of the title stand for Long Island Expressway which is where Howie's mother died in a car accident. Howie is 15 years old and his father who owns a construction firm is having a hard time making time for a father son relationship. Howie is often in the company of delinquent teenagers. They break into people's homes and rob valuables. Gary who is one of the boys is especially close to Howie.
Howie is gay and enjoys applying makeup including lipstick. He is attracted to Gary. He does not know that Gary is an experienced delinquent who has even engaged in gay prostitution. Gary dares Howie they raid a home at night. They break into a home where a birthday party is ongoing. Gary finds two pistols which he takes with him. The owner hears the commotion and almost grabs Howie but is only left with a torn part of his pants. The owner of the house is former marine John Harrigan popularly known as Big John.
One day Gary comes calling for Howie at their home. Marty does not like him claiming he smiles too much. Gary is able to spot Marty picking some money from a drawer and marks it in his mind. He then finds Howie in his room where he is amazed by their affluence. He also makes some gay statements about Howie's body. Marty Blitzer is going through a hard time with his firm Blitzer Builder Corporate. The firm is accused of building with incorrect material that caused a fire in a building. He is to be prosecuted and unfortunately his long time lawyer suffers a heart attack and dies.
Big John eventually finds Gary and asks him for the guns. Gary says Howie took them. It is now revealed Big John has known Gary for a long time. He finds him at a male prostitute joint on the Long Island Expressway. Big John then finds Howie at the restaurant. He convinces him into the car then informs him later about the guns. John tells Howie that he owes him 3000$ for those guns or else he goes to the police. Howie breaks into Gary's room and finds the case with the guns. At the same time Gary has broken into their house and stolen Marty's money which is a lot.
Howie delivers the case to Big John's house. He finds a jealous boy who almost rejects his entry. John looks into the case and says one gun is missing and that Howie now owes him 1000$. He gives Howie a sit and puts on the video of a woman performing oral sex. Big John asks Howie about his endowment and tells him he can do it better than the woman in the video. He puts his hand on Howie's knee moving upwards until a phone call interrupts him. He sees Howie off and the boy living with him Scott looks on jealously and tells him he should be ashamed of himself.
Gary runs away from home as he had earlier planned. Howie is now left on himself to find money to repay John or find the gun. At school he is having problems which almost get him expelled and the therapist cannot seem to understand. His dad tries to intervene but is too busy with his imminent prosecution.
Marty Blitzer is arrested by the federal bureau of investigation officers at his house. Howie comes back to find an empty house and thinks the dad abandoned him. He goes to an over way above the Long Island Expressway and tries to commit suicide by jumping but does not. A police car comes behind and he is ordered in and driven to the police station where his finds his fellow delinquents. They inform him they have been arrested for suspected break ins. Both are picked by their parents and Howie is left alone. Big John sees him and pretends to be his guardian and leaves with him to his house.
In the house he orders the other boy Scott to find a motel for some time. Scott obliges angrily feeling replaced by Howie. Howie is very emotional when John informs him his dad was arrested. He takes care of Howie until morning when he drives him to see his father in prison and leaves. Howie sees his father and they engage in a short bitter conversation.
Big John drives back to the male prostitute joint on the expressway. While admiring and trying to call a boy Scott pulls over by his side and shoots him dead driving off.
Howie having been given by his father the code to his bank's ATM card now can live alone at home. He goes to the over way above the expressway and promises himself it will not let it take him away like the mother including other people such as John Harrigan.    


Jeffrey is a 1995 story about Jeffrey a gay man who has sworn to celibacy due to AIDS. The gay movie takes place in Manhattan during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Jeffrey soon after meets Steve and falls in love with him. Steve is however HIV positive and Jeffrey is torn in an emotional conflict because of his fears.


Paragraph 175 is a 2000 gay documentary film which chronicles the lives of several men who were arrested by the Nazis for homosexuality because of paragraph 175 the anti sodomy provision in the German laws. About 100,00 homosexuals were arrested between 1933 and 1945 and only about 4000 survived the concentration camps. Five of the remaining survives tell their stories.


Eban and Charley is a 2000 gay movie telling the story of Charley a gay boy turning 15 and Eban a 29 year old teacher. Charley is living with his stern father after his mother's death a year before. Eban is also gay and has a taste for younger boys. Charley and Eban fall in love but their relationship is trouble because of Charley's age and both their parents opinion.


