American Translation is a 2011 gay movie about a strange love affair between Chris and Aurore a girl. Chris is a handsome boy but he has a terrible secret. Chris is a psycho sexual killer. To make it worse he also engages in homosexual affairs especially with gay prostitutes who end up as most of his victims. Like many other gay movies Chris is not comfortable with his homosexuality and is always brooding because of it. Aurore discovers this but is too in love with him to leave and only hopes to be the one to make it change or end. This film gets its title from the fact that Aurore's father does not speak French and Chris does not speak English and therefore she has to translate for them to communicate.


Kickoff is a 2010 gay comedy about a gay five aside football team. Archer who is an ex soldier forms the team as it has always been his dream. The problem is that they cannot agree how much gay or flamboyant they should be. Some want to keep it under while others want to cause a scene. They are up against the most notorious team in the area. Bethnal Reapers are the hardest and rudest team comprising of outlaws such as drug dealers one of whom the police are after. The Reapers have already been given a last warning and any incident of violence will have them banned from the football league. This forces them to tolerate their gay rivals and keep their homophobia to themselves.


Suicide room is a 2011 gay film about a teenager's struggle with homosexuality in school. Dominik accepts to kiss another boy Aleks in a dare play. Video footage of the kiss taken from a cell phone is posted online and many schoolmates see it. Aleks goes further to say that Dominik had an erection during their judo match to prove that he is gay. His friends isolate him and he is constantly humiliated and beaten up in school. His parents do not take it well either. Unable to deal with the homophobia and depressed he refuses to go to school and locks himself in the room all day browsing the internet. While online he is introduced to an online suicide room.


Boys Life is a combination three short gay themed movies released in 1994. They all focus on the hardships of being gay in the United States of America like having to deal with homophobia. The first gay film, Pool Days, is about Justin's life in High School. Justin takes up a job as a lifeguard in a health club. He is constantly tempted by the undressed bodies of men in the locker rooms. An encounter with a female employee turns bad and he seeks support and guidance from a male Client. The second gay movie, A Friend of Dorothy, is about Winston who arrives in New York as a college freshman. He falls in love with his roommate but he only wishes that he is also gay. With help from a hometown friend he is able to balance his gay lifestyle. The final gay themed film is about Tom Peters' life back in High School when he came out of the closet. Tom falls for a tennis player Matt. Matt turns out to be homophobic and gets a girlfriend with whom they join a homophobic group of friends. Meanwhile Tom is constantly nagged by his mother to get a girlfriend.


The Living End is a 1992 gay movie about two homosexual men who are HIV positive. Luke accidentally kills two gay bashers in self defense and while fleeing the scene runs in front of Jon's car. Jon is still shocked by the HIV test results and so makes the choice of driving Luke away even though they are complete strangers. Jon reveals his health status to Luke and he is surprised to find out that Luke is also HIV positive. Several incidents make the two go on a road trip to explore the world as they had never before. The trip's objective is to make use of any party experience that comes their way.


The Stranger In Us is a 2010 gay movie about a young gay man named Anthony. He arrives from a small town in Virginia to San Francisco with his older boyfriend Stephen. Life does not turn out as he expected when Stephen's outbursts of anger turn violent. Anthony is forced to move out and do temporary jobs here and there as he seeks shelter from homosexual strangers. He meets Gavin a very young hustler who shows him around and some survival tips. Their bond grows stronger and they form a steady gay relationship.


Ordinary Sinner is a 2001 gay movie about Peter who has dropped out of a seminary and moved to a small town in Vermont. His childhood friend Alex is studying in college there. Alex introduces Peter to Rachel. Alex has a crush on Rachel but she seems more interested in Peter. Peter's faith failed because he was unable to prevent a gay teenager he was counseling at the seminary from killing a homophobic basher. He feels depressed and meaningless. A wave of homophobic attacks spreads across the campus influenced by a radical christian group. When one of their gay friends is killed in the attacks they pull together to uncover the murderer.


To the extreme is a 2000 gay film about Thomas who is a bisexual student. He spends much time partying and entertaining both girls and gay men. His outgoing lifestyle is supported by the trust fund his deceased parents left him. Life changes when Caroline his lover suddenly dies leaving behind her 13 year old son Gregoire. Thomas is forced by circumstances to take in Gregoire as no one is available to take care of him. Disapproving authorities step in to block him from taking in the boy because of his homosexual lifestyle. In this gay movie Thomas has the difficult task of deciding whether to fight to keep the boy or not.


