The Gymnast is a 2006 lesbian film about the life of Jane who is now in her forties. Jane was a talented gymnast in her younger years but an injury robbed her off that. She is now a massage therapist and in a very unhappy marriage. She even takes antidepressants to get by. She has however managed to keep her body very fit and young. One day she wakes up and comes to the realization that she has no children. She has already surpassed the limit of getting pregnant naturally. To have a baby artificially she would be forced to confront her husband who she has to remind to even have sex. Jane wonders into a local gym in frustration where she meets Nicole who convinces her to take part in a performance together with another woman named Serena. Serena is secretly gay or rather lesbian. She is an adopted child of Korean descent a history she also struggles to cope with. When Nicole is called away for an emergency, the two women are left to train together. Their attraction to each other grows stronger and it becomes irresistible.