From The Edge Of The City is a 1998 story about 17 year old Sasha who lives in the outskirts of Athen with his family. Sasha and his fellow Pontian friends are treated as outcasts and have turned to homosexual prostitution for money and drugs. They sleep with other men for cash but insist they are not gay.


The Toilers And The Wayfarers is a 1996 gay movie telling the story of 2 gay teenagers Phillip and Dieter. They live in a conservative small town and are tired of suppressing their homosexuality. They move into the big city of Minneapolis and end up exploited and alone.


Sacred Silence is a 1996 gay movie about Father Lorenzo Borrelli a catholic priest in a poor Naples neighborhood riddled with organized crime. Father Lorenzo is on a crusade against the mafia. The mafia plan to get rid of him. They uncover that Lorenzo is in a homosexual relationship with a 13 year old choir boy Nunzio Pianese. The mafia alert the authorities to investigate so that Father Lorenzo can be charged with child molestation.


His Secret life is a 2001 gay movie about Antonia who lives an ordinary comfortable life with her husband Massimo in a Rome suburb. Massimo however gets killed by a speeding vehicle while crossing the road. Amid the grief Antonia discovers that her late husband was having an affair. Antonia embarks on finding the mistress only to discover that her husband was cheating on her with another man.


Green Plaid Shirt is a 2000 gay movie about Philip and Guy who meet at a yard sale while eying the same green plaid shirt. They go on to become a gay couple. It is in the pre AIDS years of late 1970s and so outside relationships are common especially among the gay community. Philip discovers he is not as comfortable with such open relationships as Guy is. Guy moves on with another man but tragically dies of AIDS in 1988.


Guys And Balls is a 2004 gay movie about a gay goalkeeper Ecki. His soccer team mates observe him kissing another man. This gets him kicked out from the team. He goes on to form his own football team in order to play against his former team. During the match his previous teams homophobia goes to make sure Ecki's team emerges victorious.


Garçon Stupide is a 2004 gay movie which tells the story of a 20 year old boy Loic. Loic works in a chocolate factory during the day. At night he browses the internet looking for sex with older men. His life is just a series of pointless sexual encounters. Then a journey to his self awareness starts. His crush on a local soccer star and the suicide of a best friend changes his life. Eventually a car accident and hospitalization reunites him with his parents.


Friends And Family is a 2001 gay movie about Stephen and Danny a gay couple living in New York city. They workout to conceal their double lives when Stephen's parents announce a surprise visit. The parents do not know they are enforcers for a crime family. Stephen's father is an FBI agent and will be obligated to report them if he finds out about their criminal affiliation.


Fixing Frank is a 2002 gay movie about a Doctor who claims to cure homosexuality through conversion therapy. Jonathan a psychologist thinks the doctor is a fraud tells his boyfriend Frank who is a journalist to write an expose about it. Frank goes undercover as a patient. However the doctor turns out to be shrewd than they thought. He manages to find out what Frank is up to. He goes as far as to turn Frank against him own relationship with Jonathan. Frank ends up questioning his own relationship with Jonathan.


Fat Girls is a 2006 gay movie about Rodney and his friend Sabrina. Both suffer from being outcasts in high school. Rodney is a gay boy and Sabrina a fat girl. In a series of events they get to confront their fears and take on life.


Issues 101 is a 2002 gay movie about Joe a college freshman who mistakes a rush invitation from a cute fraternity brother Christian for a date. He quickly becomes the desire of 2 brothers, one gay and the other straight with issues. He however stirs controversy when he stands for student body president openly gay as the brothers are not open enough to expose their sexuality.


Defying gravity is a 1997 gay themed movie about a college student Griffith who has a secret sexual relationship with another student Pete. When Pete invites him for a date, Griffith is upset to find out it is a gay coffeehouse since he prefers him sexuality stay secret. After a lot of drama in the coffee house they separate in anger. Pete is however bashed on his way and is rushed to hospital in a coma. Griffith is apologetic of his behavior at the coffee house when he learns of the incident. Griffith moves into Pete's place and they go on to live together after he recovers from the coma and is discharged.


