L.I.E. is a 2001 gay movie about Howie Blitzer who lives with his single father Marty Blitzer in Long Island. The initials of the title stand for Long Island Expressway which is where Howie's mother died in a car accident. Howie is 15 years old and his father who owns a construction firm is having a hard time making time for a father son relationship. Howie is often in the company of delinquent teenagers. They break into people's homes and rob valuables. Gary who is one of the boys is especially close to Howie.
Howie is gay and enjoys applying makeup including lipstick. He is attracted to Gary. He does not know that Gary is an experienced delinquent who has even engaged in gay prostitution. Gary dares Howie they raid a home at night. They break into a home where a birthday party is ongoing. Gary finds two pistols which he takes with him. The owner hears the commotion and almost grabs Howie but is only left with a torn part of his pants. The owner of the house is former marine John Harrigan popularly known as Big John.
One day Gary comes calling for Howie at their home. Marty does not like him claiming he smiles too much. Gary is able to spot Marty picking some money from a drawer and marks it in his mind. He then finds Howie in his room where he is amazed by their affluence. He also makes some gay statements about Howie's body. Marty Blitzer is going through a hard time with his firm Blitzer Builder Corporate. The firm is accused of building with incorrect material that caused a fire in a building. He is to be prosecuted and unfortunately his long time lawyer suffers a heart attack and dies.
Big John eventually finds Gary and asks him for the guns. Gary says Howie took them. It is now revealed Big John has known Gary for a long time. He finds him at a male prostitute joint on the Long Island Expressway. Big John then finds Howie at the restaurant. He convinces him into the car then informs him later about the guns. John tells Howie that he owes him 3000$ for those guns or else he goes to the police. Howie breaks into Gary's room and finds the case with the guns. At the same time Gary has broken into their house and stolen Marty's money which is a lot.
Howie delivers the case to Big John's house. He finds a jealous boy who almost rejects his entry. John looks into the case and says one gun is missing and that Howie now owes him 1000$. He gives Howie a sit and puts on the video of a woman performing oral sex. Big John asks Howie about his endowment and tells him he can do it better than the woman in the video. He puts his hand on Howie's knee moving upwards until a phone call interrupts him. He sees Howie off and the boy living with him Scott looks on jealously and tells him he should be ashamed of himself.
Gary runs away from home as he had earlier planned. Howie is now left on himself to find money to repay John or find the gun. At school he is having problems which almost get him expelled and the therapist cannot seem to understand. His dad tries to intervene but is too busy with his imminent prosecution.
Marty Blitzer is arrested by the federal bureau of investigation officers at his house. Howie comes back to find an empty house and thinks the dad abandoned him. He goes to an over way above the Long Island Expressway and tries to commit suicide by jumping but does not. A police car comes behind and he is ordered in and driven to the police station where his finds his fellow delinquents. They inform him they have been arrested for suspected break ins. Both are picked by their parents and Howie is left alone. Big John sees him and pretends to be his guardian and leaves with him to his house.
In the house he orders the other boy Scott to find a motel for some time. Scott obliges angrily feeling replaced by Howie. Howie is very emotional when John informs him his dad was arrested. He takes care of Howie until morning when he drives him to see his father in prison and leaves. Howie sees his father and they engage in a short bitter conversation.
Big John drives back to the male prostitute joint on the expressway. While admiring and trying to call a boy Scott pulls over by his side and shoots him dead driving off.
Howie having been given by his father the code to his bank's ATM card now can live alone at home. He goes to the over way above the expressway and promises himself it will not let it take him away like the mother including other people such as John Harrigan.