Wrecked is a 2009 gay tv movie about an aspiring actor Ryan who is gay. Ryan is 18 years old and trying to make something out of his life after a dark past. Ryan has the talent to make it but his decision to take in an unstable ex boyfriend Daniel threatens his clean break from his past. Daniel is into hard drugs and reckless homosexual sex. Ryan is at risk of getting sucked into Daniel's vices. Download gay movies from the side.


Outpost is a 2009 gay tv movie which tells the story of a doomed homosexual love affair between two 17 year old farm workers in the early 1940s. Conservative attitudes, intolerance and domestic violence ultimately break Jake and Farren's gay affair. Farren meets a mysterious death and Jake is left guilt ridden for failing to rescue Farren from his own demons. For twenty years he is a migrant laborer never settling down until a chance encounter with David forces him to deal with his long held guilt. David a young man vying for his affection tells him "Sometimes if we tell our story, even to one person, we are freed". Jake realizes it is he himself he must rescue. To download gay movies check the side.


Ma Saison Super 8 is a 2005 gay tv movie about Marc a gay rights activist. He is frustrated after failing to achieve national acceptance of gay rights. He meets Andre at a park and they begin a homosexual relationship that will last three years. Andre is unsure of his sexuality but insist he will marry in future. His relationship with Marc is interrupted by Mar'c fierce activism. Marc is also at loggerheads with his father who is a Paris police officer because of this activism. The movie is made as a homage to Front Homosexual d Action Revolutionnaire the first gay rights movement in France. Download gay movies from the information on the right side.


Some Boys Do is a 2010 gay tv movie about Chance who is a new resident in Vancouver. He has a homosexual desire for three half Irish brothers Doran, Cabhan and Derry. Then there is Matt, Reggie and Leo. The drama ensues when they meet at Doran's birthday. Who will end up in a gay relationship with who? and who will leave with misery? You can download gay movies from the information provided on the side.


Good Boys is a 2005 gay tv movie about seventeen year old Meni and Tal who are both male homosexual prostitutes in Tel Aviv. They meet when one evening a voyeuristic named John pays them to get intimate. However the homosexual encounter stirs up feelings between them and they agree to meet again the next day. Before the meeting they get to encounter several unexpected events. The information on the side shows you where to download gay movies.