You'll Get Over It is a 2002 French gay movie which tells the story of Vincent Molina who is a star swimmer in school and a good student in his academics. He has a girlfriend named Noemie. Vincent is secretly gay and constantly lies about his whereabouts to his parents in order to see his boyfriend Bruno.
Vincent has an elder brother Regis who has finished school but is jobless and not so successful in his boxing. Vincent is the favorite because of his top swimming performance and good academics. Regis always complains his parents are giving Vincent preferential treatment.
Vincent gets permission to stay over at the home of his best friend Stephane with girlfriend Noemie. While there Stephane gets drunk and blacks out. Noemie and Vincent get the opportunity to have sex. It is Noemie's first time. Noemie is in love with Vincent but she can see he is not reciprocating to her feelings.
Back in school a new boy has been eyeing Vincent. He keeps following him around and eventually they talk. Vincent is also attracted to him. One day he follows Vincent to his house while some boys in the neighborhood see. In the room Vincent kisses him confirming to him his sexuality. He refuses sex and leaves the house. Outside the house he is confronted by Vincent's friends to keep off him since he is gay.
On the next day in school Vincent finds people staring and laughing at him. He is shocked to see a graffiti near the lockers reading "Molina is a fag". Vincent confesses to his friend Stephane that he has been gay all through. His girlfriend Noemie is upset that Vincent never told her especially given that he broke her virginity just before the incident. In class there is a writing on the blackboard which shocks the teacher reading "Essay: Does Molina sleep with the teacher to get good marks?".
Vincent is ostracized  by the whole chasis swimming team. They do not allow him to use the changing room and instead ask him to use the women's one. They also kick him around in the swimming pool.
Back at home his brother Regis eventually outs him during a meal at the table. The brother tells his parents how their favorite successful son is now gay and the whole neighborhood is talking about it. Vincent responds it is true and leaves the table. The father Bernard is optimistic that it is just a phase.
Vincent has quit swimming practice due to the homophobia surrounding him. He risks loosing a college scholarship. His coach convinces him to ignore the teasing and resume training before the upcoming championships. His literature teacher pulls him out of a street one day and tells him that he also struggled to come to terms with his homosexuality and that he should not quit. Vincent eventually resumes swimming after pressure even from his father who personally trains him at times.
Eventually the championships begin and Vincent leads his team chasis into a victory. Some of his homophobic teammates shake his hand for the first time since he was outed.


But I'm A Cheerleader is a 1999 lesbian movie about Megan, a 17 year old high school cheerleader. She is pretty, popular and has a boyfriend who is the football team's captain. She however hates kissing with her boyfriend and is too touchy with fellow cheerleaders. Her horrified parents are convinced she is a lesbian. They send her off to a redirection camp to cure her homosexuality. At the camp she comes to discover that she is actually a lesbian. She falls in love with a fellow female camper Graham and they go on to turn the camp upside down.


Come Undone is a 2000 gay movie about Mathieu who is spending summer at sea while waiting to join college to study architecture. He meets Cedric at the beach who is attractive and also gay. They both begin a serious relationship. Mathieu suffers a shock after they separate even attempting suicide. A psychiatrist assists him in recovery. Mathieu finally meets Pierre a Cedric's former boyfriend and finally feels he has found the right person for him.


Beefcake is a 1998 gay documentary drama which looks back at the muscle magazines of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. It highlights the life of Bob Mizer a photographer and publisher at a time when gay erotica was disguised as fitness material. It includes interviews with models and photographers whose work appeared in the early magazines.


Gone, But Not Forgotten is a 2003 gay movie about Drew a forest ranger and Mark who is a hiker. Mark is rescued by Drew after getting injured during a hike. Drew stays by his hospital bed side as he recovers from the Amnesia. Drew offers to take Mark home before he can recollect his memories. The two men go on to engage in a passionate sexual affair. Things start to change when Mark begins to remember who he is and where he is from. Their love affair comes to an end when Mark's old friend shows up to reclaim him.


Confusion Of Genders is a 2000 gay movie which tells the story of Alain a lawyer. He is having an affair with a female colleague Laurence. Laurence's younger brother Christophe throws himself at Alain and he obliges. This makes it clear that Alain is bisexual and not sure of what he wants. Things get complicated when Christophe moves in while at the same time Laurence is expecting him child and hand in marriage. He goes on to fall in love with a suspect he is representing. He even gets into an affair with the suspect's secret desire a female hairdresser.


Big Eden is a 2000 movie about Henry, a successful gay artist living in New York. He returns to his hometown Big Eden to care for his ailing grandfather. He rediscovers some old friends including his high school crush who is now divorced and willing to experiment with another man.


