Boys Life is a combination three short gay themed movies released in 1994. They all focus on the hardships of being gay in the United States of America like having to deal with homophobia. The first gay film, Pool Days, is about Justin's life in High School. Justin takes up a job as a lifeguard in a health club. He is constantly tempted by the undressed bodies of men in the locker rooms. An encounter with a female employee turns bad and he seeks support and guidance from a male Client. The second gay movie, A Friend of Dorothy, is about Winston who arrives in New York as a college freshman. He falls in love with his roommate but he only wishes that he is also gay. With help from a hometown friend he is able to balance his gay lifestyle. The final gay themed film is about Tom Peters' life back in High School when he came out of the closet. Tom falls for a tennis player Matt. Matt turns out to be homophobic and gets a girlfriend with whom they join a homophobic group of friends. Meanwhile Tom is constantly nagged by his mother to get a girlfriend.