Brotherhood is a 2009 gay movie about some Neo-Nazis struggle with homosexuality. A former soldier falls in love with him neo-Nazi mentor after joining their racist group. Their affairs carries a lot of risks since the group is known to be homophobic.


The Iron Ladies is a 2000 gay comedy movie which follows the true events of a Thailand volleyball team composed of mainly gay and transgendered athletes. Mon and Jung are gay transvestites who get overlooked by volleyball coaches because of their appearance. However a new coach decides to hold tryouts and Mon and Jung get selected. The older team players are not happy with Mon and Jung's selection and so they leave the team. Mon and Jung are forced to enlist gay and transsexual friends who played volleyball back in college. The team goes ahead to impress the crowds to the amazement of match officials who wanted to ban it.


In The Blood is a 2006 gay movie about Cassidy a hot college student who is secretly gay. His passion with a Latino hustler triggers visions of her sister soaked in blood. He panics when news breaks that there is a serial killer targeting blondes in campus. He uncovers dark family secrets and realizes that he must embrace his sexuality in order to crack this mystery.


Lola And Billy The Kid is a 1999 gay movie about 17 year old Murat a Turkish boy living in Berlin who discovers his homosexuality. His older brother Osman wants him to lose his virginity to a female prostitute. Since he is gay, Murat runs away and meets Lola a gay relative with his boyfriend Billy the Kid. From the encounter he discovers deep family secrets.


Wilde is a 1997 gay movie about Oscar Wilde the playwright. Oscar is seduced by Robbie Ross who is their guest and eventually comes in terms with his homosexuality. Oscar is introduced to the gay poet Lord Alfred Douglas and they fall in love. Alfred's father is not happy with their relationship and he exposes Oscar for homosexuality. He is tried for gross indecency and sentenced to 2 years hard labour. After being released from prison Oscar goes into exile and eventually meets Alfred again.


Swoon is a 1992 true story gay movie about the 1924 murder case involving Leopold and Loeb. It focuses more on the homosexuality of these killers. It portrays them as victims just as the innocent boy they murdered for fun.


Taboo is a 1999 Japanese gay movie showing life in a samurai training school. A very handsome young man named Kano is in the school and happens to be a very skilled swordsman. His looks however cause homosexual desires from both fellow students and superiors creating tensions.


L.I.E. is a 2001 gay movie about Howie Blitzer who lives with his single father Marty Blitzer in Long Island. The initials of the title stand for Long Island Expressway which is where Howie's mother died in a car accident. Howie is 15 years old and his father who owns a construction firm is having a hard time making time for a father son relationship. Howie is often in the company of delinquent teenagers. They break into people's homes and rob valuables. Gary who is one of the boys is especially close to Howie.
Howie is gay and enjoys applying makeup including lipstick. He is attracted to Gary. He does not know that Gary is an experienced delinquent who has even engaged in gay prostitution. Gary dares Howie they raid a home at night. They break into a home where a birthday party is ongoing. Gary finds two pistols which he takes with him. The owner hears the commotion and almost grabs Howie but is only left with a torn part of his pants. The owner of the house is former marine John Harrigan popularly known as Big John.
One day Gary comes calling for Howie at their home. Marty does not like him claiming he smiles too much. Gary is able to spot Marty picking some money from a drawer and marks it in his mind. He then finds Howie in his room where he is amazed by their affluence. He also makes some gay statements about Howie's body. Marty Blitzer is going through a hard time with his firm Blitzer Builder Corporate. The firm is accused of building with incorrect material that caused a fire in a building. He is to be prosecuted and unfortunately his long time lawyer suffers a heart attack and dies.
Big John eventually finds Gary and asks him for the guns. Gary says Howie took them. It is now revealed Big John has known Gary for a long time. He finds him at a male prostitute joint on the Long Island Expressway. Big John then finds Howie at the restaurant. He convinces him into the car then informs him later about the guns. John tells Howie that he owes him 3000$ for those guns or else he goes to the police. Howie breaks into Gary's room and finds the case with the guns. At the same time Gary has broken into their house and stolen Marty's money which is a lot.
Howie delivers the case to Big John's house. He finds a jealous boy who almost rejects his entry. John looks into the case and says one gun is missing and that Howie now owes him 1000$. He gives Howie a sit and puts on the video of a woman performing oral sex. Big John asks Howie about his endowment and tells him he can do it better than the woman in the video. He puts his hand on Howie's knee moving upwards until a phone call interrupts him. He sees Howie off and the boy living with him Scott looks on jealously and tells him he should be ashamed of himself.
Gary runs away from home as he had earlier planned. Howie is now left on himself to find money to repay John or find the gun. At school he is having problems which almost get him expelled and the therapist cannot seem to understand. His dad tries to intervene but is too busy with his imminent prosecution.
Marty Blitzer is arrested by the federal bureau of investigation officers at his house. Howie comes back to find an empty house and thinks the dad abandoned him. He goes to an over way above the Long Island Expressway and tries to commit suicide by jumping but does not. A police car comes behind and he is ordered in and driven to the police station where his finds his fellow delinquents. They inform him they have been arrested for suspected break ins. Both are picked by their parents and Howie is left alone. Big John sees him and pretends to be his guardian and leaves with him to his house.
In the house he orders the other boy Scott to find a motel for some time. Scott obliges angrily feeling replaced by Howie. Howie is very emotional when John informs him his dad was arrested. He takes care of Howie until morning when he drives him to see his father in prison and leaves. Howie sees his father and they engage in a short bitter conversation.
Big John drives back to the male prostitute joint on the expressway. While admiring and trying to call a boy Scott pulls over by his side and shoots him dead driving off.
Howie having been given by his father the code to his bank's ATM card now can live alone at home. He goes to the over way above the expressway and promises himself it will not let it take him away like the mother including other people such as John Harrigan.    