You I Love is a 2004 gay movie about a Moscow couple Vera and Tim. Things change when Tim hits Uloomji with his car. He offers to stay with Uloomji at his house after hospital care. The 2 men however start a passionate love affair. Vera struggles to understand the relationship between the two men.


El Mar is a 2000 story of three children Francisca, Ramallo and Manuel who witness more they can handle during the Spanish civil war. They are reunited as adults ten years later in a tuberculosis sanatorium. Manuel has been there for some while when Ramallo shows up and Francisca works as a nurse. Manuel's boyhood crush on Ramallo creeps back but being a devote catholic he struggles to shrug it away. Ramallo is a black marketer and a gay for pay play boy for a much older man who runs a smuggling operation. He torments Manuel and other patients with his gay sexual adventures which get them riled up.


Race You To The Bottom is a 2005 story about Nathan a 24 year old gay man who gets into a love affair with Maggie a 24 year old political science female graduate. Given that Nathan is gay their affair seems impossible.


My Beautiful Laundrette is a 1985 gay movie which follows the life of Omar a native Pakistani living with his family in London. It is the 1980s and the movie depicts the struggle against racism, homosexuality and economic policies. Omar engages in gay sex with his high school lover Johnny. Omar struggles to make a living running a laundrette.


Cut Sleeve Boys is a 2007 gay movie about 2 British Chinese gay friends who decide to reexamine their lives after the death of a close friend.


The Celluloid Closet is a 1995 gay documentary about the life of homosexuals in the world of cinema. It looks at the positive and negative attitudes the gay community has had to deal with in Hollywood.


David's Birthday is a 2009 movie about a group of old friends who spend the summer at a magnificent Italian seaside villa. Things change when David shows up. He is incredibly handsome and even the happily married men are drawn to him. They try to hide this fact from each other.


Role/Play is a 2010 gay movie about a soap opera star Graham Windsor and gay marriage activist Trey Reed. Graham is outed by a a gay sex tape scandal and he goes hiding at an exclusive resort. Trey also checks in to escape a fallout from a bitter gay marriage divorce. They both start an affair and confront their downfalls and the storms they have created in the gay press.


I Think I Do is a 1997 gay comedy movie which follows the relationship between Bod and Brendan. They were both roommates and lovers at George Washington University. They reunite at a former student's wedding. Bob is in a serious relationship whilst Brendan is single.


Chef's Special is a 2008 gay movie about Maxi an openly gay chef who owns a popular restaurant. He however has issues to deal with from his past especially a marriage which had him father several children. The children want to reconnect with their lost father Maxi. Maxi is conflicted on how to come clean about his present lifestyle.


Soundless Wind Chime is a 2009 gay movie about Ricky a Chinese immigrant in Hong Kong. He gets into a homosexual relationship with Pascal a Swiss. Several years later Ricky travels to Switzerland to look for Pascal. He comes across Ueli who closely resembles Pascal but with a very different personality. As his relationship with Ueli deepens, the truth about his relationship with Pascal is unraveled through glimpses of the past and present.


Raging Sun, Raging Sky is a 2009 gay movie about two men who are in love with each other Kieri and Ryo. Ryo is abducted and Kieri embarks on a journey to find him. Ryo loses his life before Kieri can find him. Kieri agrees to sacrifice his body to bring about Ryo's resurrection. When they both die they get reunited by heaven's heart in death and return to life.


Is It Just me? is a 2010 gay comedy about Blaine a gay boy who can't seem to meet the right guy. He meets Zander on a gay chat room. When exchanging photos over the chat room Blaine accidentally sends his handsome room mate's photo. A confusing drama ensues.


Adam & Steve is a 2005 gay themed comedy movie about two gay boys who fall in love. During attempted sex Adam gives Steve cocaine not knowing it has baby laxative. This causes Steve to lose control of his bowels and defecate on Adam's apartment. Steve flees. 18 years later the two meet and start an affair not knowing they have met before. Steve finds out that they have met before just before he proposes to Adam one year later. He flees again but after much persuasion he gets back together with Adam and they get married.


Faqs is a 2005 gay movie about Destiny, a vigilante drag queen who protects gays from bashing in the streets of West Hollywood. He takes in India, a homeless runaway teenager after saving him from gay bashing. Destiny has also taken in Lester and together with India they live as a family.


20 Centimeters is a 2005 gay movie about a transvestite who is working to become a transsexual through a series of surgeries.


