Flawless is a 1999 gay movie about Walter Koontz a very respected New York Police Department Officer. He lives in a downtown apartment with drag queen neighbors. One day he hears gunshots upstairs and while ascending to help suffers a stroke. It gives him poor speech and posture. Walter has to take speech therapy lessons from his drag queen neighbor Rusty much as he despises the behavior. They get along well but when Rusty reveals that he stole some money from the drug pusher who was responsible for gunshots upstairs they part ways angrily. Rusty plans to use the money for a gender change operation. One night after returning from a drag queen contest named flawless Rusty is accosted by criminals looking for the stolen cash. Walter hearing the commotion goes to save Rusty and gets shot. They however manage to scare away the criminals and an ambulance comes to rush Walter to hospital. While boarding the ambulance Rusty gives the paramedics the money to make sure Walter is alright. The two go on to become good friends despite Rusty's homosexuality.