Adventures Of Felix is a 2000 movie about Felix a gay man in his thirties who is also HIV positive. He lives with his boyfriend Daniel in Northern France. When Felix is laid off from his job he decides to track down his father who left before he was born. Using old letters his father wrote to the mother he figures his father's likely whereabouts in Marseilles. This gay movie is about Felix's roadtrip and the friends he makes along the way. He meets Mathilde an elderly woman who regrets about her life, Isabelle a single mother who cannot find a stable relationship, Daniel a teenager coming to terms with his homosexuality and cousin who Felix engages in safe sex with. The various personalities and events he comes across on his way to Marseilles help him discover family does not have to be relation by blood only.


Adored is a 2003 gay movie about Riki a renown Italian gay porn star. He gets to meet his family after many years at his rich father's funeral. His elder brother Fredrico comes to his Rome apartment to discuss issues to do with their father's estate. Fredrico comes across an adult homosexual magazine with Riki in it thus discovering what he does for a living. He is shocked but later comes to accept Riki's lifestyle. Drama starts when they witness a woman die in a road crash leaving behind an adorable boy. Riki is touched and battles to adopt the boy with the help of Fredrico but his lifestyle is not helping in court.


A River Made To Drown In is a 1997 gay movie about Thaddeus a wealthy gay lawyer. Thaddeus learns that he is dying of AIDS and sells all his property. He visits Allen Hayden a former homosexual prostitute he once kept. Allen is now an upcoming artist and is in a homosexual relationship with wealthy art dealer Eva. Thaddeus wants Allen to help him find Jaime a gay prostitute who he had once kept and tried to rescue from the streets. Thaddeus fears that he infected Jaime with HIV and wants to take care of him financially. This gay movie follows Allen's quest to fulfill Thaddeus final wishes by going back to the streets. He struggles with the temptation to go back to his old ways and at the same time maintain his affair with Eva.


A Family Affair is a 2001 gay movie about Rachel who lives in New York and is a lesbian. When Rachel breaks up with her girlfriend she decides to change location and moves to San Diego where her mom also lives. Her mom including the whole family encourage her to get back into a relationship. Her mom sets her up with Christine and after several not so good dates they begin to get by.