Jeffrey is a 1995 story about Jeffrey a gay man who has sworn to celibacy due to AIDS. The gay movie takes place in Manhattan during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Jeffrey soon after meets Steve and falls in love with him. Steve is however HIV positive and Jeffrey is torn in an emotional conflict because of his fears.


Paragraph 175 is a 2000 gay documentary film which chronicles the lives of several men who were arrested by the Nazis for homosexuality because of paragraph 175 the anti sodomy provision in the German laws. About 100,00 homosexuals were arrested between 1933 and 1945 and only about 4000 survived the concentration camps. Five of the remaining survives tell their stories.


Eban and Charley is a 2000 gay movie telling the story of Charley a gay boy turning 15 and Eban a 29 year old teacher. Charley is living with his stern father after his mother's death a year before. Eban is also gay and has a taste for younger boys. Charley and Eban fall in love but their relationship is trouble because of Charley's age and both their parents opinion.


From The Edge Of The City is a 1998 story about 17 year old Sasha who lives in the outskirts of Athen with his family. Sasha and his fellow Pontian friends are treated as outcasts and have turned to homosexual prostitution for money and drugs. They sleep with other men for cash but insist they are not gay.


The Toilers And The Wayfarers is a 1996 gay movie telling the story of 2 gay teenagers Phillip and Dieter. They live in a conservative small town and are tired of suppressing their homosexuality. They move into the big city of Minneapolis and end up exploited and alone.


Sacred Silence is a 1996 gay movie about Father Lorenzo Borrelli a catholic priest in a poor Naples neighborhood riddled with organized crime. Father Lorenzo is on a crusade against the mafia. The mafia plan to get rid of him. They uncover that Lorenzo is in a homosexual relationship with a 13 year old choir boy Nunzio Pianese. The mafia alert the authorities to investigate so that Father Lorenzo can be charged with child molestation.


His Secret life is a 2001 gay movie about Antonia who lives an ordinary comfortable life with her husband Massimo in a Rome suburb. Massimo however gets killed by a speeding vehicle while crossing the road. Amid the grief Antonia discovers that her late husband was having an affair. Antonia embarks on finding the mistress only to discover that her husband was cheating on her with another man.


Green Plaid Shirt is a 2000 gay movie about Philip and Guy who meet at a yard sale while eying the same green plaid shirt. They go on to become a gay couple. It is in the pre AIDS years of late 1970s and so outside relationships are common especially among the gay community. Philip discovers he is not as comfortable with such open relationships as Guy is. Guy moves on with another man but tragically dies of AIDS in 1988.


Guys And Balls is a 2004 gay movie about a gay goalkeeper Ecki. His soccer team mates observe him kissing another man. This gets him kicked out from the team. He goes on to form his own football team in order to play against his former team. During the match his previous teams homophobia goes to make sure Ecki's team emerges victorious.


Garçon Stupide is a 2004 gay movie which tells the story of a 20 year old boy Loic. Loic works in a chocolate factory during the day. At night he browses the internet looking for sex with older men. His life is just a series of pointless sexual encounters. Then a journey to his self awareness starts. His crush on a local soccer star and the suicide of a best friend changes his life. Eventually a car accident and hospitalization reunites him with his parents.


Friends And Family is a 2001 gay movie about Stephen and Danny a gay couple living in New York city. They workout to conceal their double lives when Stephen's parents announce a surprise visit. The parents do not know they are enforcers for a crime family. Stephen's father is an FBI agent and will be obligated to report them if he finds out about their criminal affiliation.