Say Uncle is a 2006 gay movie about Paul a gay artist who has a very close relationship with his godson. When the boy and his family move away Paul is very upset. He tries to compensate the loss with visits to the neighborhood playground. A local mom feels Paul is a sexual threat to the kids and starts a campaign against him with the support of other parents.


Amnesia is a 2005 gay movie about James who wakes up in a parking lot suffering from amnesia. The only thing he remembers is that his name is James Brighton and that he is gay. Police efforts yield no result and James turns to a gay hotline and a criminology student for help. Bizarre pieces of his actual identity unfold resulting in him landing in jail.


I Am Guilty is a 2005 movie about Armin a fresh college graduate who is unable to take the pressure from his parents to find gainful employment. This pushes him over the edge and dark impulses start to take control of him. He fantasizes of violent crime and forced homosexual sex with a vicious leather clad motorcycle gang. He is unable to distinguish his fantasies from reality and this starts to get the best of him.


Clandestinos is a 2007 gay movie about 3 teenage boys who escape from juvenile detention. Their leader Xabi tries to track his gay lover who is a leader of a Basque terrorist cell. He makes explosives and sleeps with other men for money. Things start going wrong when he steals from a cop.


Naked Fame is a 2005 gay documentary that follows Colton Ford's transition from a gay porn star to a singer. At the age of 40 Colton decides to leave and follow his dream of being a singer. He is not sure how his past in the gay porn industry will affect his singing career. The gay documentary looks at the hurdles he encounters.


Harry And Max is a 2004 gay movie about 2 brothers. Harry who is 23 and straight and Max who is 17 and gay. When Harry takes Max out on a long promised camping it rekindles emotional feeling between the two.


Slutty Summer is a 2004 gay movie about Markus who comes home one day to find his longtime boyfriend in bed with another man. Markus is forced to go back and start looking for another boyfriend but ends up getting many conflicting advices from his restaurant coworkers. He ends up falling for Tyler but to his disappointment Tyler does not believe in monogamy or long term relationship. Now Markus has to decide whether to go for it or wait for the right person.


Night Watch is a 2005 gay movie about a gay prostitute Victor who is in his twenties. The movie takes a look into one of Victor's bad day. He is almost hit by a car and encounters threatening strangers. He is even almost killed by a friend after sex.


Beverly Kills is a 2005 gay movie about Beverly Jackson a gay cross dresser. He is rejected from a Pride Playhouse all nude production called Balls Out. Beverly plans to form a revenge mission to make the production a disaster.


Three Dancing Slaves is a 2004 gay movie about 3 motherless brothers struggle to live. Marc a criminal, Christophe who is restarting his life after prison and Olivier a capoeira dancer with gender issues. Olivier is supposedly gay and is attracted to another capoeira dancer. The three brothers must struggle to make a place in life and escape their father's rule.


Ethan Mao is a 2004 gay movie about a gay Asian teenage boy named Ethan Mao. He is kicked out of the house when a gay pornographic magazine is found in his room. He is forced to become a street hustler to make money. He meets Remigio a hustler and drug dealer and they become friends living together. They decide to break into Ethan's family home on Thanksgiving holiday to get money and recover Ethan's late mother's necklace. Trouble starts when the family comes back to the house to get some forgotten gift and Ethan and Remigio are forced to take them hostage. A drama ensues till the next day when police surround the house and Ethan and Remigio surrender.


Sex Politics & Cocktails is a 2005 gay movie about Sebastian who is offered a job to direct a series of documentaries. He discovers that all the documentaries are about relationship issues in the gay community. Sebastian calls on Daria to help him interact with her gay pals so that he can understand gay people better for the documentaries. As Sebastian is lead through a series of cocktail parties with gay men he starts to wonder if the reason he has not been finding true love is because he has been looking for the wrong gender.


The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros is a 2005 gay movie which tells the story of Maximo. Maxi is a 12 year old effeminate gay boy living with his father and brothers who are petty thieves in the slums of Manila. His family has accepted his sexuality and they protect him as he also helps with the house chores and covering their crime tracks. One night Maximo is accosted by two men who attempt to molest him. He is saved by Victor a handsome young police officer. Maximo develops a friendship with Victor but the policeman knows how to keep the distance and shrug off Maximo's sexual advances. His crime family is not happy with their relationship and Maximo has to balance the two sides of his life.


