Seeing Heaven is a 2010 gay movie about a gay prostitute whose sexual encounters starts to trigger visions of his long lost twin brother. These visions are shared with his clients during their homosexual encounters with him. He gets determined to find his lost brother. He starts engaging in dangerous activities which might get him in trouble.


The Four Faced Liar is a 2010 lesbian movie about a group of New York pals in their twenties. Bridget is a fabulous womanizing lesbian who lives with a man called Trip. One night they meet some New York newbies Greg and Molly at their favorite hang out joint The Four Faced Liar Restaurant. Molly is attracted to Bridget and they are soon in a lesbian love affair. Greg is now confused on whether he should marry his girlfriend Molly.


Bloomington is a 2010 lesbian movie about Jackie Kirk a former child actress who joins college in search of independence. She gets into a lesbian relationship with a college professor who is always on the prowl female students. Bloomington is the story of their relationship and its decline when Jackie leaves college to return to acting.


Sam takes a road trip down to the south of France on a journey of self discovery. On the way he picks up Lea and Mathieu. Lea is a sexually promiscuous pregnant girl who even tries to seduce Sam. Mathieu is gay and he decides to make a move on Sam. On the way Lea picks up a drifter Jeremie. Sam eventually gives in to Mathieu's homosexual advances. This is a 2009 film


Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait Of James Dean is a 2012 gay movie which tells the biography of James Byron Dean an American film actor. The movie also looks into his formative years before he gained recognition. It also looks into his life and sexuality as he was speculated to have engaged in gay sex with other men. He is said to have engaged in homosexual encounters with several prominent personalities of the time.