St. Mary's Parish in Liverpool has been assigned a new priest Father Gregg Pilkington in this 1994 film. He is shocked to discover than Father Mathew Thomas an older member of the Parish is disregarding his vow of celibacy and sleeping with a female housekeeper. Gregg has more to worry about himself because he is a homosexual. He even goes on to meet a young boy named Graham and they start a relationship. Meanwhile a female student named Lisa confides to have been sexually abused by her father. The father also confides the same. Both of them have revealed this in the confessional and so Father Gregg has to keep it a secret. He however warns Lisa's mother to keep her daughter safe without revealing why. When Lisa's mother discovers her husband has molested Lisa she recalls Gregg's warnings and confronts him for not revealing it. To add to his troubles he gets arrested for having sex with Graham in a parked car. It makes the newspapers headlines and Gregg is unable to face his congregation. He moves to a rural parish to escape the shame but Father Mathew convinces him to return amidst resistance from part of the congregation.