Ethan Mao is a 2004 gay movie about a gay Asian teenage boy named Ethan Mao. He is kicked out of the house when a gay pornographic magazine is found in his room. He is forced to become a street hustler to make money. He meets Remigio a hustler and drug dealer and they become friends living together. They decide to break into Ethan's family home on Thanksgiving holiday to get money and recover Ethan's late mother's necklace. Trouble starts when the family comes back to the house to get some forgotten gift and Ethan and Remigio are forced to take them hostage. A drama ensues till the next day when police surround the house and Ethan and Remigio surrender.


Sex Politics & Cocktails is a 2005 gay movie about Sebastian who is offered a job to direct a series of documentaries. He discovers that all the documentaries are about relationship issues in the gay community. Sebastian calls on Daria to help him interact with her gay pals so that he can understand gay people better for the documentaries. As Sebastian is lead through a series of cocktail parties with gay men he starts to wonder if the reason he has not been finding true love is because he has been looking for the wrong gender.