Wedding Wars is a 2006 gay comedy movie about gay marriage. It also includes politics and family issues. Shel is a party planner who is gay. He plans to organize his brother's wedding to Maggie the governor's daughter. Shel's brother Ben is the governor's campaign manager. Shel discovers that Ben is behind the governor's speech against gay marriage and decides to go on strike leaving the wedding plans in disarray. The strike spreads nationwide and the wedding is left in the hands of an inexperienced planner who makes a mess.


Torch Song Trilogy is a 1988 gay movie about Arnold a New York drag queen. He meets Ed a school teacher who is bisexual and they fall in love. Ed has however not accepted his homosexuality and leaves Arnold for a girlfriend named Laurel. During Christmas Arnold meets a male model called Alan and they fall in love. They apply to foster a gay teenager named David and it succeeds. They move to a bigger apartment but Alan is killed in a homophobic attack on that first day. Months later Arnold's mother visits and disapproves of his homosexuality and planned adoption of a gay boy. Arnold's mother later loosens up and Ed comes back into his life more stable and accepting that he is a homosexual.