Fixing Frank is a 2002 gay movie about a Doctor who claims to cure homosexuality through conversion therapy. Jonathan a psychologist thinks the doctor is a fraud tells his boyfriend Frank who is a journalist to write an expose about it. Frank goes undercover as a patient. However the doctor turns out to be shrewd than they thought. He manages to find out what Frank is up to. He goes as far as to turn Frank against him own relationship with Jonathan. Frank ends up questioning his own relationship with Jonathan.


Fat Girls is a 2006 gay movie about Rodney and his friend Sabrina. Both suffer from being outcasts in high school. Rodney is a gay boy and Sabrina a fat girl. In a series of events they get to confront their fears and take on life.


Issues 101 is a 2002 gay movie about Joe a college freshman who mistakes a rush invitation from a cute fraternity brother Christian for a date. He quickly becomes the desire of 2 brothers, one gay and the other straight with issues. He however stirs controversy when he stands for student body president openly gay as the brothers are not open enough to expose their sexuality.


Defying gravity is a 1997 gay themed movie about a college student Griffith who has a secret sexual relationship with another student Pete. When Pete invites him for a date, Griffith is upset to find out it is a gay coffeehouse since he prefers him sexuality stay secret. After a lot of drama in the coffee house they separate in anger. Pete is however bashed on his way and is rushed to hospital in a coma. Griffith is apologetic of his behavior at the coffee house when he learns of the incident. Griffith moves into Pete's place and they go on to live together after he recovers from the coma and is discharged.


You'll Get Over It is a 2002 French gay movie which tells the story of Vincent Molina who is a star swimmer in school and a good student in his academics. He has a girlfriend named Noemie. Vincent is secretly gay and constantly lies about his whereabouts to his parents in order to see his boyfriend Bruno.
Vincent has an elder brother Regis who has finished school but is jobless and not so successful in his boxing. Vincent is the favorite because of his top swimming performance and good academics. Regis always complains his parents are giving Vincent preferential treatment.
Vincent gets permission to stay over at the home of his best friend Stephane with girlfriend Noemie. While there Stephane gets drunk and blacks out. Noemie and Vincent get the opportunity to have sex. It is Noemie's first time. Noemie is in love with Vincent but she can see he is not reciprocating to her feelings.
Back in school a new boy has been eyeing Vincent. He keeps following him around and eventually they talk. Vincent is also attracted to him. One day he follows Vincent to his house while some boys in the neighborhood see. In the room Vincent kisses him confirming to him his sexuality. He refuses sex and leaves the house. Outside the house he is confronted by Vincent's friends to keep off him since he is gay.
On the next day in school Vincent finds people staring and laughing at him. He is shocked to see a graffiti near the lockers reading "Molina is a fag". Vincent confesses to his friend Stephane that he has been gay all through. His girlfriend Noemie is upset that Vincent never told her especially given that he broke her virginity just before the incident. In class there is a writing on the blackboard which shocks the teacher reading "Essay: Does Molina sleep with the teacher to get good marks?".
Vincent is ostracized  by the whole chasis swimming team. They do not allow him to use the changing room and instead ask him to use the women's one. They also kick him around in the swimming pool.
Back at home his brother Regis eventually outs him during a meal at the table. The brother tells his parents how their favorite successful son is now gay and the whole neighborhood is talking about it. Vincent responds it is true and leaves the table. The father Bernard is optimistic that it is just a phase.
Vincent has quit swimming practice due to the homophobia surrounding him. He risks loosing a college scholarship. His coach convinces him to ignore the teasing and resume training before the upcoming championships. His literature teacher pulls him out of a street one day and tells him that he also struggled to come to terms with his homosexuality and that he should not quit. Vincent eventually resumes swimming after pressure even from his father who personally trains him at times.
Eventually the championships begin and Vincent leads his team chasis into a victory. Some of his homophobic teammates shake his hand for the first time since he was outed.


But I'm A Cheerleader is a 1999 lesbian movie about Megan, a 17 year old high school cheerleader. She is pretty, popular and has a boyfriend who is the football team's captain. She however hates kissing with her boyfriend and is too touchy with fellow cheerleaders. Her horrified parents are convinced she is a lesbian. They send her off to a redirection camp to cure her homosexuality. At the camp she comes to discover that she is actually a lesbian. She falls in love with a fellow female camper Graham and they go on to turn the camp upside down.


Come Undone is a 2000 gay movie about Mathieu who is spending summer at sea while waiting to join college to study architecture. He meets Cedric at the beach who is attractive and also gay. They both begin a serious relationship. Mathieu suffers a shock after they separate even attempting suicide. A psychiatrist assists him in recovery. Mathieu finally meets Pierre a Cedric's former boyfriend and finally feels he has found the right person for him.


Beefcake is a 1998 gay documentary drama which looks back at the muscle magazines of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. It highlights the life of Bob Mizer a photographer and publisher at a time when gay erotica was disguised as fitness material. It includes interviews with models and photographers whose work appeared in the early magazines.