Three To Tango is a 1999 gay movie about Oscar and Peter. Oscar is an aspiring architect and Peter who is gay is his business partner. They have just been given a big opportunity to complete the design of a multimillion dollar cultural center by a Chicago tycoon Charles Newman. They have however been pitched to compete with their rivals Decker and Strauss. Newman mistakes Oscar to be the gay one in one of their meetings and so asks him to keep an eye on his girlfriend Amy. Oscar is obviously straight and falls for Amy but he cannot reveal that he is not homosexual for the sake of his commissions. His dilemma worsens when his homosexual status is published in a business newspaper. He has a hard time convincing family and friends he is just pretending to be gay. At the final presentation of the design they are both paid their commissions but Oscar is further awarded Gay Professional Man of The Year Award. At the gay award ceremony Oscar reveals in his speech that he is actually not gay and that he is in love with Amy. Amy is enraged and Newman also. Newman's wife however convinces him to go with their design.


Leaving Metropolis is a 2002 gay movie about a gay man and a straight married man who fall in love. David is a renown artist who decides to take up a job as a waiter for inspiration. He gets hired by the Main St. Diner owned by a couple Matt and Violet. The couple are surprised to discover David is famous after seeing his painting in the paper. David and Matt start hanging out and begin a secret homosexual affair. Matt is later forced by circumstances to reveal his gayness to Violet and they break up. Violet ends up selling the restaurant and leaving.


Flawless is a 1999 gay movie about Walter Koontz a very respected New York Police Department Officer. He lives in a downtown apartment with drag queen neighbors. One day he hears gunshots upstairs and while ascending to help suffers a stroke. It gives him poor speech and posture. Walter has to take speech therapy lessons from his drag queen neighbor Rusty much as he despises the behavior. They get along well but when Rusty reveals that he stole some money from the drug pusher who was responsible for gunshots upstairs they part ways angrily. Rusty plans to use the money for a gender change operation. One night after returning from a drag queen contest named flawless Rusty is accosted by criminals looking for the stolen cash. Walter hearing the commotion goes to save Rusty and gets shot. They however manage to scare away the criminals and an ambulance comes to rush Walter to hospital. While boarding the ambulance Rusty gives the paramedics the money to make sure Walter is alright. The two go on to become good friends despite Rusty's homosexuality.


The Bubble is a 2006 gay movie about two men from Israel and Palestine who fall in love. Noam is an Israeli reservist working at a checkpoint. While on duty one day he eyes a Palestinian named Ashraf. Noam returns to his apartment in Tel Aviv which he shares with another gay man, Yali and a girl, Lulu. Ashraf comes to their apartment to give Noam his passport which fell down at the checkpoint. They fall in love and spend the night together. They agree for Ashraf to move in with them disguised as a Jew under the name Shimi and work at Yali's restaurant. He is however recognized by Lulu's former boyfriend and flees back to his family in Nablus. Noam is devastated by Ashraf's absence and refuses to leave his bed. When violence breaks out in Nablus, Noam and Lulu go looking for Ashraf disguised as journalists. They find him and the two men kiss again but they are seen by Jihad who is about to marry Ashraf's sister. Jihad is a Hamas militant and insists Ashraf marry his cousin of else reveal his homosexuality. Jihad plots a bombing in Tel Aviv and Yali is injured never to walk again. When Israel retaliates Ashraf's sister is killed in the bombing. Ashraf goes to Tel Aviv with a suicide belt and while at the cafe he worked Noam sees him. They both go outside and as they kiss on the street Ashraf explodes the belt killing them both.


This is a 2006 gay movie about Jeremy a 33 year old gay man. His parents have no idea that he is a homosexual. Jeremy has two major announcements to make to his family. He just got a major promotion plus he is moving in with his boyfriend Marc. Jeremy's parents have always thought that they are liberal but they do not take in the news very well. They are shocked and the whole house it sent into confusion and conflict.


Touch of Pink is a 2004 gay film about Alim. Alim is a gay Ismaili Muslim. He was born in Kenya but raised up in Toronto. He moves to London to get away from his conservative roots. The gay themed movie tells about his struggle with homosexuality. He has a hard time coming out to his mother and coping with his boyfriend Giles.


This is a 1994 gay themed film about drag queens. Anthony a Sydney based drag queen accepts to perform his act at a remote hotel in central Australia. He convinces his fellow drag queens to join him on the bus long bus trip. They nickname the bus Queen of the desert. On the road they come across friendly Aborigines, homophobic people and are even subjected to violence and vandalism. The bus also breaks down on the way and one of them is almost mutilated by a homophobic gang. Their personal lives continue to reveal themselves in the journey and at the hotel.


Trick is a 1999 gay movie about Gabriel who gets attracted to a go-go dancer named Mark in a gay bar. They meet again at the subway that night and Gabriel plans to take him to his house for sex. Gabriel finds his roommate Rich is in with his girlfriend. They argue about who should have the apartment for the night and at the toss of a coin Gabriel looses. Gabriel tries to use a friend's apartment but it is also occupied for the night. They later settle for a gay bar where a drag queen talks badly of Gabriel in front of Mark. Gabriel leaves but Mark follows him and they resolve that issue. They later form a very strong bond apart from the one night stand which they planned.