Redwoods is a 2009 gay movie about a gay couple Everett and Miles. They are in a non passionate relationship and the only thing which seems to bond them is their disabled son Billy. Billy and Miles go off to visit the grandparents and Everett expects to get some time alone. Chase a writer who is lost stops to ask Everett for directions. They immediately connect and a romantic relationship that will change their lives ensues.


Back Soon is a 2007 gay movie about Logan an aspiring actor who has recently lost his wife and is drawn to Guillermo a reformed drug dealer. Neither the men are gay and so they are surprised at how their relationship deepens. A revelation from Guillermo's past threatens to destroy their relationship just as they are getting deeper into the affair.


Mr. Right is a 2009 gay movie about Louise who is looking for the right man. She comes across a charming man named Paul. The only way she can be sure Paul is right for her is by inviting him to dinner with her 3 gay friends Harry, William and Tom. The gay friends challenge Paul's heterosexuality. After the dinner Paul is confused and starts to question his sexuality and the rest begin to look at their love lives in a new way.


Alex And Leo is a 2010 gay movie about Alex who is heartbroken after his boyfriend cheats on him and Leo who can no longer hide his sexuality from his girlfriend. The two meet and start a love relationship as they rediscover themselves.


Seeing Heaven is a 2010 gay movie about a gay prostitute whose sexual encounters starts to trigger visions of his long lost twin brother. These visions are shared with his clients during their homosexual encounters with him. He gets determined to find his lost brother. He starts engaging in dangerous activities which might get him in trouble.


The Four Faced Liar is a 2010 lesbian movie about a group of New York pals in their twenties. Bridget is a fabulous womanizing lesbian who lives with a man called Trip. One night they meet some New York newbies Greg and Molly at their favorite hang out joint The Four Faced Liar Restaurant. Molly is attracted to Bridget and they are soon in a lesbian love affair. Greg is now confused on whether he should marry his girlfriend Molly.


Bloomington is a 2010 lesbian movie about Jackie Kirk a former child actress who joins college in search of independence. She gets into a lesbian relationship with a college professor who is always on the prowl female students. Bloomington is the story of their relationship and its decline when Jackie leaves college to return to acting.


Sam takes a road trip down to the south of France on a journey of self discovery. On the way he picks up Lea and Mathieu. Lea is a sexually promiscuous pregnant girl who even tries to seduce Sam. Mathieu is gay and he decides to make a move on Sam. On the way Lea picks up a drifter Jeremie. Sam eventually gives in to Mathieu's homosexual advances. This is a 2009 film


Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait Of James Dean is a 2012 gay movie which tells the biography of James Byron Dean an American film actor. The movie also looks into his formative years before he gained recognition. It also looks into his life and sexuality as he was speculated to have engaged in gay sex with other men. He is said to have engaged in homosexual encounters with several prominent personalities of the time.


Bearcity is a 2010 gay movie about a group of gay friends' mishaps and romantic encounters as they gear up for a party weekend at Bearcity a summer festival.


Easy A is a 2010 gay movie about Olive who accepts to pretend to have sex with her gay friend Brandon so that he gets more respected and other kids stop picking on him. She also intends to use this to advance her social standing but things do not get to go as really planned.


The Kids Are Alright is a 2010 lesbian movie about a lesbian couple Nic and Jules. They both give birth through the same anonymous sperm donor. Their children somehow manage to contact the sperm donor and meet him. Nic and Jules are upset by this. Nic goes on to have a sexual affair with the sperm donor Paul. This almost breaks her homosexual relationship with Nic.


Tangled is a 2010 movie slightly based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel. Tangled is a computer animated movie.


Fruit Fly is a 2009 gay movie about Bethesda an adopted Filipina who moves into San Francisco to pursue her performance art inspired by a search for her biological parents. She gets adopted by a gay family and gets to have a circle of gay male friends.


Plan B is a 2009 gay movie about Bruno who is dumped by his girlfriend. He plans a revenge which is to befriend her new boyfriend Pablo then destroy their relationship by introducing him to another girl or seducing him into a homosexual affair. During the drama Bruno's sexuality is called to doubt.


The Life Of Reilly is a 2007 gay movie about the life of late actor Charles Nelson Reilly. The movie reveals everything from his childhood in the Bronx to his struggles and achievements as a gay actor in Hollywood.


My Trip Down The Pink Carpet is a gay stand up comedy. It is tells the story of Leslie Jordan and his journey through life as a gay kid. It is presented by Leslie Jordan himself. The DVD was released in 2010.