Gone, But Not Forgotten is a 2003 gay movie about Drew a forest ranger and Mark who is a hiker. Mark is rescued by Drew after getting injured during a hike. Drew stays by his hospital bed side as he recovers from the Amnesia. Drew offers to take Mark home before he can recollect his memories. The two men go on to engage in a passionate sexual affair. Things start to change when Mark begins to remember who he is and where he is from. Their love affair comes to an end when Mark's old friend shows up to reclaim him.


Confusion Of Genders is a 2000 gay movie which tells the story of Alain a lawyer. He is having an affair with a female colleague Laurence. Laurence's younger brother Christophe throws himself at Alain and he obliges. This makes it clear that Alain is bisexual and not sure of what he wants. Things get complicated when Christophe moves in while at the same time Laurence is expecting him child and hand in marriage. He goes on to fall in love with a suspect he is representing. He even gets into an affair with the suspect's secret desire a female hairdresser.


Big Eden is a 2000 movie about Henry, a successful gay artist living in New York. He returns to his hometown Big Eden to care for his ailing grandfather. He rediscovers some old friends including his high school crush who is now divorced and willing to experiment with another man.


You I Love is a 2004 gay movie about a Moscow couple Vera and Tim. Things change when Tim hits Uloomji with his car. He offers to stay with Uloomji at his house after hospital care. The 2 men however start a passionate love affair. Vera struggles to understand the relationship between the two men.


El Mar is a 2000 story of three children Francisca, Ramallo and Manuel who witness more they can handle during the Spanish civil war. They are reunited as adults ten years later in a tuberculosis sanatorium. Manuel has been there for some while when Ramallo shows up and Francisca works as a nurse. Manuel's boyhood crush on Ramallo creeps back but being a devote catholic he struggles to shrug it away. Ramallo is a black marketer and a gay for pay play boy for a much older man who runs a smuggling operation. He torments Manuel and other patients with his gay sexual adventures which get them riled up.


Race You To The Bottom is a 2005 story about Nathan a 24 year old gay man who gets into a love affair with Maggie a 24 year old political science female graduate. Given that Nathan is gay their affair seems impossible.


My Beautiful Laundrette is a 1985 gay movie which follows the life of Omar a native Pakistani living with his family in London. It is the 1980s and the movie depicts the struggle against racism, homosexuality and economic policies. Omar engages in gay sex with his high school lover Johnny. Omar struggles to make a living running a laundrette.


Cut Sleeve Boys is a 2007 gay movie about 2 British Chinese gay friends who decide to reexamine their lives after the death of a close friend.


The Celluloid Closet is a 1995 gay documentary about the life of homosexuals in the world of cinema. It looks at the positive and negative attitudes the gay community has had to deal with in Hollywood.


David's Birthday is a 2009 movie about a group of old friends who spend the summer at a magnificent Italian seaside villa. Things change when David shows up. He is incredibly handsome and even the happily married men are drawn to him. They try to hide this fact from each other.


Role/Play is a 2010 gay movie about a soap opera star Graham Windsor and gay marriage activist Trey Reed. Graham is outed by a a gay sex tape scandal and he goes hiding at an exclusive resort. Trey also checks in to escape a fallout from a bitter gay marriage divorce. They both start an affair and confront their downfalls and the storms they have created in the gay press.


I Think I Do is a 1997 gay comedy movie which follows the relationship between Bod and Brendan. They were both roommates and lovers at George Washington University. They reunite at a former student's wedding. Bob is in a serious relationship whilst Brendan is single.


Chef's Special is a 2008 gay movie about Maxi an openly gay chef who owns a popular restaurant. He however has issues to deal with from his past especially a marriage which had him father several children. The children want to reconnect with their lost father Maxi. Maxi is conflicted on how to come clean about his present lifestyle.


Soundless Wind Chime is a 2009 gay movie about Ricky a Chinese immigrant in Hong Kong. He gets into a homosexual relationship with Pascal a Swiss. Several years later Ricky travels to Switzerland to look for Pascal. He comes across Ueli who closely resembles Pascal but with a very different personality. As his relationship with Ueli deepens, the truth about his relationship with Pascal is unraveled through glimpses of the past and present.


Raging Sun, Raging Sky is a 2009 gay movie about two men who are in love with each other Kieri and Ryo. Ryo is abducted and Kieri embarks on a journey to find him. Ryo loses his life before Kieri can find him. Kieri agrees to sacrifice his body to bring about Ryo's resurrection. When they both die they get reunited by heaven's heart in death and return to life.


Is It Just me? is a 2010 gay comedy about Blaine a gay boy who can't seem to meet the right guy. He meets Zander on a gay chat room. When exchanging photos over the chat room Blaine accidentally sends his handsome room mate's photo. A confusing drama ensues.